Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

If you are pregnant, you crave for things you haven’t imagined about eating for a long time. Fries, chips, spicy curries, cookies, cakes, chocolates and pastries are just some that you want to indulge in. But whatever you eat now is for two, and every morsel you take should be packed with nutrition. So every time you have a craving, attempt to replace unhealthy and zero-nutrition foods with healthy snacks. In this article, we list out a few simple and healthy snacks that keep you cheering and boost your energy too.

Peanut butter dark chocolate banana bites

This can be an accurate fix to those sweet cravings you have after a meal.

Homemade trail mix

This mixture of nuts, seeds, also dry fruits comes handy when you need to munch something at work or bedtime.

Powerball cookies:

hese are healthy also filling paleo breakfast options that are relaxed to make.

Berry yogurt parfait

Arranged with fresh fruits, this is an easy-to-make snack with a sweet also tangy flavor.

Roasted chickpeas

These crunchy and delicious healthy snacks are rich in protein and fiber and are light on the stomach.

Cucumber cantaloupe smoothie

This cool refreshing drink, which is rich in protein, vitamin C, moreover calcium, helps beat morning illness and nausea.

Spinach and baby corn soup

If you desire to eat something hot in winters, this soup is the best bet. It is pretty filling and treats you overcome your hunger.

Crunchy granola yogurt popsicles

Yogurt is rich in calcium also aids in developing the teeth, bones, also muscles of the baby. This prompt to make recipe is healthy and refreshing.

Avocado toast

Avocados are superfoods with rich nutrient plus fat content. This crunchy and flavored toast could be the excellent choice for breakfast or evening snacks.

Baked potato with beans

This delicious snack makes an iron, magnesium moreover fiber-rich meal.

Edamame hummus with pita chips

It sounds like a foreign dish, but it takes only a few minutes for preparing this calcium or iron-rich snack.

Cottage cheese with fresh fruit

With rich calcium and protein, cottage cheese is a go-to nutritious meal for pregnancy. Combine fruit for sweetness.

Hard-boiled egg with crackers

The easy-to-make meal is loaded with calories, vitamin A, calcium, and protein.

Bean salad

This is a smart snack option if you have gestational diabetes. This salad is rich in dietary fiber, iron, plus protein.

Avo-chicken salad bell pepper boats

A crispy or juicy bell pepper filled with creamy avocado and chicken is a delicious addition to your gluten-free diet.

Mixed berry smoothie

This smoothie is creamy, thick also sweet, giving you immense satisfaction with all slurp. It is one of the healthiest drinks for a calm stomach.

Roasted carrot hummus

This is a healthful vegan snack rich in carbohydrates and protein also can satiate your hunger anytime.