Graham Elkin and his best advises for us

Who is Graham Elkin and what would we learn from him?

Graham Elkin and his best advises for us that help us many ways and his therapy techniqes are very great.

Graham Elkin trains in Energy Medicine with his main focus being sound therapy. Graham has a large list of repeat and valued clients, whom he values greatly. Given the eternally increasing “global community” that we now enjoy, Graham has developed some other techniques to share healing via sound and vibration to those who need it. Now, for the current issues, healing is available via mp3 download when you require it most. Graham Elkin is a Medium and Healer. He has operated professionally in these fields for over 25 years and has a very long list of repeat and valued clients, whom he values greatly. While mediumship is his basis, and the gift that appeared earliest, (age 13) Graham’s focus and calling are Healing. Mostly, he does this by sound, frequency or vibrational energy. We suggest to this as energy healing. This healing was beginning used by Imhotep 5000 years ago. Imhotep is known as the “Father of Medicine.” He was considered to have used a Lyre, an early form of a harp to determine the right frequency to address specific needs. Graham has examined Imhotep as part of his development as a healer, among many others. Graham grew up in the UK and is now living in the US. Graham’s technique is varied; he can get the required frequency in particular ways. In personal or one on meetings, a single touch is all that is required. Graham’s preferred way for distance healing is to use iolite, a natural semi-precious healing stone.  The sound created is great, but hits correct the frequency simply.  To date, there have been no boundaries to what can be treated this way.

Quite often during any healing session, you may experience messages in everything format is appropriate to you. For example, many clients report hearing particular words in the healings, other report pictures, and others a simple “knowing” of how to proceed forward. For each person the healing will be unique – please mention to our testimonial page for a hint of how others have experienced this healing.

Below are some best services and advises for us by Graham Elkin:

1. Graham Elkin helps us for reducing stress and anxiety.

2. He suggests us that how we face our emotional problems.

3. Graham advises us to daily exercise or doing regular exercise.

4. Also, Graham helps us to make an effort to substitute negative thoughts among positive ones.

5. Graham suggests us that, when you survive in emotional pain, then keep in your mind one thing and remember it, “no pain, no gain.”

Psychic Graham Elkin has 14 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. But, it is worried news that some scam type compositors published articles about him that says- Ripoff Report | graham elkin Complaint Review Internet. Graham Elkin also known as Munum Medium he is a scam artist. He claims he can heal anything there is and he can cure it no matter the problem. Where as pain, heart problems, stress, allergies, can make the opposite gender attracted to you, smoking, weight loss. He claims the effects happen immediately. Don’t bother going to this man at all because he can not heal anyone he is no doctor nor is he God. He gets people by telling them he can heal many things to keep getting clients. This man is nothing but a scam artist. With his readings he is not accurate at all. Tells you what he thinks will get your hopes up so that you can return to him over and over again. The healing work he claims he can do is called Multi Sensational Healing which is nothing but phony. You don’t see or hear anything as he claims you will during a healing. He is robbing people blind of their money and he has done this numerous of times.

There is no reason of believe above fake and falsehood report as Psychic Graham Elkin has recently helped 15328 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at The testimonials below reveal what others have said about munummedium’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

What he says “Hi, I’m Graham Elkin, RELATIONSHIP EXPERT! Every question has an answer, every problem has a solution. Hi, I’m Graham, I have been reading since my teens, it has evolved into something a little different to the usual card shuffling, and vague information. What I do is quick, accurate, and to the point with no info needed from you. Over 13000”

Psychic Graham Elkin’s Testimonials

“Great experience they were very helpful, so far everthing they told me has happend so I’m looking foward to see the rest thanks! i’ll be back to keep them updated ” … written by natascha2370
“greatttt!!!!! on point again” … written by lushez26
“That was incredible!!!! Very unique experience! I got so many answers. THANK YOU!!!!” … written by SAchick
“Had my list of ? ready for these 2 gentlemen, this was different type of system they have. they were able to come together with a answer..will be back again” … written by queenbee22
“Graham is wonderful. he knows what he is talking about and gave me great advice that I will definitely take. Thank You so much. Awesome reading.” … written by Amuseme
“lovely guy! great insight will see about the healing…” … written by zeina
“good” … written by me
“He was so helpful once again! Highly reccomend” … written by Anastasia
“My kick a$$ psychic from day 1…love this man!” … written by Gina
“Graham is one of the good psychics.. he has given me some time frames on relationship and career for nov.. will get back with updates.” … written by graham aries
“Great read…as always…awesome! ” … written by Gina
“he is amazingly accurate” … written by k
“thank you!” … written by russian
“Graham has been consistent with his predictions and timeframe which is for next year hope it all happens” … written by A
“Awesome healing session just now. I will be back to update him on the shifts and changes in my life that I notice going forward.” … written by JL
“Another excellent reading. Will be back soon for a healing session.” … written by JL
“Thank you Graham for being with me in my TF journey. I will consult you again.” … written by Moon
“Wish that every guy was as straight forward as Graham!!” … written by Kat
“:)” … written by a
“Thank you again. he can answer my very weird questions and not look at them more badly. me and my questions lol” … written by m
“I love talking to Graham!” … written by Kat
“Great” … written by TThedude
“thank you very much” … written by m
“Thank you great reading. Very impressed. Now i know how to make my relationship work. ” … written by Marina
“thank you for all you do for me :)” … written by stephany
“Love it!” … written by Kat
“It was great to come and see you for a refresh healing. thanks Graham” … written by freedm
“The session got cut off, but very engaging reading…excellent insights and sharp intuition…revealing and on-point without me having to tell him much. I will be back for a follow-up in the future!” … written by JL
“very good excellent reading. he was quick like thunderbolt and a 100% accurate. I highly recommend him” … written by Jane
“Credit ran out but great update; thank you ” … written by sher
“Was Excellent! Will be back when I have more creds :)” … written by Anastasia
“Love this man…such a cool psychic. ” … written by Gina
“Very intuitive about my situation and the others involved. Definitely will take his advice. ” … written by Sunflower3333
“Thank you. Great guidance. Highly recommend. ” … written by Karla
“thank you!!!” … written by m
“pleasure …as always” … written by Gina
“Was great! Connected with my situation right away. Would go back! Ran out of credits or would still talk to him” … written by Anastasia
“Graham is a terrific reader! Information comes fast–many insights, real advice. He spins out an entire narrative with details that are mindblowing. I will return to him again.” … written by Pearl
“AMAZING! I feel better already with healing time. Fast and honest. and connected quickly. Thank you so much!” … written by Liz
“great connection” … written by qp
“amazing energy work ” … written by afcsher
“spot on reading…as always!” … written by afcsher
“thanks!!” … written by m
“good” … written by Beatrice
“A great healing session. I have learned so much. graham i so appreciate you as my teacher. I’m a lucky duck.” … written by MSKIM1
“I had a prediction come true.I love this man.” … written by Beatrice
“very good thanks” … written by jana
“Another great reading! you always give so much good information and you dont waste anytime. Hands down one of the best readers on oranum!” … written by pisces3
“Great reading” … written by Bea
“thank you for the update /hugs” … written by stephany
“Great” … written by Kat
“that ended abruptly but it was incredibly insightful. thank you a million” … written by PJ
“Amazing, as usual. Graham is an amazing reader and healer.” … written by Jennifer
“Very interesting chat..found it very comforting…Thank you” … written by grateful
“thank you for the read!!” … written by m
“Thank you Graham for assurance and guidance” … written by moon
“thank you for the update ” … written by D
“oerfect … great read and wonderful guidance and predictions.” … written by karla
“A wonderful read. He is very professional and encouraging. GENUINE. And does not lead you in the direction you want to be lead. He leads you in the direction you NEED to be lead which is the ultimate goal. Kind and friendly.” … written by Samantha
“Simply the best!” … written by afcsher
“Awesome:)” … written by Kat
“Good insight and feedback concerning current issues, personal, financial, and what’s coming up ahead.” … written by Donna
“Thank you for everything. So wise, patient and funny. The read was clear and positive but also great guidance. I know my situation sounded a tad overly dramatic,to me at least but it felt like talking to an old friend that knows you very well and wants the best for you. I appreciate it and will highly recommend him.” … written by Karla
“Great, need more time.” … written by Meghan
“Excellent as always” … written by MSKIM1
“Love!” … written by Kat
“Thank you for trying to calm me down.” … written by D
“Very powerful man,very good healing.” … written by zaka
“Always very honest reader!” … written by Michelle
“great clear and honest!” … written by Karla
“thank you so much for all the update” … written by stephany
“Interesting perspective and very insightful. Thankyou” … written by Tony
“Thank you for the update” … written by D
“On point as always” … written by Gina
“Intense experience, but useful.” … written by Londo
“Amazing man!! His healing is just wonderful. You see and feel the results right away. Very strong energy, powerful.” … written by KT
“Thank you very much, Graham for your guidance. Always good to visit you. Have been consulting Graham for nearly 10 months now. 5 stars” … written by Moon
“Amazing as usual was so spot on about me, my situation and what is going on in my life was super great will be back ” … written by Sherry
“Did energy work and I felt it! Very strong feeling. Ready fo the changes :)” … written by UT
“Great guidance and very intune with my situation. ” … written by Apple
“Very honest. Fast connection. Thank you for the lesson.” … written by Michelle
“awesome!!!” … written by chin
“tough love. always appreciated and great to have graham´s insight” … written by nick
“thank you sooo much I appreciate it!!!!” … written by stephany
“It’s my second time coming to Munummedium- if you are seeking for some trustable advice and warmth he is the one. There is always a sense of uplift in the messages- I am definitely coming back again. Thank you so much, your readings are very much appreciated:)” … written by Green Angel
“Thanks as always, Graham always remembers what he said before and is totally consistent, always worth a private!” … written by frag
“I had a great reading with Munummedium- he is very quick to the point and the solutions I received from him was the best scenario which could potentially remove all the obstacles. So on point, and really understands the situation correctly. I would highly recommend and happy to have found him here. Thank you so much Munummedium- so appreciative.” … written by Green Angel
“ty graham. helped a lot with my hand and clearing blocks, will keep u updated ” … written by mm
“Thank you for the update” … written by D
“he is excellent, really knows what’s going on in detail, great healing session, felt instantly different. ” … written by angus1972
“very interesting – a different kind of reading that gave me messages from the spirits i think. i like that they were dwelling a little about what the spirits wanted to tell me cause it should be a little hard to see the messages from the other world shouldnt it? very friendly and straight. lots to think about now. deeper messages than i even asked for or believed i could get” … written by emotions
“A very unique experience. I have never had anything like that done before. Thank you very much for the information and I will forge ahead with my plans after getting rid of the rubbish in my life. Hilarious guys! Thank you and I thoroughly recommend you. *****” … written by justinsensei
“sorry ran out off credit just as you were going to ask, but excellent highly recommend you. lovely guys, will be back for more xx” … written by baybes
“quite a unique reading!” … written by aisha
“had to go back :-))))) very good!!!” … written by lushez26
“That was truely amazing guys xx” … written by blackcat06
“They where great. They told me what I needed to hear and the beginning of the first year is going to be tough ,but will change for the better..” … written by luckycharms312
“Thank you for the wonderful reading. It was very interesting. Thank you, again!” … written by Angel168
“He was good straight to the point, although he told me something different than what the others have told me. Ii guess I just have to see what happens. God bless” … written by Antranae1
“Great input into situation and advise on how to deal with the problem. Nice to get the input from men as well. Well worth it!” … written by celticfreckles
“The movements to my questions were to be expected. Sometimes the truth sucks, but it is needed to move on. They confirmed that I need to do something that I should have done a long time ago with my relationship. The Psychic Circle was new and I loved it. I cannot wait to come back and visit again. Stay awesome! :)” … written by girlwithsockson
“God has lead me to these two gifted men. I cannot describe my experience, unbelievableandamp;amp;totally unforgettable. I will be back foreshore. No amount of treasures could ever fill the gaps these two have filled in. I believe, I totally do!” … written by tash1921
“they were very gd. a different type of experience ” … written by younglady
“I’m so ecstatic with my reading. Its been a bumpy road this year. You guys have a gift. I am just pleased that I got to experience it first hand. Just very nice and sincere. Take the time to explain. My new year will be good and full of positive outcomes. If you want the truth, talk to these guys. I can’t ask for anything more. Thanks once again.” … written by chocoprincess
“That was a very serious in depth.. I mean DEEP…reading. I needed this . This is exactly what my spirit was crying out for in terms of serious answers. I would have to say.. I may have very well made a wrong tun without these answers. Long haul for me but the specifics they gave are absolute jewels. PERIOD. That was in depth help. Thank you!!!!!!” … written by katharazz
“Thank you!” … written by Kayeluv1
“they are intense they really go right into the board and you feel as though they are talking right to your dearly departed they answer all your questions and they type too ” … written by woman
“love them ” … written by lyriclove
“Good reading straight to the point.” … written by TheeGoddess77
“Extremely helpful accurate, clear and supportive, I will be back ((:” … written by maryannepav
“What fun… it would be even more fun to come and share a pint on my Honeymoon.. lol Take care .. boys.. nice to have met you.. BB ” … written by bberney
“That was all I needed…I’m in the know for sure now!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!” … written by katharazz
“Told me what I needed to do. Great advice. Hopefully it comes true!” … written by Lourdy
“Very interesting reading. Didn’t have many credits but got some answers. Will come back again, it was that interesting.” … written by miss_cg
“Absolutely amazed with the straightforwardedness of their answer to my question. Munummedium work as team. They complement each other by confirming commentary, but this all goes so fast, you needn’t worry about the amount of credit you have left. I had only few credits left, but they gave me the answers super fast, very clear and to the point! No reservations …Wow… Definitely will get back with them for more readings. Bless you, gentlemen.” … written by femalesweetheart
“Very nice chaps, and some interesting things came up. Will have to see if they all come true but a couple of things made sense to me. I’ll definitely be back for more when finances allow. ” … written by phuzzie
“Reading was interesting, got a good time line on things…. feel peaceful” … written by soul2love
“Very unique, but helpful reading! Questions were answered right away and with accuracy. ” … written by sacredlove71
“Having needed some confirmation of my intuitions was greatly helpful. Look forward to chatting again sometime soon. Thanks boys! Keep up the good work andamp; thanks for the reassurance’s. Best wishes to you both. Regards, Maighen” … written by Maighen
“AWESOME TAKE THEM PRIVATE!” … written by Lourdy
“Very unique, but helpful reading! Questions were answered right away and with accuracy. ” … written by sacredlove71
“really neat experience!” … written by pinkoraclelilly
“These guy’s are excellent in what they do 100% legitimate I would defiantly tell anyone who wants to talk to a medium psychic to talk to them they get straight to the fact They’ve really helped me alot and I’ll be talking to them in the future, wished i lived in the UK would be nice to meet them in person wish i could get some training done by them. Thank you guys your one of the best I met so far :)” … written by Devin James Marston
“They have a great system–work very well together –and don’t waste your time–accurate to a t!” … written by pioneer5
“Pleasure as usual boys.. and we do have our fun..!! I will tell Alan he has to go because Graham wants me now .. lol I could cut your hair and you could read my future… all kidding aside ..nice reading..again.. BB ” … written by bberney
“Another lovely reading – they are very quick and very accurate!” … written by sacredlove71
“They are very good on answering questions.. A +++++” … written by xjessicaheartx
“Very clear, accurate and helpful.” … written by maryannepav
“Really great readers–you have to try these guys out!” … written by pioneer5
“They are very honest with their readings and also deliver things very kindly. Funny as always and a very enjoyable reading! *****” … written by sacredlove71
“wow wow wow. im stuck for words omg theses guys are amazing. jo glASGOW” … written by justweemejo
“Wonderful reading as always – gave me a good message that was meant for me. ” … written by sacredlove71
“So much fun to read with these guys–they are right on target!” … written by pioneer5
“Loved every second of it! Will definately be visiting again!” … written by llilbrats715
“Hello Gentlemen, I read your email and there is no way for me to respond to you through email so I am responding to your email here. I just wanted to say that you are still wrong! I NEVER asked you about an ex. Take care! ” … written by Kayeluv1
“Very helpful and precise.” … written by maryannepav
“Amazing, it was much needed and appreciated and I am so happy! Much love to you for what you do!” … written by lisasmom83
“another great session…thnx guys” … written by pusheen77
“waited a while for my 1st session… amazing info..great channelers. real deal” … written by pusheen77
“Just had an amazing reading with them and i have to say I’m blown away with their reading. I needed the confirmation and they gave it to me. By Far Best guys on the site. I must say I have to come back for an update and you have to try them out. Thank you Guys for your time and your help.” … written by Joan84
“Great readings, quick to give you answers and if they cannot.. they also right it on a note pad so they can tell you later, they do not waste your credits, I’m going to be coming for more readings for sure” … written by nbkforever
“Too confuse. ” … written by vjrei01
“Great insights—great senses of humor—and very kind-hearted!” … written by pioneer5
“They ROCK!!!!!” … written by pusheen77
“Great reading! Enjoyed what they had to say.” … written by staceestaz
“That was wild…very enlightening. You guys are great! You definitely have to go private with them!” … written by RadesGirl
“awesome as usual” … written by llilbrats715
“Interesting, not sure how to take it yet, but I was pleased with reading.” … written by swhope999
“Great!!!!” … written by lushez26
“They do not waste you time and are very accurate.” … written by pioneer5
“Wow – so amazing! I love to get messages from them. They got a very powerful message about my future and then they gave me some messages from my mom. Lovely as always!” … written by sacredlove71
“They are great!” … written by Kari_nightingale
“Very good and accurate, will be back” … written by 6marchs
“Thank you not what i wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. I can’t wait to see what happens.” … written by faith4me
“my favourite readers of all time! ” … written by pusheen77
“They are absolutely out of this world ” … written by amr0268
“Thank you – you are both wonderful and answered my questions in detail! One of the best readings I have had – highly recommended! I will be back!” … written by from_space
“Awesome. worth it. ” … written by lordvectra
“They are always great at giving quick answers and I love to get the messages from spirit. Amazing how they connect and tap in. Wonderful reading as always :)!!” … written by sacredlove71
“I just had to come back because something they told me earlier made perfect sense and is actually something I have seen in personal visions. They are amazing – best on here!” … written by from_space
“these guys were funny and time will tell if there accurate i will be back” … written by higherthanlife
“AWESOME!!!!! They hit it right on the head!!!” … written by jnb803
“they were right on very good ” … written by firewitch
“Love these guys! I had a question that they were immediately able to answer. They brought through someone that I loved and will always love. Even though he is no longer here and life goes on and so must we, they gave me confirmation to something I knew in my heart to be true. Excellent reading and I will come back again! Thanks guys! xoxoxoxoxox” … written by agape93
“thank you” … written by stargazer7
“Love these guys! I had a question that they were immediately able to answer. They brought through someone that I loved and will always love. Even though he is no longer here and life goes on and so must we, they gave me confirmation to something I knew in my heart to be true. Excellent reading and I will come back again! Thanks guys! xoxoxoxoxox” … written by Lisa
“THEY ARE GREAT! Have to take them in for a reading…was able to talk to a loved one…lol and it was funny and nice…love love love them” … written by KatKipps
“Just too awesome to explain! Speechless!” … written by katharazz
“Great, fun and honest reading. ” … written by vegabonded
“Wonderful and full of good things!” … written by lisa
“I love them!!!! So easy to talk to and super direct answers RIGHT away of some very tough questions! Thank you Graham andamp; Jason!” … written by from_space
“Another excellent reading full of information as always … ” … written by pusheen77
“Their method of mediumship ensures direct answers. Watching them connect through the spirit board is a highly unique experience that is not to be missed. Highly recommended.” … written by OJD
“Very accurate and comfortable, felt very genuine.” … written by somebody1help
“Very entertaining reading!” … written by pskatymaple
“Thank you and god bless” … written by jasminepapas
“WOW! They connected to my father really quick, he had positive messages for me, and I fell better now!” … written by Starliteny
“Again, astounding reading!!! Amazing messages from these two! Seriously, you must try them out, it’s a reading like no other! LOVE THEM!!!” … written by XOX – Cupid – XOX
“These guys were UNREAL!!! VERY VERY VERY GOOD, very UNIQUE way of reading… A must try – hands down one of the best readings I have ever received! Thank you both so much for the insight and sharing your gifts 🙂 Very accurate! XOX – Cupid” … written by XOX – Cupid – XOX
“THE BEST! clear, accurate, on point, to the point, no time wastage and they provide added andamp;quot;humorandamp;quot; therapy as needed…..thanks guys!!!!!! xoxox” … written by lisa
“Brilliant” … written by pusheen77
“Excellent as always – gives quick and great messages!” … written by sacredlove71
“Wow they connected with my grandfather, and he told me that I need to get out of the house and stop wasting my life. That is exactly what I am doing right now. He also told me to get some friends, that would make me happier and that is true too… I don’t have many friends anymore.. He said he is here with me and that makes me happy.,.. Thank you so much guys i have waited over ten years to be able to contact my grandpa.. you are amazing Will keep you updated on what happens” … written by butterflywings10
“These guys are brill really !!” … written by Lucyanne
“Absolutely love these guys, give them a try you won’t be sorry. Very interesting messages they had for me, and accurate. Enjoyed my reading and will definitely be back. Blessings and Love!” … written by starstruck11
“(= very unique experience, inviting and full of messages.. i really appreciate your work guys. thank you, blessings” … written by LuckySunflowers7
“Brill as always xxxx” … written by justweemejo
“I enjoyed this… thank you.” … written by python123
“Very good reading. A nice connection with my mom and some sound business advise. I will stay in touch with these two.” … written by lifeismosaic
“Haha love it!” … written by llilbrats715
“Unique experience and brilliant. Many thanks” … written by Matthew12345
“Always amazed at what these two do!!!” … written by tash1921
“Always amazed at what these two do!!!” … written by tash1921
“Very interesting. Looking forward to another reading.what messages I did get was spot on. Gave me the kick in the ass I needed. ” … written by redwolfbabe
“Fantastic have cleared a few things up for me ” … written by MALEX3007
“Very acurate and caring. I was looking for advise and confirmation on my thoughts and life. They offered both and I feel at peace.” … written by kcroom1
“Love it love it love it” … written by llilbrats715
“Wow, I got goosebumps…made me feel better. And I understood what was being said. I’ll be doing this again for sure.” … written by ladysanmt
“Answers…answers…answers…PERFECT!!!!!” … written by katharazz
“Great reading.” … written by shell456
“Very fast, direct answers to questions. ” … written by littleone73
“Wow, they were amazing! Quick, clear answers and I love that they offer advice based on the situation. It was very helpful.” … written by iPreferMimi
“Amazing as always…my favourite! ” … written by pusheen77
“Thank you very much. You’ve really pinpointed my problem.” … written by AvyFae
“Excellent reading. I don’t understand how they did it but they did it. They hit every topic of my situation with no help from me. I cant wait to read again with them. Thank you both.” … written by leahmya
“Great advice and really interesting session. I look forward to the future and will be back.” … written by tara
“I know what i have to do!!!Thanks guys!!!!” … written by Lourdy
“Wonderful…Clear answers I can use today. Don’t hesitate!!! I am so grateful!” … written by jasminetheflower
“Very accurate readings–highly recommend–and really great guys, too!” … written by pioneer5
“had another follow up reading, once again the information that came thru blew me ..and them!..away… fabulous ” … written by pusheen77
“5 stars!!” … written by Audie828
“I only had 4 minutes on the books, and within the time allowed these guys were spot on about my situation. They were kind and open. I appreciate their time spent with me in and out of the private chat. If you need answers, these 2 are the ones to speak with!! God bless!! ” … written by Audie828
“good!” … written by charmedangelx31
“Great reading, I was reassured about many of my topics that I was concered about. Thanks” … written by bailey1983
“They hit the nail on the head. I have much to experience this year.” … written by kcroom1
“very intresting!!! i loved it” … written by jpferreira51291
“Great reading, just ran out of credits…” … written by nettkkr
“The spirits said i would be approved for my application to have a custom electric medical bed for 700lbs+ capacity. no such requests have been approved in my city before. my therapist put it thru. it was looking like it wasn’t going to be approved, then at the 11th hour. she calls me today to tell me they approved it! she was speechless and kept saying it was a miracle. only the work of the spirit circle could have made this happen to me. i’ve paid for spells, prayers, candle work, you name it. with zero results. when the guides say they will see to it that something happens. they do!” … written by pusheen77
“WOW WOW WOW. I don’t need to say anything more than that. They are amazing. I have pooped into their room a few times but never went private. I won’t go to anyone else now. They told me things that no one would know. WOW! Thanks Guys!” … written by happy4eva
“Awesome!! amazing to watch and listen. ” … written by Alex
“Thank You.” … written by inusah12
“Great job!” … written by Milanc21
“They were very helpful and gave me hope again.” … written by myteewog
“another great reading” … written by pusheen77
“Always honest, even if it’s not what you expect to hear.” … written by pusheen77
“Absolutely amazing …im definitely going to take the advice! and will come back to talk again!!” … written by manijhe
“Great Experience. Honest andamp; Accurate. Two Great Guys! 5 Star Rating!” … written by swiftcats64
“Good reading although limited in time. Would recommend!” … written by 112
“Probably the best reading I’ve ever had! I will keep in touch!” … written by Freespirit02
“Gave me lots of insight about my career path and what path i should take.” … written by pusheen77
“Very truthful and something i needed to hear!” … written by crystal787p
“Love these guys. This is such a fun time and I always leave feeling like I have a direction. I will be back!” … written by tara_mcm
“Amazing… I send much love to these two….. use them!” … written by jibblyowl
“Humour is needed in whichever state one is in… and I appreciate their time and talent.. You guys are indeed good. Thank you for your time.” … written by rock642
“Blessed to have met them…everything I`ve been told came true. I was told charges for a rental item would be taken vare of. Today I schedule the pickup of the item and the rep waived all charges out of good faith! omg” … written by pusheen77
“Very fast and helpful, thank you guys.” … written by alexsisdawn
“So interesting….my first time trying this. I hope what they said comes true. I will definitely fallow up with them! I feel happy!!!! Thank you! ” … written by livelovelaugh88
“Second time and still amazing !” … written by SAPNASHARMA100
“Really interesting. I think I will come back. Thanks” … written by nyssens716
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“Mumummedium has lifted my spirits! Things are still going to be ok, which is what I needed to know, and now I can stop stressing so much! I love reading with them because they’re always both informative and reassuring. Can’t wait to read with them again. Highly recommend!” … written by wing-mei
“A++” … written by xjessicaheartx
“They are amazing!!! They knew things that they had no way of knowing about myself and my situation!!! I will come to them again and again!!! Thank you both!!” … written by DaphneLGerry
“Thank you!!” … written by pusheen77
“Thank you for your kindness and words from the other side as it has helped me so much and the truth is what we need in this life to prepare for the future. ” … written by Cosmicqueen
“Great guys, very great insight, and unique way of doing your reading… really appreciate your help” … written by cammyboo
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“Great read!” … written by pusheen77
“These guys are amazing. So nice and down to earth and very sincere. Loved them and will come again. ” … written by Gretchen71
“Another great reading. Told me what was going to happen and it did. They are straight forward and honest. I won’t go to anyone else.” … written by happy4eva
“Another A++++++++ reading. my questions were being answered before i’d finish typing them!!!!” … written by pusheen77
“Absolutley amazing and im gutted I have just ran out of credit I love these guys” … written by sineadmc
“Very fast and honest!” … written by JSerrano0304
“Asked a very challenging financial question involving a friend’s family member whom i have never met in person. they gave me info, then when shared friend was amazed. it was exactly the issue going on” … written by pusheen77
“Chat was very intuitive.” … written by divine2004
“I liked them they are helpful” … written by tiffiney
“Asked about my brother and his career. they gave me exact details. ” … written by pusheen77
“Great guys… They confirmed what I knew I needed to do…” … written by shawna101
“These Guys are great !!! ” … written by Darkdov
“SIMPLY AMAZING. I LOVE THESE GUYS. Oh wow. Just wow.” … written by tara_mcm
“Wow” … written by deedee8764
“So happy thank you.” … written by cheriewahrlich
“OMG i can’t believe these guys they are amazing and addictive lol well worthh a read ” … written by sineadmc
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“Very nice reading as always. Love coming to their room. I was able to understand things going on around me and why. They are very informative and understanding. Thanks guys!” … written by livehappy70
“Thank you for the great reading 🙂 You touched on a lot of points in life. I would highly recommend your reading! Thanks again” … written by elufeathers58
“They are amazing! So fast its unbelievable and extremely accurate. Do not think twice before getting a reading done with them because your answer is just a private chat away! ” … written by megannn22
“Hopefully if i follow their i advise i will get the results i should have ” … written by MALEX3007
“Asked if i would need surgeries after my weight loss. they gave me the exact number of surgeries and over how long of a period and how the outcome will be. amazing!” … written by pusheen77
“I Really like these guys,cheerful and do wonderful things to help you out,they really use a lot of energy and go the extra mile to get the information you need! I would defiantly recommend these guys for help!!! ” … written by raylumley
“Asked about what i should do about a difficult client. i didn’t even have to say the name of the client and the spirits told me what will happen to the client and gave me exact directions to make sure i’m not affected financially. ” … written by pusheen77
“THANK YOU” … written by MarianaSchechter
“Thankyou for my reading very interesting, for a unique way to receive messages these guys are a must see. very inspirational guys dont take my word for it have a go i promise u will return ” … written by sharon66
“Thanks for the reading 🙂 it has been extremely helpful! and very revealing. blessings be to you! ” … written by manijhe
“Great reading and insight!! Also great advice :)” … written by MayGirl
“All that needs to be said is everyone has a message from spirit !! Come in and give them a try in private.” … written by Darkdov
“Insightful, amazing reading !!! Great advice and to the point !!” … written by Darkdov
“Wonder reading !!” … written by Darkdov
“Very positive and encouraging! Confirmed what i have been told in the past and will surely return back for more clarity. Thank you !” … written by Marigold29
“Precise and helpful. Answered the questions I asked directly ans helped clear up some issues.” … written by aquarius49
“Great as always good to know they are still watching over me ” … written by MALEX3007
“This gentlemen are so great they have a brilliant talent and i will be back for certain! thank you very much. i hope more people come your way it is well worth it! 5 stars are not enough for them.” … written by hababy
“These guys are likeable and are very accurate. I recommend them to anyone” … written by dmbertault1
“They did not need to know any info and were able to tell me there was no hope with him, my man and were on point and a few days later it ended real bad. They were able to read his past and all on point.” … written by tacobell24
“They have confirmed many things for me personally and my spiritual education.” … written by Darkdov
“Love these guys.. I have come several times and they are spot on.” … written by leti89
“Well my second reading…outstanding again…spot on and they need no information accurate all the time..cant wait till my next one..great guys x” … written by sineadmc
“Excellent reading” … written by pusheen77
“Amazing thank you for your advice. You are amazing. I will be using you again ” … written by starlenelee
“Omg so i was watching these guys last night and they asked for something different to happen in the demo…one word…WOW ” … written by sineadmc
“Accurate, honest and on the money. A+++++++ Highly recommend as you will not be disappointed. ” … written by Cosmicqueen
“They are not a hoax they really do have a connection with the spirits. i know it is real because they told me things only i and my spirit would know about. From Sam.” … written by hababy
“Thank you for your kindness and words from the other side as it has helped me so much and the truth is what we need in this life to prepare for the future. I recommend these gentlemen as they are authentic and genuine in the information being forwarded from the other side. highly recommend and you will not be disappointed at all. A+++++” … written by Cosmicqueen
“My mom says after her reading there was no way they could have known half way around the world the things they knew, but they did.” … written by hababy
“I loved the reading. Lots of good advice and very honest. They are very accurate and have a great sense of humor as well. You won’t regret a reading with them. They answered all my question and also connected me to my spirit guides. Thank You So Much 🙂 I will be back. Fun experience.” … written by livehappy70
“Great reading. Lot of fun and very accurate. Very nice being able to connect with my spirit guides. Thank You! 🙂 Be back soon. I really enjoyed it.” … written by summerflower
“Very nice, no BS approach. Hopefully, the reading will come true. Takes a bit long because it’s communication with the spirits so be aware that the answers might take a bit longer however hopefully totally worth it.” … written by aniceone
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“Great stuff” … written by x1xmaggiex1x
“Very helpful ” … written by mike39y
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“Always a great reading with to get the messages from spirit and love their help!” … written by mah
“Amazing so amazing they spoke with my sister and told me things they would or could never know haha its was wonderful they are amazing thank you guys again much love xxoo” … written by crystalblueeyes
“WOW! They were amazing! Thank you to your spirit guide for helping me with the release! I feel peaceful now……will keep you posted with how things pan out! Many many blessings!” … written by heartnsoul
“Wonderfully intuitive and helpful thankls” … written by higherthanlife
“They guys were very good enjoyed the reading very much…thank you xxx” … written by babay88
“Interesting in what they do,all im gonna say about that.. thanks guys! ” … written by waiting4myjoey
“I think it’s really positive because deep inside I really felt like going to the US. Your answers were really great and straight to the point. Thank you very much.” … written by yamenss
“Again….Wonderful Quick Precise…Everything i hoped for.” … written by angelkin
“Just Wonderful, Their energy is just so strong, and they are true to Spirit and the message. So GLAD i found them!!!! The BEST” … written by angelkin
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“I had a very great experience, wow…..I got advice on my career, thanks to you both xxx” … written by Mandalalight
“These guys are real!” … written by babyboy5110
“Absolutely brilliant . so accurate . told me things a few weeks back and they are happening now . things i had no idea about . just brilliant . i would highly recommend a reading .” … written by fionamaggie
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“It was very great reading.” … written by nancy11
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“Nice guys! I hope they are right! I will be back :-)” … written by loco5821
“Insightful…they answered some questions and helped me really think about some important issues. Their method of working is really intriguing…” … written by aquarius49
“I truly enjoy time with munummedium. This is my second private and our investigations are going in the right direction. Thanks guys.” … written by 10faygo71
“Very positive reading… spirit message was accurate and directly to the point!! No interpretation needed.” … written by Darkdov
“I true am addicted to their readings. There advice is wonderful and amazing !!!” … written by Darkdov
“Very accurate and promising news for my future… Worth your time… I will be back again…Thanks again… Much love…” … written by VenusInLove
“Definitely coming back for another reading !!” … written by Darkdov
“Spot on !! Had a message during demo. Did a private to get more confirmation about the situation. Great information !!” … written by Darkdov
“Once again very accurate reading , spirit had allot to say and informed me about things i was not aware of. Was able to contact my loved ones and ask detail questions.” … written by Darkdov
“Awesome reading…really hit it spot on and very accurate with the answers!” … written by yas
“Wow … the detail that was given was very accurate . I have been coming to the psychic circle for the longest!! They give great advice.” … written by Darkdov
“So happy questions are being answered with your guidance..and in 2 days as mentioned by spirits more will be revealed. Hope you will be here Saturday…exciting.” … written by 10faygo71
“Great reading! Thank so much! I’m very excited about the possibilities ahead of me!” … written by jssb78
“WOW!!! Thanks, you have a very special way of getting information and very interesting.” … written by faith4me777
“Best way for a reading… write your questions down yes/no questions are easiest. Then the messages are wonderful and detailed. ” … written by Darkdov
“They were great told me what I already knew but what I needed to hear from someone else.” … written by shawna101
“Holy cow!! Rading last night confirmed their accuracy to me! This is something they could have not known about me at all!! Phenominal men!! I will be back :-)” … written by loco5821
“Honest and completely to the point. Didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear but told me what I needed to hear. Which is nice for once. It’s better healing and advice to be told what needs to be said. Thank you for your guidance and help. I appreciate it. ” … written by Jenna87
“So specific, i.e. wording, phrases. Graham and Jason know what they are doing, and are quick and to the point. After spending time in their chat room, I felt like I was among friends. They do help. 5 stars from me.” … written by ladysanmt
“They were quite helpful and it was a reading like I have never had before, it was very interesting.” … written by alexsisdawn
“Loved the reading; Had a very long and personal message. It really helped me out with a tough situation.” … written by AvyFae
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“Very good reading. Was very impressed and recommend them highly.” … written by Isabella110511
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“Cant wait for this something special to happen as hasn’t happened yet ” … written by MALEX3007
“WOnderful read once again !!!” … written by Darkdov
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“These two were awesome…I had to keep adding money!” … written by victoriansunset
“Wow, i am happy and feeling a lot more confident now. ” … written by Jay3196
“Thanks. I am worried ” … written by Jay3196
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“I LOVED IT.” … written by NORAG26
“Their my family help me with advice and the answers are spot on !!” … written by Darkdov
“Back on track and feeling good. I feel like I am at the table with them. Thank you.” … written by 10faygo71
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“Great as always always make me smile with what they tell me ” … written by MALEX3007
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“WOnderful reading again !!!” … written by Darkdov
“Wow, they are amazing and very down to earth. They have much to teach us!” … written by BraunWynn
“Thank you for great reading !!!” … written by Darkdov
“A priveledge to be a part of and heartfelt imparting wisdom and guidance. Hands down, this team is the best on Ornam. Money well spent! Thank you.” … written by BraunWynn
“My reading with Munummedium was amazing! My questions were answered as quickly as I could ask them. They knew more about me than I knew about myself. Everything they told me was correct and true. Thier abilities are beyond anything that I have ever experienced. It you want to know more about your life and path contact them. Munummedium will give you direction and guidance.” … written by WildWestPony
“Awesome as always..very direct without sugar coating :-)” … written by loco5821
“Amazing as always xxxxx” … written by justweemejo
“WOnderful reading !!!!” … written by Darkdov
“Thank you guys great reading !!!” … written by Darkdov
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“Once again very accurate !!!” … written by Darkdov
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“100 stars guys…thanks. for all the advice, the answers and the laugh therapy ….definately the bomb….x0x0x” … written by lisa
“I am so happy that I took the time to talk to you both. Thank You for everything I feel sooo much better after having a private with you!!! AMAZING AMAZING. If you have not had a reading with Munummedium please do, you will be thankful you did!!!!!!” … written by loveb1980
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“Love these guys!!!” … written by 10faygo71
“These guys were very good I would recommend them.. just give them a few minutes and they will surprise you. I will be back” … written by porkchop777
“These two guys have done many readings for me and they have been right on every time. Event he things I didn’t want to hear. Yes the things I wasn’t sure about but they validated. No sugar coating but certainly gentleman and caring to the readings. They are awesome!!! Just perfect!!! totally satisfied every time with true answers that have been proven.” … written by katharazz
“Thank you so much 🙂 ” … written by AquariSun
“HOLY COW! Best readings so far. Followed direction and got the response I wanted immediately” … written by afcsher
“These guys are great they connected with my mom and the message were so true and so amazing. I love these guys so much. Thank you very much.” … written by JaydenSoulHealer
“Really precise” … written by Eirma13
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“I love these guys! I have never seen anything quite like this. Amazing without even any question!” … written by jazzsinger49
“Incredible reading, fast and to the point just awesome will come back again and again honesty and integrity should be the 2 words to sum this up great thank you ” … written by Tenshi33
“Funny as usual great as always give me messages i understand” … written by MALEX3007
“Another mystery these gentlemen are helping me solve..will update you on what information come out. Thanks and enjoy my time with you guys.” … written by 10faygo71
“Wonderful reading !!!” … written by Darkdov
“Thank you guys so much!!! You both were truly right on point with my situation and really gave me some excellent feedback on what to do. I was very impressed by what you told me and it really gave me a different perspective on things. This was something that I needed to hear and I will definitely listen to your advice. Thank you again and I will call you guys back…JUST AMAZING!!!!” … written by deannbri1126
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“Excellent as always!” … written by yas
“And again they are simply amazing =) ” … written by porkchop777
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“I went in wanting to speak to my Father that has past on and they came through. I was amazed!!” … written by TammiT
“Great reading and needed the guidance and advice. I love that I can connect with my guide also. They can’t always come through but it is great when they do. Thanks Guys :)” … written by livehappy70
“Great experience, got to contact my mom and told me many things they couldn’t possibly know. They are the real deal. When it comes to contacting spirits. Thanks guys! :o)” … written by Chicoca587
“AWESOME!!!” … written by Summer84
“They’re great!!! ” … written by aquarius49
“Always spot on as usual ;)” … written by tinalouise
“Awesome …. how do they do that? had a message in demo and had to come and get the rest of the message … highly recommended! ” … written by Donna333
“What can I say but wonderful things about these two, I came to inquire about one thing and found my healing hands have gone into action. The profound effect of the reading has changed my life in such a way that now I can use this gift to help others. This just goes to show you energy is all around us..seen and unseen and it is there to assist us all. Life changing readings in a positive way. Life is a box of chocolates and I am glad I chose these guys and the physic circle to wake me up and help me move forward for the good of humanity. Blessings to all that read this. Much love XXOO” … written by Cosmicqueen
“Very insightful messages. Thank you guys!” … written by Summer84
“What a wonderful reading!i will be back for sure.” … written by babygrl82
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“Nice guys, they had kinda of bad news to give me. It probably wasn’t easy for them, but they were very kind.” … written by Cassryder
“Great Reading accurate !!!” … written by Darkdov
“Greate reading:) Sorry we got disconected.” … written by Annmay
“Great reading, and accurate! ” … written by smithchrissy
“Very insightful,these two professionals never cease to amaze me,what they do is very very cool! there isn’t a shadow of doubt that they really have a rare gift, give them a chance at a reading and it can really blow your mind. The information that comes is very accurate.. and there not really in it for the money ,they’ve gave me information and expected nothing in return because I had a real problem that was worrying me and they helped me sort out who was who and what was what when I didn’t know who to trust in a situation. Things aren’t always as they appear and its nice to have someone who really cares about people when they detect a real evil intention and were eager to provide information to deflect the damage! Saved a disabled family from being prayed upon by manipulation! These guys are the best in there field!!! ” … written by raylumley
“Once again great reading !!” … written by Darkdov
“Great! First time doing a reading with them and they were great!” … written by bubblelove33
“Very good. Thanks a lot. Really good. One of the best here.” … written by elishabethlee
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“Will get back for sure! Thanks ” … written by fresiaflower
“Thank you so much for talking to me tonight. I will keep in mind what you told me. Ill let you know what happens” … written by sissy2373
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“I can’t believe how accurate they are! Always right on the money! What’s even better is the caring and compassion that goes into explaining the answers and guiding me in the right direction. They have a permanent client in me!!” … written by afcsher
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“These two guys give the most direct answers I have ever gotten in any readings EVER!!!!” … written by katharazz
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“Thanks Guys!” … written by Zee125
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“Great Reading!” … written by Darkdov
“A Brilliant team… a Brilliant Reading!” … written by mebucko29
“Kind and helpful as always” … written by aquarius49
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“WOnderful Reading !!!!!” … written by Darkdov
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“They are wonderful to talk to and so accurate. I always go to them for updates and advice. Give them a try; you won’t be disappointed!” … written by victoriansunset
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“Great Guys and great reading …” … written by Darkdov
“Quick, efficient and to the point! I enjoyed the reading” … written by gummigummi
“The best 2 people I’ve ever had reading with, they connected to me straight away and really understood me. All what they said was all true. I’ll definitely be having another reading asap!” … written by hunniebee
“Love you guys!” … written by 10faygo71
“Terrific reading !!!” … written by Darkdov
“Fantastic as always, make me smile!” … written by MALEX3007
“They are fabulous with advice and messages from spirit world. ” … written by Darkdov
“Spirits help out with every aspect of life… they tell things happening that you can’t see. ” … written by Darkdov
“They men are absolutely 5 stare reading. Very accurate and straight forward. No nonsense. Thanks for the readings you give.” … written by whitedove46
“One of a kind type of reading give it a try… wonderful and spot on !!” … written by Darkdov
“No matter what you have to ask…these gentlemen are able to help…they are precise and detailed. No info required for you answers. Reading…so have the confidence to ask and get the necessary.” … written by lisa
“Got a reading during the demo….the message was precise, clear and to the point, but dealt with exactly what was on my mind. x0x0x0x thanks Jason and Graham” … written by lisa
“Always honest and clear responses.” … written by lena042
“Great reading!!!!!!!” … written by candyla
“Wonderful reading!” … written by Darkdov
“This is my favorite free chat room – the psychics and the members are great! These guys have this amazing method and they answered a question I didn’t know I had. It was almost embarrassing to have them say what they did because I was trying not to think of that conclusion (marriage) with the dude in question. But the spirits told me to “Say Yes” so I will!” … written by jazzsinger49
“Very nice men and right on!” … written by Dphsgo93
“Very spot on very helpful, thanks a lot guys, really great!” … written by guessmyname22
“Great, I just wished I could have gone longer…” … written by cheneal
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“Accurately touched on personal issues without needing much input from myself!” … written by justmekacky
“These people have a gift I’ve gotta tell you, they’re amazing A+++,” … written by cymbalkid
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“Still feel amazing after a healing Sunday. They always steer me in the right direction and give clear answers.” … written by afcsher
“Once again thank you so much for your help and assistance it is very much appreciated and most needed. Thank you for your professionalism, honesty and integrity and guidance in the matters at hand. Husband wants to chat with family so that will be next session…..hold on to your heels tee hee.” … written by Cosmicqueen
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“Fun and informative as always..I like the way he does readings now so much better. He is also great on his own and so much more of a reading then before. Graham is the best! ” … written by lisa
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“Awesome.” … written by blackcat06
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“Thanks again” … written by shaz77
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“Really was spot on would come back again worth every penny five stars time and time again” … written by sharon1974
“I love him! He is honest and sees the truth! Very amazing guy with angel gift! If you want the truth then he is the man! No doubt! ” … written by reena2323
“Love him to bits” … written by hellzbellz
“Oh my gosh, Graham is truly outstanding! Please put him at the top of the SHORT list with my biggest favorites. Being a bit psychic myself, I can see the energy-information move into his physical brain, and he so instantly give answers with certainty. He picked up on several main points that prove to me that he is genuine. Even when a psychic states the obvious, they are showing their talent. In the case of my reading it was his combination of stating the obvious and refuting the apparently obvious that resonated as truth to me. Great reading!” … written by MerkabahMan633
“Very powerful indeed! I felt it across my shoulders and through my fingertips, and down my spine as well. The spirits seem to love working with me, and I tend to love working with them. Thank you!” … written by kittytobe
“Awesome as usual.” … written by afcsher
“He was terrific!! Lots of good advice and knew where I was coming from and where I was going. He’s very good. I will be back!!” … written by cathyq
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“Awesome healing!” … written by afcsher
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“Great advice as always thanks graham.” … written by hellzbellz
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“Awesome.” … written by afcsher
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“50000 STARS.. GREAT INSIGHT.. AWESOME!” … written by tk40000
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“Always money well worth spent! Always honest and accurate! This is the guy to see to have clear direction in your life. Thank you, Graham!” … written by reena2323
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“Always enjoy my private session readings with Graham. He is truly an amazing and talented psychic.” … written by MerkabahMan633
“Great reading – gave me confidence that it wasn’t me being silly and that I was picking up what really is happening. Let’s see what happens now.” … written by lmh013
“Thanks.” … written by shaz77
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“I felt he was very straightforward but kind and compassionate. Really took the time to explain things and go over my situation. Gave me great advice and helped me feel better. I will definitely come to him again! Thank you for making my birthday better :)” … written by dreamgirl30
“Its been months since I talked to him and he says the same thing, he is real!” … written by chandragomes3
“Graham is a really wonderful, caring reader. He amazes me with his ability to just let the information flow through him. I really trust his readings and am glad to have him hear for updates on my situation – which could still take time to get resolved, hopefully the way Graham and others see it =))” … written by MerkabahMan633
“Brilliant. The best on Oranum.” … written by natei08
“Graham has helped me tremendously so far with his ability. I am very energized and enthusiastic about what will happen for me in the near future. He is very special and unique, and I am glad that he is an advisor for me. :)” … written by MerkabahMan633
“He was fantastic and right on point! Accurate and detailed and strong guidance on what to do next. Fantastic I highly recommend him!!” … written by ikroyal
“Thank you!” … written by reena2323
“Accurate!” … written by reena2323
“Brilliant reader. The best on Oranum!” … written by natei08
“Awesome even if I didn’t like the truth. I come back often.” … written by afcsher
“I love him, he’s the best on Oranum!” … written by shorty34
“Excellent reading. Straight to the point, honest, and insightful.” … written by bbrunner21
“Very nice gentleman. Hard to understand. I asked him to be direct and he was. He confirmed what I suspected in my business. I hope his predictions come true. I would recommend he type, and if he wanted, talk as well.” … written by hollyk0805
“Wow” … written by millyloves22
“Graham is the absolute best! I first met him 2-1/2 months ago. Not only did he immediately know my situation in details, AND make accurate predictions about my situation and the tremendous issues that I have been dealing with… but, he also helped me gain better and better insight into how things were unfolding, AND gave me the advice and healing needed to get through. ” … written by MerkabahMan633
“Great reading. he really connected with me.” … written by victoria111
“I love Graham he is a great guy very down to earth and to the point thanks for the reading! :)” … written by hellzbellz
“Thanks!” … written by Zee125
“Fast and accurate and genuine with a unique way of connecting with spirit! Although I have to wait- I hope it will be worth it!” … written by djordan6898
“Try this guy. He is amazing, with real and accurate answers.” … written by natei08
“Great reading! ” … written by sartoris
“Great reading.” … written by shygal786
“Great reading – he is always on the mark definitely 5 stars!” … written by whitedove46
“Great reading!” … written by sandy1113
“Great and professional service!” … written by OLAMOTIL
“Amazing man and reader. He knew everything that was happening and could pin point it!!!!! Thank you I can’t wait to see the results” … written by adonnelly76
“Munum, thank you for helping me, I was very satisfied with your insight!” … written by Stephanie (shooting)
“He made some very good predictions and was definitely on point!” … written by kevonya
“Great reading, I really felt a good connection. I asked if my friend would write me and during the conversation, he did write! Amazing! Will come back for another reading.” … written by sometimes4321
“VERY, VERY HELPFUL.” … written by Davide0682
“First time reading from Graham, I am satisfied…” … written by mahi
“Tapped into the whole situation, feelings and all. Great reading. ” … written by jessywhat
“Good, thanks!” … written by tasha
“Amazing reading!!!” … written by chawks009
“Great insight!” … written by jeraldryan
“Awesome guy and reader, love him to bits, I check in with him all the time 🙂 xoxox” … written by hellzbellz
“Very honest reading. Accurate with details. ” … written by kristina
“WONDERFUL. 110% recommended” … written by JaclynnD
“I think that he was on point..answered my questions promptly!” … written by 1Ashcake1984
“Amazing healing. Try Graham.” … written by natei08
“Thank You” … written by TravlFunLove
“Awesome reading he gave me great advice. I cant wait to see how it goes.” … written by gagirl31
“great!” … written by Meline
“FANTASTIC.” … written by Rosa
“Super – dynamite reader! XX” … written by Whitedove46
“Thank you :)” … written by shona29
“Good :)” … written by mi
“Great reading, I felt you were telling me honestly what you saw. I do love him and I also believe he loves me. Thank you so much.” … written by wildone70
“Very helpful!” … written by alt
“He provided a very amazing and accurate reading! Munummedium told me that my boyfriend would not be moving for a job and would be getting a job nearby where we live. The very next day, he received a call for a job in our area. The crazy thing about this is that my boyfriend does not recall submitting an application to the job in our area at all and so we were shocked when Munummedium’s reading was unbelievably accurate! Definitely useful!” … written by emartin625
“He picked up right on things.” … written by Messenger87
“Good reading. Very insightful. ” … written by alt
“You are a remarkable man, and I sensed that you could do this and now I know you can. You re indeed a fantastic individual. ” … written by wildone70
“Very knowlegdeable,,,,thank u” … written by rosemary
“A REAL HELP!!!” … written by Davide
“Excellent psychic very help full with advice and shares wisdom very methodical and very charismatic and sincere in his wisdom and advice I suggest him 100%” … written by devinmarston
“Great. Very short though. Accurate.” … written by jamira76
“He was wonderful and right on target with so much information.” … written by Pam826
“I liked the fact he doesn’t use tools. He very quickly connected and was accurate. He also put my mind at ease. Thanks!” … written by Starliteny
“Great as always – great connection, awsome insights. Big fan!” … written by sartoris
“Just wonderful. Very real. No way in the world he could have known the details. REAL DEAL FOLKS” … written by Hopemaam
“Very nice, good. Trust him and you’ll be fine.” … written by edel95
“Loved the reading, thank you!” … written by ukengeddit
“Very Helpful!” … written by Davide0682
“Good reading as always, thanks!” … written by sharon1974
“Hello, was looking for you. Feeling a bit dizzy from the work we did. please email me when you’ll be available. thank you. ” … written by edel95
“Very nice positive reading, just waithing to come true” … written by nancy11
“Really fantastic. Highly recommend.” … written by sometimes4321
“I had a great healing. I didn’t even need to tell Graham what the problem was – Spirit knew and took care of it for me. Truly amazing!” … written by natei08
“Very good!” … written by edel95
“That was amazing, really relaxing and strange. (Jean)” … written by wildone70
“Great weight loss and a great psychic that you can trust. Very unique and very helpful. ” … written by edel95
“Had a healing, very kind gentle man, hopefully i will feel the benefit tomorrow as i feel slight headache now, but seemingly thats normal. had a very positive reading also, hope all comes to pass. ” … written by suzy
“Clarity!” … written by Davide0682
“AWESOME, he is great!!!” … written by Martina
“You always make me feel so great and all the positive things you say heal my heart of any ills. Thank you so much…. Jean” … written by wildone70
“I like this psychic, he is not only unique and effective, but he is very humanistic and he is not after money. He is a real Doctor. Thank you so much!!! God Bless You!!!” … written by edel95
“Awesome” … written by Davide
“Good as usual, thank you.” … written by edel95
“Excellent insight and very good reader!!! Highly recommended!” … written by mina10
“Amazing reading and healing! I have began to fix my health problems and still in process to complete it. A bit expensive but worth doing so. Highly professional and a great healer!!!!” … written by edel95
“I had severe acid reflux and after 15 minutes with Graham it is so much better! I can’t believe it! Now it is so much better! Thanks Graham for helping me! ” … written by Miss Kitty
“Advised me exactly what to do. And hopefully, it will happen.” … written by crystalrbleu
“Thank you so much! You gave me hope and helped me figure out what I should say. Fingers crossed.” … written by marie128
“Very good psychic and very unique. Highly recommended!!!” … written by edel95
“Great as usual, nice, professional, trust him and you will be fine.” … written by edel95
“He is the real deal! Coming back again soon!” … written by cfrankl
“Great reading..” … written by ginlin
“Thank you so much:-)You`re very good and precise!” … written by melody2013
“Hello, great healing as always!…(just to clarify that tumor is very goal oriented and this entity is not alone. his ‘boss’ is helping to gain strength and continue undermining our well being. that message was sent to my mom around aug-sept 2012. the tumor has to be removed once and for all!) please help. ” … written by edel95
“Incredibly honest and accurate, just love his readings.” … written by taurusmay5
“Another healing session with this incredible man, who I feel very fortunate to have him come to my life. Highly recommend him. Endless of stars!” … written by taurusmay5
“Great!” … written by Davide0682
“Graham you are sensational and the pain did leave almost immediately. Cannot wait until 36 hours is up to see the complete results. I am so happy you have come into my life, you cannot believe the pain and suffering I have had to endure for so many years. I did feel there was someone like you that was to come my way, and lo and behold you are here. Thanks millions and I will definitely keep you informed of the outcome. (jean)” … written by wildone70
“Very very very kind spirit. Enjoyed his reading very much.” … written by taurusmay5
“My second energy work with him and I am super charged to see the results” … written by taurusmay5
“Just did a reading with energy work, got to see the results!” … written by taurusmay5
“Great.” … written by enoshj
“Great, awesome!!!” … written by jamira76
“I really loved talking to him!!!” … written by stylist85
“Brilliant as always!” … written by poquette
“great!” … written by Davide
“This guy is amazing, so far what he has said has happen now looking forward to the rest thank you.” … written by milly
“I received a healing and I’m looking forward to see how it unfolds. ” … written by pammy13
“I so admire him for what he dose, very dedicated , honorable and trust worthy.Thanks alot.” … written by taurusmay5
“Thanks for the advice.” … written by TravlFunLove
“Just had a healing with graham, I feel good at the moment, I cant wait to see the results in the morning. I am very grateful to him. 10 stars x” … written by suzy
“Excellent and very helpful, helped me connect to someone who I love a lot.” … written by Maryanne
“Excellent man. Confirmed my worst fear but gave me the heads up so I can do something about it.” … written by nada
“Great!” … written by Davide
“Graham, you are a very powerful person, and I did feel the tickling in the left foot leave as you were consulting with the spirit. Thank you, need the other side done soon. Love, Jean” … written by A. Jean Robertson
“very good … enjoyed the reading with him!” … written by ann S
“Had my first session with munummedium last night to remove a lot of the fear in my life and in my situation. He said I would feel much better today, and I can just say that after having such a restful, long sleep last night, I feel 1000x better already! ” … written by Crawfist
“Good reading, lots of information and spot on with my situation. I suggest you give him a try.” … written by jaegar01
“RESULTS! We will see where this goes! :)” … written by Crawfist
“Excellent! Thanks!” … written by Maryanne
“Excellent! As usual…” … written by maryannepav
“I just received my second healing treatment for weight loss. In this past week, since my first healing, ive lost 4.5lb without effort. In addition, I have not experienced any food cravings or hunger and I have a feeling of piece of mind regarding food which is really a blessing. I didnt realize how much mental energy was spent worrying about this issue. I look forward to continuing on my weight loss journey with ease. Thank you Graham. ” … written by Pammy13
“Very fast and highly accurate prediction. Awesome skill.” … written by aikhooiooi
“Will update you soon on how things progress. Really have been feeling tremendously better and encouraged. I will let you know!” … written by Crawfist
“One of my go-to’s. Everything he has told me comes true or works in that path. Great.” … written by JaclynnD
“Graham is always soothing to my racing mind. I am very thankful for him. He is fantastic.” … written by A. Jean Robertson
“Had another healing session today. Feel better already. :)” … written by Crawfist
“Love this man!” … written by kira
“Thanks for the advice!” … written by TravlFunLove
“Excellent! Thanks again!” … written by Maryanne
“I love consulting with Graham, he is a wonderful reader and i feel secure when he is done.” … written by Jean
“You’re amazing, so gifted and spot on everytime. Thank you very much! Look forward to working with you in future! Bless you darling! xxx” … written by aimee
“Excellent! Thanks!!!” … written by Maryanne
“Great reading and wonderful psychic.” … written by afcsher
“Graham tells you how it is. I love him!” … written by kira
“He was great, and helpful. Very nice guy.” … written by anita
“Great and precise. Recommend it.” … written by Msprofessor7
“Part 2 was as good as part 1!” … written by afcsher
“He is just wonderful, and so nice, so far been on point foe me, give him a try!” … written by milly
“GREAT VERY GOOD!!!! WILL RETURN THANKS :)” … written by starsalign21
“Like always he is amazing, definately worth every penny. Thank you!!!” … written by Martina
“Had 2 healing session with him one after another and he is just great!” … written by taurusmay5
“Amazing! I definitely recommend a reading with him… Very accurate with the situation, as well as with the pictures he paints of the situation. ” … written by Liz
“Got an update from Graham, great reader! He’s fast, doesn’t muss around and gives you honest truth. Great guy, I suggest you try him out for yourself!” … written by Jaegar01
“Wonderful healing, thank you!” … written by lori
“He’s amazing! He’s so professional and in depth, I love how thorough and honest he is! WILL be back for another healing and update as things unfold! Thank you thank you thank you!” … written by MinaVamp27
“Graham is amazing. I do not even know what to say. Every healing we have done has been amazing and had excellent results. I have never felt more confident about myself and about taking control of my life. I went from being afraid of a terrible outcome, to being not only reassured but confident in getting results. After our second session, I saw results the same day – impressing not only me, but Graham as well! His gift is powerful. 🙂 I cannot wait to see the results of our newest session. ” … written by crawfist
“Seems to be right on with what he is saying!!” … written by Jennifer
“Very nice!” … written by Patty
“Just got an amazing healing! I was doubled over in pain from a stomach bug and in less than 10 mins I feel great!!!” … written by afcsher
“Very good, up front!” … written by cholder
“Another great healing from this wonderful man, thanks a lot, he is shifting my life over for me.” … written by taurusmay5
“Had ANOTHER healing done 🙂 Only going to take 24 hours to be complete, so im quite glad. You have helped me be more relaxed, calm and focused on the positive side of everything. Thanks.” … written by CaarahH
“This medium was a great help I am very grateful helped me solve a lot of things thank you very much.” … written by brett95
“3 days ago I received healing from Munum and the next day I did what he instructed me to do and when that moment happened next thing I knew what Munum told me what will happen happened! It’s been 3 days now and seems like I get more attention from that particular person and I noticed men are looking my way. It’s awesome feeling 🙂 The person that is so shy to even talk to me is kinda getting more and more friendlier, and looking at me with a shining smile on his face. Wow. Hard to explain but its an awesome feeling! Thanks Munum it really works! I just had weight loss healing and I will see you in a week for an update. 🙂 ” … written by Connette of Canada
“POSITIVE VIBES!!! Thank you 🙂 ” … written by CaarahH
“Just had a healing done. And I feel tired. I guess it’s working, ’cause I’m off to sleep now haha. I’ll get back to you on how everything goes 🙂 Thank You!” … written by CaarahH
“He was spot on!!!!!! Exactly what I needed to hear!! Will be back for another reading soon!!!! Thank you so much :)” … written by Lauren
“Great great great healing. Can’t thank him enough.This man is changing my life!” … written by taurusmay5
“He is such a pleasure to chat with. Great reading!” … written by psymeow
“Thank you so much for your useful reading, God bless!” … written by Sabina
“Graham has become someone that I depend on and cherish his work so greatly. I am so thankful for him in my time of need of reassurance about my life. Thank you so very much” … written by Jean(wildone70)
“Fav psychic by far 8) Love these hearings lol. Awesome. Will be back for many more readings! :)” … written by CaarahH
“Very very good. I’ve got healing session. 🙂 He is so much fun!” … written by psymeow
“Just had the weight loss healing. Can’t wait to see results. 🙂 Thank you! Wish I had found you earlier! LOL” … written by CaarahH
“I did the weight loss session. Will let you know how it goes. 🙂 Other than that he is warm and welcoming.” … written by Ladymysterious
“Yes he is excellent. Wish I had more money for more time. xx” … written by Eleonora
“His healing really works…much better than just a reading! Results are far more important than just hearing about whats going on.” … written by Nikki
“You’ve given me a time frame, and I am sooo looking forward to this! I wish I had found you ealier!!! Thank You. Will keep u updated.” … written by CaarahH
“We’ll have to wait and see.” … written by Lyrical
“This man has been spot on with 2 major life changing scenarios down to the day and time. It was spectacular and I will continue to seek his advice and reassurance in the future! ” … written by JaclynnD
“Thanks for the reading again!” … written by TravlFunLove
“Hmm, mixed feelings lol. Great reading! Found out things that I ddnt like to hear, but its okay.” … written by CaarahH
“Had a healing session. I am already feeling better. Remarkable.” … written by Ahz8888
“Just did the munummeditation and I look forward to using it in the future.” … written by ken
“OH! Graham, My foot was tight and hurting prior to the session. Now it is like something stop squeezing it and released it. I am confident this is what I needed. Thank you I did feel how much energy you put into the work with the spirit. Words can never express, what I really feel at this moment. ” … written by Jean(wildone70)
“You continue to amaze me Graham! In depth reading, fast fast fast! Thanks for the tips as well :)” … written by CaarahH
“Perfection! I love his healings, always spot on!” … written by afcsher
“Another fantastic healing! I KNOW things are going to turn around VERY VERY SOON! I just FEEL it! Thank you thank you thank you!!!” … written by MinaVamp27
“Another powerful healing session! I felt like I was melting into the bed and the floor!!! AMAZING! ” … written by MinaVamp27
“HE IS AWESOME!!!!!!! I love all that he does, thank you thank you thank you!” … written by Martina
“Always a pleasure, thank you for the update! Can’t wait for Sunday! Will let you know how it goes. Thank you again and again!” … written by MinaVamp27
“Amazing as always!” … written by sara
“Once again, another healing 🙂 Felt tired during the whole process, even almost fell asleep! The past healing’s that I’ve had done have already started working and I can already see changes in my life in terms of working things out with my partner and my weight. Thanks!” … written by CaarahH
“Answered so many questions, so quick! Thank You. :)” … written by CaarahH
“he is incredible ” … written by nalita18
“He is very good I will come back.” … written by nara
“Amaaaaazing 🙂 That’s all I can say, lol” … written by CaarahH
“This was an awesome reading and healing!!! I will be back. He was so spot on, and truly helpful to heal the situation…..which is more useful than just a reading!!” … written by Nikki
“Insightful reading!” … written by sara
“This is a very gifted man! I enjoyed my time tailing to him. Wise and kind and comforting. 5 stars!” … written by Ann S.
“Very calm and reassuring, helped me alot.” … written by tiva
“Will wait and see. Felt better though.” … written by Had a healing session. Quite an experience.
“Offered great advice and always a pleasure :)” … written by sara
“I am just amazed! I am still processing it all – but what an absolutely amazing experience. Thank you SO much!!!” … written by H H
“Very quick connection. Quick answers and honest, straightforward. No beating about the bush. Caring though.” … written by angalszone
“very kind. gentle. i believe he is very accurate. healer. ” … written by crys
“Needed more time with you to clear last little things up 🙂 You’ve given me hope, thank you so much!” … written by CaarahH
“Absolutely loved our session and look forward to all of the positive things to come from the healing! He is amazing!” … written by justdance22
“I really am so floored by how things just tune right in – sees it perfectly and gives such great guidance! Bless you, Graham!” … written by mina
“Want to come back in!” … written by CaarahH
“Just had a fantastic healing!” … written by sara
“Things are getting better 🙂 Can’t believe how great I feel :)” … written by CaarahH
“This man is truly remarkable. He has healed my father on so many things such as overactive thyroid, weight gain, energy levels, and poor circulation.” … written by djordje
“Got an update on my healing and looking forward to positive changes.” … written by sara
“Thanks!” … written by CaarahH
“Really great read!! Thanks G!” … written by afcsher
“Feeling relieved, I’ll let you know how things go.” … written by CaarahH
“You were great! Thanks alot!” … written by mysticmarxo
“He is really good. ” … written by nalit18
“Always insightful and detailed!” … written by sara
“He is very good.” … written by nalita18
“Had my first healing!!! Exciting to see what will unfold next!!! Very kind man. Thank you x” … written by Lauren
“Thank you – calming and insightful and right on!” … written by Stacia
“Thanks soo much for the wonderful healing!!” … written by mysticmarxo
“Got an update for a healing I did… Very insightful!” … written by sara
“Made me laugh!! Had a great healing and always a pleasure.” … written by sara
“He is very good at what he does!” … written by nalita18
“I simply love Graham! His readings are spot on and his healings are amazing.” … written by Afcsher
“Just had my 3rd healing, cant wait for results! Munum is the best!” … written by Lauren
“Good reader!” … written by brandon garrett
“I’ve had several healings and have always enjoyed them and the effects they bring! I can’t wait to see what this healing brings. :)” … written by Lauren
“Just had another healing done. Cant wait for the results” … written by Gorgeous33
“My stepmom got 3 healings from graham. And with the first 2 healings she is doing great. Can’t wait for the results for this last healing. He is amazing. You should get a healing from him you will not be disappointed. Rate 10 million stars.” … written by Gorgeous33
“Awesome.” … written by afcsher
“Hey thank you again for the great reading MM, it feels good talking about my problems with you and having you encourage me to keep on my path that I felt is right. thanks again” … written by Richard
“He was quiet insightful, and made me realize what was the real issues in my relationship.” … written by Rose
“I really enjoy my readings with Graham! He’s so helpful and insightful, and I will be taking the advice he gave me today and put it into action RIGHT NOW!!!” … written by MinaVamp27
“I felt the pulling and I even felt weak at some point. I believe the healing is working and I will know for sure in 24 hours.Thanks Graham. I just want this part of my life to be right, you know what I mean.” … written by Anna Jean Robertson
“Wonderful update on my current situation!” … written by sara
“Always love the healings. I need this one more than any before. Wonderful reader!” … written by afcsher
“Yes he is the best.” … written by Whitedove/Eleonora
“Great and powerful help…….great thanks to him…..” … written by merlin160
“Accurate and spot on!! I hope what he predicted comes to pass. Very gentle guy.” … written by steph
“Clear, honest. To the point.” … written by shane
“Great reading after long time!” … written by taurusmay5
“I just had a healing with graham and I felt the energy that was being produced by the session. Graham is a unique and powerful medium and he knows what he is doing. I trust his work and him explicitly. Thank you and you know how I really feel about everything you have done.” … written by A. Jean Robertson
“Ran out of time!!! But was good!” … written by 520650ljg
“Great great advice.” … written by taurusmay5
“Will need to come back….” … written by joe
“Had a 2nd healing andamp; I am looking forward to all of the positive outcomes!” … written by justdance22
“I consider Graham as a friend… Need I say more! That I think says enough and more 🙂 ” … written by Soniya
“Awesome reading… very chilling…” … written by Deanna
“Awesome reading as always…very detailed information!!” … written by sara
“Good reading overall…. just wish there had been a few more details about the relationship in general… will be back to ask about healings.” … written by steven
“Hey Munum! Thanks again for the reading, everything is playing out great and I look forward to our next session together soon. =D” … written by Richard
“I just had my first healing done. Graham is a amazing guy. I really felt the energy. I can not wait to see the results. ” … written by Gorgeous33
“Lol, haven’t had a reading on here in so long! But it was good. 🙂 Thanks Graham, your always quick and spot on. 🙂 x” … written by Caarah
“5 stars” … written by graham
“I needed the healing, because I probably had the feelings that what he was doing was so outstanding, that I did not receive it the right way. I believe he was showing me his love and affection and not really saying it. Thank you for the balancing and I will get right back to you. You are 100% and I know it.” … written by A. Jean Robertson
“Graham is a outstanding guy. I felt the energy immediately it was amazing. This is my 2nd healing that i have gotten from him and i can say he does no what he is doing and is great at his work. I rate you 10 thousand stars Graham you are awesome!!! ” … written by Gorgeous33
“He sees things that will shock you in a good way, give him a try.” … written by graham
“He is wonderful! My computer glitched unfortunately but truly he is on the ball! Thank you thank you and I am sorry!” … written by ashley
“Only credits ran out could listen to him longer. Very good and patient.” … written by davidtjl
“Thanks .” … written by Rose
“Yes he is excellent!” … written by Eleonora
“Just received my second healing and I saw lots of little red hearts floating inside of my body. Very cool” … written by cherryblossom10
“Graham is really the greatest! Excellent!” … written by MerkabahMan633
“Just had my first healing :-)” … written by cherryblossom10
“AWESOME!” … written by afcsher
“Thank you for reading.” … written by zimerili1
“Good reading. Very helpful!” … written by tilhe
“Very good…” … written by globedove
“So great an sweet, right to the point as i thought i would come again for a longer an more reading blessing ” … written by Daniel morris
“This man is on the point with everything! he told me what is on the mind of my love interest, and if he is scared of getting hurt. he told me wonderful news about this relationship i am about to start.” … written by leah
“Another healing! i cant get enough!” … written by Moonshine
“Thank you, Sir! Great accurate, powerful and energy filled session. You connected wonderfully! Thank you!!” … written by LIZA
“Just had my 3rd healing done. These healings are amazing!! Graham is very good at his work. You will not be disappointed at all. My rate for him is 10 million stars.” … written by Gorgeous33
“Very fast and to the point.” … written by graham
“Graham described my situation very accurately… powerful psychic! I enjoyed the reading ” … written by steph
“During this reading Graham knew information that I hadn’t even shared. His guidance has always been correct!” … written by Kate
“I always enjoy my readings with Graham. I appreciate the opportunity to connect and get an update on my ongoing longtime situation. Thank you so much, and I look forward to coming back and telling you how well it went!!! 🙂 Or even better, that they contact me FIRST!!!” … written by MinaVamp27
“Like a father compassionate caring and supportive.” … written by sincerly7
“You’re the best thanks D.” … written by sincerly7
“Hit the nail on the head! He was definitely spot on!” … written by Artisa
“Excellent, was confirming what everyone has been saying and then some! He tells me exactly what the other person was thinking and I feel so grateful for his help. ” … written by Sarah
“I think he is accurate … 5 stars1” … written by Ann
“Great and very gifted,,,,best help I ve ever got in here.” … written by merlin160
“The best!” … written by afcsher
“Always love my healings with Munum! I’ve become a regular with him. Can’t get enough :)” … written by Moonshine
“Glad he channeled through and was able to get some information that i needed.” … written by Leblanc_
“Munummedium is always such a wonderful person to talk to and seek guidance from. I am always thankful for having met him!” … written by Kat
“Hope it helps. I feel positive. He has healed other stuff for me. I have faith.” … written by burn victim
“He’s the best” … written by sincerly77
“Thank you for your reading which was right on que..” … written by Jean Robertson
“i will let you know how it goes!!!! your the best!” … written by Nikki
“Great Advice:)” … written by Kate
“Genuine in his reading, honest, good fellow.” … written by Marybeth Hiebert
“Can’t wait to see what happens!” … written by Kat
“Great” … written by Kat
“Amazing as usual!!!” … written by mina10
“Have been so impressed by previous healings that I thought it was time for a different one….will keep you up to date on how it all works out 🙂 thank you Graham x” … written by Jo
“Had to end my session early because we’re experiencing a storm here, but he was very on point!” … written by Virgo
“The best of the best ever ….” … written by ballii
“He’s a healer.” … written by sincerly7
“Solid as a rock!” … written by afcsher
“Awesome.” … written by afcsher
“Good reading.” … written by Theresa
“Great reading accurate.” … written by Theresa
“Very sincere.” … written by moongirl777
“Always on point! 10 stars!!!! He helps and heals you instead of just giving predictions…. Which is what we as humans really need!” … written by nikki
“Great help……….really good” … written by melin160
“I love Munum’s healings! I’ve lost count on how many i’ve gotten but they work wonders. I’ve gotten different ones for different reasons and all have proven to be great. I HIGHLY recommend coming to him and seeing how his healings can help you because they’ve helped me tremendously. Thank you munum for everything you’ve done for me!” … written by Moonshine
“Munumedium is absolutely the best! He was the main person who helped me with my major situation in the past. His insight and accuracy are really amazing. I definitely will come back. ” … written by MerkabahMan633
“Good insights.” … written by e
“A wonderful, insightful read. Has given me endless hope for my future and without even knowing it, Graham has dragged me out of my 2 year bed of depression. I owe this man so much. Words don’t seem enough but Thank you Graham!” … written by Jo
“I had a healing with graham.” … written by sara
“Great reading and healing session. Already felt a difference right afterwards. Works very quickly, highly recommend!” … written by Bruin19
“Don’t go anywhere…this guy has it all.” … written by baallii
“Another wonderful healing with graham.. just to get over life’s little bumps and humps in the road and move forward…. i have faith it will work because all of his healing have in the past!!” … written by sara
“I had an intense healing session with MunumMedium! It was a love healing and it’s like nothing I’ve experienced before. I felt as if something is spinning all around me, I was so aware of myself, and the most amazing part was the physical sensation of butterflies in my heart. I reckon it’s the fall in love feeling…in a very very physical mystical way. I am really looking forward to the effects! Thank you Graham! ” … written by Mimi
“A second healing!!!!! =)” … written by Mimi
“I appreciate his approach. Hes a very natural reader. The info comes to him naturally. You dont see him relying on tools and such. Very gifted. I’d come back for a follow-up.” … written by LadyGrace
“Best one, if you mean business!” … written by merlin160
“I had a follow up reading after the healing and things are looking positive!! :)” … written by Mimi
“The readings are always wonderful and Graham is right on with what he says.” … written by Kat
“Just tried some healing for my boyfriend looking forward to seeing the improvements…” … written by Lyn
“Very caring and liked the healing a lot” … written by Kelly
“Great help in graham…i must say… of the best if not the best!!!!” … written by merlin160
“One of the best…..if you mean buisness” … written by merin160
“I felt something very powerful with the reading and I know you have always been on que. This is powerful! And I know it…Thanks again for another great reading…” … written by Jean
“Master gamechanger” … written by s
“Sincere.” … written by s
“Just had one of Graham’s new healings, very powerful stuff! Will keep you informed of my progress! Thank you Graham, you are a little diamond!” … written by Jo
“Had a super duper special healing done today! I feel better already! Can’t wait for the outcome! :)” … written by Mimi
“Great Insight once again! :)” … written by Mimi
“I’ve been dealing with debilitating intestinal issues for years. Multiple medical doctors diagnosed a problem but none were ever able to fix the issue. Spiritual problems tend to manifest in the physical body. So, we worked on healing the core. This man told me that I would heal within 24 hours of our session. So, I waited for this to occur. Sure enough, without any pain or discomfort, everything began working properly in my midsection in less than 24 hours. I was so impressed with what took place that I returned to ask for his assistance in dealing with another issue pertaining to protection. I’ll document what occurs and give updates soon. ” … written by Leslie Kay
“had another relationship healing with graham… I’m re-naming him the miracle worker! I don’t think I could have gotten through my anxiety and relationship issues without him!” … written by sara
“Whatever he did, I was sitting here and felt so much peace by the time he was done. Very good experience. Helping me with someone hexed my girlfriend to never associate with me or love me again.” … written by Supreet
“Intuitive and accurate!” … written by ngozi07
“Thank you so much!! I was afraid I had aliened someone I love so very much. We have such a weird situation and communication is a big issue for us. I was so relieved to hear my love still loves me and does want a future with me.” … written by cheryl willen
“Always great readings, wish the time didn’t go by so fast!” … written by Kat
“WOW! It is like a ball of energy just came into my body. The hip was lots of pain, could not hardly get up, but now I don’t feel the pain, but I am also a little tired, right now. That was really fast! Oh! Graham, my mind told me this morning that you were the one to heal me and I followed my mind and I don’t know how to thank you. Will let you know about the complete progress. I had not really walked for over a month. I found it hard to walk and it hurt so much, now the pain has subsided and I am positive the problem will leave completely. Words will never express how I really feel about you and what you have done. you are indeed the Greatest!” … written by Jean
“Well how do I put this. Someone, a complete stranger for all intents and purposes, just told me basically some information only I know and havent spoken to anyone else about. ” … written by le dolle
“He is firm but fair, and gave me the kick in the butt that I needed to move on. Extremely helpful and healing. ” … written by Sarah
“Always a valid perspective on a situation… and very helpful and insightful into the other side and possible outcomes… ” … written by sara
“I had a relationship healing with him and felt the effects immediately! Stay tuned for and update on what the healing did!! Thank Munum, much love!! ” … written by Openess_Is_Bliss
“Always good advice from graham.. he’s the best!” … written by sara
“Awesome spirit. Love his reading.” … written by delor63
“he was on point! I have to come back to do the healing.” … written by not important
“Amazing person. Great reading and healing.” … written by Delor63
“Great Reading with Munumedium :-)))” … written by Antonio
“Amazing….as always.” … written by Leslie Kay
“We will see how results end! was very nice” … written by erica
“Good reading.. would recommend” … written by Michelle
“Thanks for a great reading!!!” … written by dross61
“This guy is phenomenal. Absolutely shocking accuracy!” … written by Leslie Kay
“Graham is such a sweetheart and always knows what to do I love his advice and readings, Thanks!” … written by tiwa
“Great reading! Thanks!” … written by Zeigen
“Just had the most awesome reading basically in code. Have already cracked some of it, now off to do the rest. Can’t stop smiling, this is amazing!!!” … written by Jo
“I always enjoy talking with munummedium. Too much accuracy to doubt!” … written by Kat
“Munum is fantastic! A great cleansing or healing or something but I received a lot of good energy. He also gave me a lot of information – too many details to get into. Fascinating. On a different topic he told me what he saw and I feel confident that he’s correct. I hope so 🙂 I’ll be a regular with Munummedium for sure.” … written by cathy
“He gives very good advice !!” … written by T
“Thank you Mumummedium. First go at this. Felt like an entity was taking a look at my body and checking out all the damaged areas. This man goes the extra mile and can’t wait to show off my improved health to the people that love me. ” … written by Melanie
“Always lovely to hear his insights. A connected gent and willing to balance his insight with relevant truth about getting thru the day. many thanks.” … written by bloc
“AWESOME! Thank you” … written by Bre
“Wow! Absolutely amazing and I don’t say that lightly. His 5 sense healing is absolutely incredible, heat, energy, tingling, tense and release in the body. Feeling more calm, free and clear. Thank you so much and I hope the energies continue to work. THANK YOU!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED x” … written by WINTERSHINE
“Did a healing, felt some movement, will see how it goes! Pray that all goes well!!” … written by kw
“Just had an amazing multi-sensational 5-sense healing!! Highly recommend… I instantly felt much more calm and relaxed! Thank you!!” … written by bruin19
“Great reading!” … written by Jean
“Wonderful! Spot on with person in question. Thanks a million!!” … written by marciamia
“Awesome!!!!!!” … written by april
“Thank you so much for the reading. I wish I had more time!” … written by Cassandra
“Good read!” … written by marciamia
“He was to the point and accurate. Let’s see what happens!” … written by Anushree
“Munum is so amazing! And so quick with his answers! 🙂 Got straight answers and specific time frames. Very, very pleased with my reading. Thank you!” … written by Krissy
“Munnumedium was accurate with my issues. He gave great advice on what has to be done. Thank you for making me feel better and for clearing doubts in my mind.” … written by Moonchild59
“Another successful grounding and a new healing today. I felt it working. I’m confident that my problem will turn around after this. Thanks Munum 🙂 I’ll have another one soon because I’ve lots of areas to work on! :)” … written by cathy
“The Best one here, I think.” … written by merlin160
“What can I say? Another great session with Munum!! I intend to have more :)” … written by Cathy
“He was good I just ran out of credits. I will be back when I can. Thank you so very much” … written by Jasmine
“Well, honestly, Munum is so on point and the work he does is so real that I can’t even explain this. ” … written by le drama dolle
“Oh Wow. Not sure what to say really, I had to keep topping up credits because he was just so good. Thoughtful, caring, straight to the point. Loved that he didn’t use cards and was just able to tap in. Told me exactly what I’d suspected and helped guide me through the situation. Going back for a healing tomorrow when I have more time. You must give him a go. :)” … written by Freedom2211
“Thank you for the reading.” … written by Maria
“Great reading. Very nice guy! Give him a try. :)” … written by Valerie
“The grounding was really out there and the cleansing was great.” … written by jean
“Omg! I am so, so, so, so glad I met him. What an amazing man!!!” … written by SG
“He really is amazing! He is so kind and wonderful and quick, the best on oranum!” … written by aquariusgirl1935
“Munummedium is awesome, I always feel better after I have talked with him.” … written by Ka
“Some information, but very slow and hard to understand.” … written by p
“Great reading as always! Both his healings and readings are totally amazing and have helped me so much. Accurate readings and effective healings! Glad that he is here to help all of us. I feel so relieved after today’s reading too. He is tuned into what’s happening, it’s guaranteed!” … written by MerkabahMan633
“He is especial and he has knowledge, he is good.” … written by yaris
“Fast and Accurate – Thank You Munum for your Honesty. XOXOX” … written by Samsharia
“Thank you so much! Felt great and feel very calm right now. I will update in a few days!!! Very excited to see what happens. ” … written by Sarah
“Wow. I have done a few healings with Munum and the one before resulted in my ex contacting me out of the blue! Words cannot explain how grateful I am for Munummedium!” … written by Kat
“He is calming and helps you see things in a more logical way. with that being said, he provides solutions.” … written by s
“Love my healings with Munum 🙂 The best!” … written by Moonshine
“Love this guy. He is my relationship specialist.” … written by gi
“Fantastic great reading with Munummedium!” … written by Antonio
“Just had a multi sense healing. Keep an eye on Graham’s wall for the update in a weeks time. Feeling positive. :)” … written by Jojo
“Excellent, with the ability to connect to the spirit guides” … written by Elaine Faber
“Great wish we had more time to talk though….” … written by Khara
“Always great:)” … written by Kat
“Very good reader!” … written by mina10
“Absolutely amazing insight into what was happening in my relationship – gave me awesome advice. Thank you so very much.” … written by Pam
“Always love my healings! last healing was AMAZING. brought back my guy within a day and got him to be emotional which i’ve never even experienced before. He’s usually a stone cold kind of guy. The turn around was amazing which is why i keep coming back 🙂 thanks Munum! xo” … written by Moonshine
“Very good! Loved him will surely come back for more readings.” … written by skroses
“Very kind and open, great advice and tremendous healing session to gain peace and clarity.” … written by agablue
“I love Graham, he’s been such a blessing” … written by lori
“Very good healer. He assisted me with healing my colitis and he is a very powerful reader as well. I am grateful to have found him. He is the truth.” … written by zionbaby7
“Very good. This guy is the truth. look no further. He is good. And has a wonderful soul.” … written by laura
“He is very concerned about every question and gives his all. Very gifted and helpful!! Thanks so much!!” … written by rosemary
“Love this guy! I got the most encouraging news tonight” … written by afcsher
“I just received healing fro munum and it was fantastic. I feel much more at ease and balanced. I’m still tingling all aver my body. Looking forward to see the effect of it. ” … written by Zetatheshiny
“Right on the mark.” … written by irene
“very good!” … written by mina10
“Caring sincere psychic, but I found it hard to what he was saying. If he can speak a little slower, it would help. 🙂 ” … written by Alphaway
“Always great!” … written by Freedom2211
“Just had one of the amazing new healings, watch Graham’s wall for feedback! Thank you Graham, once again x” … written by Jo
“Thank you!” … written by Denise
“Another fascinating reading with Munum, always so quick to connect and fast honest answers!” … written by me
“His message is clear and sincere. I thank him!” … written by Elaine Faber
“Very intuitive, quick reading and kind!” … written by Krishna
“Thank you.” … written by denise
“THANK YOU” … written by Denise
“pure” … written by s
“He was very straight forward and quick about things. I liked his reading over all.” … written by Brian
“THANK YOU GRAHAM!” … written by Denise
“Just had a weight loss healing with Munum….watch his wall for my weekly update :)” … written by benaulim
“Did the demo healing and then later went for private healing. Both times felt something definite – fingers crossed. Sweet, thoughtful and caring nature.” … written by Freedom2211
“THANK YOU SO MUCH STEVE.” … written by Denise
“THANK YOU.” … written by Denise
“Whenever I am worried about a situation, munummedium’s reads are always helpful and calm me.” … written by Kat
“Felt a release just moments after he started! I have had different hearings, but this one you feel right away. ” … written by nikki
“Good guy positive energy and can help with your fears.” … written by n
“Another very accurate reading, I need not go anywhere else.” … written by jj
“Great Session will come again” … written by Ny
“Scary accurate!” … written by Kate
“Can only wait and see, what the outcome is. Thank you!” … written by gipsygirl
“Excellent reader!” … written by mina10
“Great reading, thanks!” … written by Freedom2211
“The healing felt amazing! Would surely recommend to all! Thank you so much! 🙂 ” … written by Pri
“Will definitely be speaking to him again!” … written by Fran
“Great insisght! Thanks so much!” … written by sandra
“Fantastic.” … written by Lacie
“I am always amazed how accurate and effective Munummedium is. I tend to question things but am floored when the things that he has advised me on occur!” … written by Kat
“Very accurate. ” … written by mina10
“He reassured me. I hope the healing works. :)” … written by Joelle
“THANK YOU” … written by Denise
“Not enough time to spend with him due to my financial situation, but would love to stay longer and absorb his insight.” … written by blueflamesoul
“Fantastic! (:” … written by taylor
“Thanks munum for the grounding and cleansing!” … written by jules
“Interesting reading…Good reading!” … written by Sunshine
“Wow I felt in a drowsy, moving state. Felt that through my body and mind. The time finished in the pvt before he ended the healing. I really hope it works. I trust munumedium.” … written by Laura8425
“Perfect reader” … written by afcsher
“Nice person. I hope and pray his healing works. I surely felt his power.” … written by Laura8425
“Ok wow. We did a healing. I saw things that he saw, we discussed this at the end of the reading . I feel peaceful, sort of changed, need time to process it. Like I felt the energy on myself and my ex partner. I guess I can say I feel as if I am coming more from love rather than my thoughts and earthly stuff if that makes sense. Too much to say in such a short review, and sort of don’t want to talk…definitely a positive change in me atm. thank u, will keep u posted xxxx” … written by gokelly
“Amazing…so on point, just by looking at me and the pictures already see what is happening with my love line. I highly recommend!” … written by Kev
“Great reader … real deal! easy 5 star reading!” … written by Ann
“He was very clear and helped alleviate my concerns.” … written by iggybxxx
“Awesome!” … written by Kat
“Graham is the best!” … written by afcsher
“I could listen to him for ages, just have to remember that it’s costing me credits. Down to earth and so connected. Great reading.” … written by Freedom2211
“Very insightful. Gives wonderful healing and will definitely calm your spirit for the better in the end! Go to person! ” … written by JaclynnD
“Thanks! Great reading and helped me look at this in a different way! Great!” … written by Shawna
“Thank you Graham for helping me.” … written by Denise
“He was on point with every thing.” … written by Tamika36
“Very short and to the point. I will keep him posted on how things transpire.” … written by Tri
“Great reading, discovered a lot about my situation.” … written by Pete
“Love my headings with Munum!! Always gives me exactly what I need which is why I keep coming back for more! Can’t wait to see what this one has in store!” … written by Moonshine
“Did a healing on work direction/change. I saw/felt past lives coming into me, like leading me up to this stage. I also felt my ex “come into me” and then spirit came into me. I know, it sounds weird!!! But that’s what I felt. I also saw piles of gold bars beside me when I did this work, and when I thought of my present work, the piles of gold bars dwindled and grew but nowhere near the huge pile of gold with my new work! Cool hey?! Let’s hope I can do something with this, although I have a general direction I want to work in, nothing firm yet. Hopefully this healing will help. Thanks Graham xx ” … written by gokelly
“Oh, I don’t know why it is so powerful for me…. Huge releases, like can’t stop crying release, not sad crying. Too much to say xx . Get a healing and you will know what I am talking about x” … written by gokelly
“Seemed to be on the mark, but I guess only time will tell!” … written by ashleigh
“Very good and great man.” … written by Nelson
“He was great. It was hard to hear him sometimes, but other than that, he had useful information and picked up on my worries right away.” … written by beetlenut
“THANK YOU GRAHAM!” … written by Denise
“THANK YOU” … written by Denise
“THANK YOU GRAHM. YOUR THE BEST.” … written by Denise
“Great advice, wonderful man to talk to, thanks, will be back.” … written by musha1
“He’s good reader and very positive person, lot of encouragement n positive vibes… Did some healing for first time. Really exciting.” … written by Noni
“Will try to be patient” … written by gipsygirl
“He is a powerful healer and genuine.” … written by Eva
“Thank you for reading but i didn’t had credit so i i had go But i’ll be back after few days thank you” … written by Kimii
“Kind of heard to hear him but the reading was good.. ” … written by Dejuir
“Graham did a law of attraction healing for me – wow! I cried happy tears through the whol healing. Time will reveal the results I’m sure.” … written by SAL9768
“Fast answers!” … written by Anon
“I REALLY WANT TO WRITE A SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC REVIEW LIKE I USUALLY DO, but this reading in particular was different! What was odd my sound kept breaking up, but I received my information clearly! ” … written by Laura
“He is excellent, very quick and very helpful” … written by paula
“Fantastic ” … written by blue sky moon
“Good!!!” … written by dana
“Very very good. I recommend a reading with him.” … written by amista
“Very straight forward and easy reading. Enforced what I already knew and very insightful!” … written by Randi
“Again, another powerful healing. I keep coming back because my life is changing and now positive it is connected to the healings I am receiving. Thank you for sharing your gifts to help others. x” … written by gokelly
“Another incredible healing from munum! I got the chills it was so powerful. Really looking forward to the results and hoping for my miracle. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me this far Munum. I have faith that this healing will bring the miracle I hope for. ” … written by Moonshine
“Nobody is better than my munum! 🙂 Love his readings and healings. That’s why I keep coming back for more. :)” … written by Moonshine
“Love him!” … written by Kat
“He is an amazing healer and reader.” … written by Ev
“Always there for me when I need him. Thank you for everything you do Munum. Love your healings and hope to write another great success story with this one.” … written by Moonshine
“WOW.” … written by Muse
“Gave me an understanding of what was happening” … written by gokelly
“he is great! very honest!!!” … written by ebony
“THANK YOU GRAHM.” … written by Denise
“higher connection” … written by s
“:)” … written by Katie
“Very, very good what else can I say? He picked up on things immediately. I will see how things develop.” … written by stickytoffee
“He has been wonderful!! Very insightful and a great healing session” … written by Randi
“Whenever I am feeling unbalanced, Graham always helps me to feel better. Thank you!” … written by Kate
“He is an amazing healer that just keeps perfecting his skill to better mankind! 5 stars just do not grasp his awesomeness!! I will let you all know how this healing turns out!” … written by nik
“He’s just awesome, fantastic person and healer, Very positive and caring. He’s someone you can count on if you need healing to make yourself and your situation better. Highly recommended.” … written by Noni
“Good reading!” … written by apple
“He was really great. Good reading!” … written by jojoraleigh23
“Lovely, thank you. Sorry so short!” … written by lovewater
“Very sweet guy. helped me out a lot. I appreciate his kind words. deff want to continue talking to him more! I totally recommend him. ” … written by M.
“Great speaker. Listens. Gives great advice. highly recommended. Enjoy speaking to him. Really tries to understand all aspects of a problem. Also helped me understand anxiety better along with depression. Appreciate the honesty and kindness. ” … written by M.
“Excellent.” … written by mskim1
“Excellent as ususal!!” … written by gokelly
“At peace!” … written by Brandi
“Very helpful and genuine thank you so much for your insight it was incredibly helpful” … written by Penny
“thanks!” … written by JD
“To the point.” … written by mary
“Simply the best” … written by afcsher
“Amazing healing!!! OMG I feel soo great! Can’t wait to see results in the way I feel for the next few weeks :)” … written by krissy
“Very detailed!! Learned a lot from this reading!!” … written by krissy
“A genuine person……. No sugar coating, empathy and honesty…. Much appreciated.” … written by Millstarr
“Great reading.” … written by Taurusay5
“Very efficient as usual!” … written by mina10
“Even before I started typing Graham could already tell I was fearful about something… scary spot on!” … written by Katie
“thank you ” … written by shuhena
“Thanks! Alright. Appreciate your reading! Thanks alot!” … written by kingpi
“Real good” … written by Lisa
“Great.. He is can feel he want to help and don’t waste your time and money..very very good..” … written by md3311
“AMAZING…. AWESOME… I am speechless. Never told me what I wanted to hear. Gave it to me straight. A blessing and honor” … written by Lisa
“Had an energy healing work done, will see the results in 2 weeks i am truly positive of the outcomes, he is great.” … written by taurusay5
“Good reader, no sugar coating.” … written by Cstudent4
“Good reading! Complex situation but still read it perfectly and has given me hope! I don’t feel the anger and resentment from the lack of communication that I felt since he allowed me to see it in a different light…the correct light. I hope my lover will be back! ” … written by Senem
“Always a help!!” … written by Kate
“5 stars!” … written by Tarusmay5
“Great reading and advice.” … written by Tarusmay5
“very precise and to the point !” … written by mina10
“Did a healing on the thrid sure the results would be great ” … written by Tarusmay5
“Thanks that was really helpful in putting my fears to bay. ” … written by Rose
“Great, already felt what I was feeling, thank you so much, very accurate! ” … written by Nat
“Superb!” … written by afcsher
“Absolutely fascinating experience. I enjoyed my reading very much! And he was quite helpful” … written by vigglesworth216
“Great reading.” … written by Tarusmay5
“It is amazing how accurate Graham always is! Thank you!” … written by Katie
“As always good reading. I am confident in his information.” … written by Lisa
“10 stars for the MAN! he is really taking me to new levels as we experience his skills growing stronger and stronger! i even think my dog got some of the healing last time as she has been acting like a fun little puppy! Words just do not explain…. If you have a problem…. Tell him what it is and he will heal it. Period. ” … written by nikki
“Always a pleasure speaking with you munum! I keep coming back because you’re the best and know me so well. Thank you for everything you’ve done!” … written by Moonshine
“He’s quick and to the point. I enjoyed the reading. ” … written by Irish OT
“Wonderful reading regarding career. I look forward to this now :)” … written by marciamia
“I am thankful for his efforts and support, great reading!” … written by Tarusmay5
“Again, great advice and incredible insights.” … written by tarusmay5
“great psychic, answered questions ” … written by humi
“He’s great! Vey wise and informative, I really enjoyed hearing his views, suggestions and advice.” … written by erica
“I am so happy to have a genuine support like Graham..5 stars” … written by Tarusmay5
“Wow. You are wonderful as always. No amount of stars can describe how wonderful this man is!” … written by TRDGame
“Spot on. Completely recommend him. Wow!” … written by TRDGame
“LOVED this experience! best one I have ever had, I will be back” … written by sam2424
“Awesome.” … written by TRDGame
“very good!” … written by mina10
“Thank you so much for your help Munum! He has given me healings for every situation and has yet to fail me. I can’t count the number of healings we’ve had. He is so good I keep coming back. I appreciate all you do for me Munum!” … written by Moonshine
“I just had a reading that took about 15 minutes and was a beautiful experience. I saw radiating lights that were explained to be the energy moving in the areas of my life that I most struggle with. I highly recommend!!!” … written by Sam2424
“great ” … written by Shameika
“Another healing and I feel good. Thank you so much.” … written by Valentino
“You sir are amazing and have a wonderful gift.” … written by TRDGame
“Always spot on and keeps me grounded! I’d recommend him to anyone. Try a healing for sure!!” … written by afcsher
“Top fella, hes believe in his work. thats for sure.” … written by Bharat Singh
“thanks” … written by TRDGame
“Spot on as always. Thanks so much!” … written by TRDGame
“oh no!!!!! the time is up:( He is wonderful, fast, to the point! highly recommend” … written by olya
“Wonderful as always. Thank you for everything” … written by TRDGame
“Great reading and advice.” … written by Taurusay5
“Hoping he has just changed my life completely, thank you so much!!! x ” … written by drummergirl
“Thanks, it was great!!!!” … written by Taurusay5
“This is definitely someone to seek for guidance, help and overall truth. If there are any issues, he will be able to help you find the right path. If you have any doubts, questions or fears, he will tell you, not what you want to hear but what you need to hear. Always come back to see him and countless prophecies have come into fruition! ” … written by JaclynnD
“Thank you so much for everything you do and have done. You’re terrific!” … written by TRDGame
“He’s the best!” … written by sm
“Wow. Thank you so much!” … written by TRDGame
“Wonderful as always.” … written by TRDGame
“Always helps to calm me!” … written by Kate
“Highly recommended!” … written by olya
“One of my absolute favorites!!!! ” … written by olya
“He’s amazing, and has always been a great help.” … written by Nelson
“Excellent tuned right in, will wait and see if predictions are true then post again. Loved him” … written by CV
“Excellent reader. Love his energy and reading.” … written by ina
“Thank you!!!” … written by Kate
“What great insight. Munum knew what was going on. He gave me hope. Thank you so much ” … written by Charmaigne
“Thanks again as always. Wonderful man.” … written by TRDGame
“Made me feel like I already knew the answer. He said to wait a few days and I already had an inkling to do so. Thank you, munummedium.” … written by ukengeddit
“Delightful as always.” … written by TRDGame
“AWESOME as always…put faith in my heart. Thank you!” … written by Brandi
“Amazing” … written by stef
“very good” … written by Muffin1603
“Thank you again” … written by TRDGame
“very good” … written by kimberly
“Always the best, so accurate every time. ” … written by JaclynnD
“What a gem………” … written by Amanda
“Umm another brilliant healing. I love the changes I feel within myself. Thank U xxx” … written by gokelly
“Not everything I wanted to hear, but right on point and what I needed to know. Thank you as always.” … written by TRDGame
“He is simply my guide!” … written by lb
“:)” … written by Kate
“Thank you again for the positive insite on my current relationship!” … written by leigha salyers
“Very good advice!” … written by Joseph Leader
“The heals have been helping so much!” … written by Kat
“Great insight, very warm and clear in his observations.” … written by agablue
“Excellent, clear, got to the point on a very sensitive issue in my life.” … written by gokelly
“Good healing as always.” … written by TRDGame
“Thanks again…great man.” … written by TRDGame
“Very comforting, very friendly, easy to talk to. Highly recommended!” … written by Henry
“Amazing. He was so kind, supportive and accurate. I felt so relieved after talking to him. I will certainly come back for a followup reading as things progress with my situation.” … written by AuntieM
“Always come back for follow ups and they’re always accurate!” … written by JaclynnD
“My laptop crashed in the middle of the reading. I slept well after a few mins of chatting. Thank you.” … written by Jade50
“What a great and wonderful reader! So much fun 🙂 – and so on point! I enjoyed this very much. He is excellent and I will be back!” … written by AbundanceToday
“Always keeps me on the right path” … written by Kim
“Great read as always.” … written by TRDGame
“Outstanding, once again – I like my own healings so I got one for a friend……..great gift.” … written by Amanda
“Weekly therapy with clarity and guidance! ” … written by JaclynnD
“Spot on, as always. x” … written by gokelly
“My favorite.” … written by afcsher
“Spot on, that’s why I keep coming back to him. ” … written by gokelly
“Great as always!” … written by TRDGame
“Great healing as always” … written by TRDGame
“The more I work with him the more aware I become.” … written by pbn
“Another wonderful healing. Can’t wait to see the results. As always, you are truly wonderful!” … written by TRDGame
“Always great insight!” … written by Kat
“He’s amazing.” … written by Nelson
“Never will give you an inaccurate prediction!!!! ” … written by JaclynnD
“Great reading as always. ” … written by veezee
” Nice talking to you Graham, x.” … written by zebedee
“Great as always… very different than before though. ” … written by TRDGame
“Anything that is negative, he will turn into a positive for your life.” … written by JaclynnD
“Wonderful session!” … written by K
“:)” … written by JaclynnD
“Amazing as always. Thank you so very very much!” … written by TRDGame
“Wonderful as always.” … written by TRDGame
“Very good Reading” … written by Itwillbeok
“Thanks as always… amazing man” … written by TRDGame
“Wonderful healing as always. Thank you so much my friend” … written by TRDGame
“Better connection this time. Just a few frozen spots but nonetheless, munum was excellent and on point. My go-to :)” … written by MD
“Graham was on point!” … written by MD
“aww i heart him! i felt like he truly got me and my situation! and he knows exactly what im going through bc he’s in it too. its hard to explain to people but im glad he was able to give me good insight into my situation and just validate my crazy feelings haha! talk to him! he’s awesome!” … written by m
“Spot on… very detailed and will post more upon predictions happening.” … written by T.
“so i got healing done today. definitely feel the energy and at the moment feel shaky and a bit off but will update on how i feel in the next couple of days.” … written by m
“great fast and accurate” … written by veezee
“Wonderful healing as always” … written by TRDGame
“He was very quick to pick up on my situation. I will be interested to see how it all turns out.” … written by Diane
“Thank you so very much.” … written by TRDGame
“Wonderful. Knew that I was going through the job search the wrong way and it made sense because I can be self-employed and having not been pursuing that.Will pursue this.” … written by Abbie
“Awesome as always.” … written by TRDGame
“Very direct. ” … written by olivia
“Another great healing as always. Thank you so much!!!!!!” … written by TRDGame
“Wonderful healing. This man is truly gifted.” … written by TRDGame
“He’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!” … written by Nelson
“He’s good!!!!!!!!!” … written by nelson
“Brilliant… Not entirely sure I can even explain what just happened but it was incredible…. I will see how all of this unfolds but I feel amazing and I am very very optimistic that this will do just the as I hoped it would!!! INCREDIBLE!!! I will be back for sure! I am mystified and pleasantly surprised! ” … written by Miszy
“Thank you so much for all of your help! I needed help to prepare for this talk tonight and I am so very thankful to you for helping me!! Thank you so very very much!!” … written by Lydia
“Great read as alwasy” … written by TRDGame
“He’s amazing.” … written by Nelson
“:) ” … written by JaclynnD
“Awesome.” … written by Kat
“He’s amazing. ” … written by Nelson
“another great healing – thank you.” … written by Amanda
“Wow… What a fantastic healing. Was raising my vibrations and heard lets go, awaken, open, powers, you will awaken… Messages just for me… Absolutely wow. ” … written by TRDGame
“He helped me alot.” … written by Nelson
“Very good accurate and like the way it was done.” … written by piper
“He good and he doesn’t muck about.” … written by piper
“So good!!! Made me feel so positive and fixed me in ways I can only imagine! So amazing Deffo Gunna come back!!! I heard voices telling me things and he just lifted me so high, thanks Graham!!!!!!!!!!” … written by Emma
“OMG that was AMAZING. Spirit spoke through his tool. IT said words clearly, over and over. I love Graham, he is unbelievable!!” … written by MerkabahMan633
“I had an excellent healing. I feel very precise, clear and balanced. I felt the warmth start from my feet and go up my body. Amazing. ” … written by gokelly
“He raised my vibrations to another level. Each time it is more and more liberating beyond any explanation! You will feel yourself healing as he works with you!!!!!!!! :):):)” … written by JaclynnD
“Feel truly happy and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure what has happened but I only feel good things will come from this, I hope this feeling carries on and other will pick up on it. I hope the person I’m seeing on Thursday will notice a change and make a decision!!!!! ;)” … written by Natalie
“Wow. The stuff he does and brings up. Can’t wait to follow the instructions and see the results. ” … written by Gadget65
“Thank you for all of your help! I really appreciate all of your help, guidance and advice with everything we’ve talked about!! ((((Hugs))))” … written by Lydia
“I apologize but I need to gather before I comment. His services were great.” … written by PJ
“What a amazing healing. Messages directly from the spirits…simply amazing.” … written by TRDGame
“Another wonderful healing.Thank you so much.” … written by TRDGame
“Another wonderful reading… and healing… thank you so much” … written by TRDGame
“He helps like no other, hit everything to the point and with understanding.” … written by Nelson
“Great reading like always.” … written by veezee
“Another wonderful healing. Thank you so much” … written by TRDGame
“Thank you for your confirmation on what I was picking up on, what I was feeling this morning and on what I felt happened this morning. You are awesome and a good friend. Thank you!” … written by Lydia
“Very strange, voices, chanting, and advice.” … written by Quisait (Dominique)
“Graham confirmed things I had ideas about and I will definitely go back again!” … written by Kat
“Interesting, will try again!” … written by bn
“I would love to continue to strengthen my abilities!” … written by Kat
“Great. ” … written by Mark
“Excellent and I will certainly be back!” … written by Charlie
“Great time!” … written by Cynthia
“Very good. I am happy I found you!” … written by Charlie
“Amazing healing as always.” … written by TRDGame
“Quick and to the point and very calming. Gave good advice and I hope that things turn out as he said. ” … written by Alice
“Thank you. Chat again soon. WOO! HOO! XXXXX.” … written by Liz
“VERY NICE AND GENUINE” … written by Louise
“WOW…The most powerful reading!! Little did i know, how much more I knew and this thanks to Mr. Elkin’s kind wisdom, knowledge and guidance… Like getting answers to a lifelong quest…. Pieces of a puzzle just suddenly falling into place where everything suddenly makes perfect sense. I thank you Mr. Elkin!! This is the journey of my soul!” … written by Anna
“Great healing as always. Thank you so much!” … written by TRDGame
“Thanks Graham. ” … written by TRDGame
“Thank you graham. ” … written by TRDGame
“This man is amazing. ” … written by nelson
“This man is great.” … written by Nelson
“Had my vibrations raised…another wonderful experience. Thank you so much. ” … written by TRDGame
“Another absolutely wonderful healing. Thank you so much!” … written by TRDGame
“Blew my mind! He connected right away, w/o much information from me. He’s the real deal. Highly recommend Munummedium.” … written by miachloe120
“Wonderful. Predictions are always accurate, meaningful and helpful. Might not be what you want to hear but worth while. ” … written by JaclynnD
“Thank you for your help, advice and guidance tonight with everything! ((((Hugs)))) ” … written by Lydia
“Outstanding.” … written by laura
“I had a healing today. First time. It was very different experience and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. Graham was excellent. Highly recommend him” … written by cowgirl_up
“Graham was awesome. Connected with me and saw the situation and gave me some wonderful advice. Thank you.” … written by cowgirl_up
“I will be patient and wait… I feel different though.. Calm. ” … written by Brandi
“He’s always good” … written by nbarnes2
“Graham knows what hes doing. Simple as that. ” … written by ansh
“I will always support this intuitive! He DOES not tell you what you want to hear, and I’ve already put a review! Him andamp; one other lady I’ve found on this site are the only 2 that I go to, to receive guidance! Too bad I have to wait so long! Haha, awesome fellow.” … written by Laura
“I feel really good after the reading and healing. Answered questions and gave me some reassurance. An overall wonderful experience.” … written by Jennifer
“I finally got in and received my healing. It was different this time and I am not sure what to expect, so we will see.” … written by Brandi
“Thank you” … written by pj
“Another very effective healing, and solid reading. Thank you.” … written by Millstarr
“Thank you very much! You are very sincere and good reading by the way!” … written by wonderlife
“Man so today was my third healing with Graham. Graham is helping and working with me to open and use my gifts as a healer and as a reader. The energy in my hands during this reading was so strong, it hurts to type this haha. There’s no need to contemplate if you want to get a reading from Graham. Take my review and what others have said and go!” … written by m
“I’m speechless after my session with graham. I’m almost unable to write this. Something has shifted and will now always be different. I’m where i’m meant to be. I was guided here by my guides to this man who is serving for the greater good of all to raise the vibration of the planet.” … written by laura
“Very in tune, very professional, kind. Recommend him. Will be trying a healing soon!” … written by diane
“I had a healing to heal today. I experienced voices. Deeper. Relax your hands. Relax your back. Relax your mouth. Deeper. I saw prisms and vessels.” … written by laura
“Thanks Graham.” … written by TRDGame
“Wonderful to talk with him again.” … written by Alice
“Great and excellent as always! I will need you help!” … written by Charlie
“Graham is amazing. Sent such positive energy and new experiences my way. It felt like I was holding energy in my hands, making it expand and generated heat. Crazy beautiful experience. ” … written by JaclynnD
“Another wonderful healing. Thank you, Graham!” … written by TRDGame
“I feel calm after talking to Munum :)” … written by Katie
“Another wonderful healing graham. Thank you so much!” … written by TRDGame
“graham did a healing for me. ” … written by ansh
“Second session for healing today. Heard different voices. Hands Hot. Can’t wait to do third…..” … written by laura
“Thank you so much for the healing today. That is very much needed. Thank you so very much!!” … written by L.G.
“He’s good! Always go to him.” … written by Nelson
“He gave me great hope for the future!!!” … written by Kelley
“He’s good!!!!!!!” … written by nelson
“Wonderful thank you! x” … written by steph porter
“Great healing and read as always.” … written by TRDGame
“Another wonderful read and another wonderful healing. Thanks so much Graham” … written by TRDGame
“Wow!! This is my new psychic for sure!! Absolutely the very best!!” … written by kelley
“Absent healing session” … written by laura
“Just completed session three. Graham is patient, kind and compassionate. Every session is different. I feel transformed.” … written by laura
“Super special. Unlike anyone else in his healing technique, and also his ability to read is right on target. ” … written by Ahz
“Great healing as always” … written by TRDGame
“Amazing session healing session with Graham. I honestly can’t explain his method, but I felt the energy in me so strongly, and I feel quite a positive difference. This is transformative work!” … written by Ahz
“Amazing healing as always” … written by TRDGame
“Another wonderful healing. Thanks” … written by TRDGame
“Have had many relationship readings, this was the first profession related reading, it was interesting:)” … written by Kat
“GREAT!!” … written by JaclynnD
“Awesome” … written by Kat
“Amazing healing work. Beyond words.” … written by ahz
“Deeply transformative healing. Highly recommend him.” … written by ahz
“love him as always.” … written by olivia
“Always wonderful. No Doubt. Spot on.” … written by JaclynnD
“Just had a healing session. What an awesome experience. He helped me open my 3rd eye and I must say that i have never felt that before. it was an true out of body experience where I was actually hovering above me and seeing myself. Woah!!! Thank u so much for the healing!!!!” … written by Lisa
“had a great healing tonight! thanks Graham” … written by afcsher
“Thank you Graham, very honest and to the point will definitely be back for another reading. God Bless xo” … written by libsta
“I have been seeing Munum for over a year now and the advice is always very calming and he has helped me immensely.” … written by Kat
“Had a session for anxiety, and it was deeply healing. wow.” … written by Ahz
“Wonderful reading as always. Thank you so much” … written by TRDGame
” strange experience… will come and tell you how it goes… many thanks graham…valerie” … written by Valerie
“Great reading !” … written by veezee
“great reading!!” … written by flow
“Really special. Thanks..” … written by Ludovic
“Amazingly accurate. ” … written by JaclynnD
“Wonderful healing as always. Thank you so very much” … written by TRDGame
“once again it was amazing. :)” … written by ansh
“he’s good!” … written by Nelson
“Ive had numerous readings and he is always so accurate at predictions, problem solving, and healing. Not a waste of time at all.” … written by JaclynnD
“Very thought provoking, spot on and fast to the situation. I feel good that he is right, and this will take a lot of time, but we shall see…? Good Read.” … written by msevelyn
“Love him!! Gets straight to the point. ” … written by Gadget65
“graham was right on with everything and saying the exact things everyone else is….I loved his reading and looking forward to reading with him again…thank you” … written by chevygirl118
“Graham just helped me tremendously on a spiritual level. He’s great at what he does, and I trust him. ” … written by T-Doll
“Wonderful healing as always” … written by TRDGame
“Graham is a powerful dude. His healings are the real deal. You truly feel alot, you feel something big. I can’t explain how or what it is, but it works. You can feel it!!” … written by T-Doll
“Seemed to connect really easily….excited to see what comes of his messages. 🙂 ” … written by pink
“Crazy heat in my hands. Always amazing energy. ” … written by JaclynnD
“Wonderful! He was honest, straight to the point and gave me a sense of inner peace. Thank you so much, I needed that!” … written by Alicia
“Excellent” … written by Hitesh
“wonderful reading, hes great to talk to” … written by Erinn babyk8kz
“great guy..amazing healing sessions…xx” … written by steph porter
“great first time! I alrdy feel a bit different” … written by Dolly1234
“what a blast of energy….. i could literally feel it flowing thru my palms… as i write now, a bit shaky… probably too much of it in one go…. lol! surfing on a high at the moment!” … written by Quisait (Dominique)
“I got another healing today! The first healing was the most powerful one with the visuals…the green light was clear. The the second one it concentrated on voices. Now the third one I felt A LOT of happiness, no negativity even aloud. No matter how much or where I went, it was so happy. I heard over and over again I love you I love you I love you 3 times. I focused on my twin flame, I say my boyfriend even though right now we are on a break, I don’t feel like we are apart. I told him I love him for the first time today. That healing will soon kick in and I will feel amazing and the energy will be a blessing. I am so filled with love, and it feels AWESOME!!! 🙂 Thank you!!” … written by Brandi
“Amazing healing as always.” … written by TRDGame
“spot on 🙂 thank you” … written by louise
“Quite a miserable day that Graham has salvaged and redeemed. ” … written by JaclynnD
“I really value Graham. His advice and care. He understands where people are at on their journey and brings comfort and insight to an otherwise lonely and turbulent time.” … written by laura
“LOVE this guy!!! He is so humble and genuine. The real deal. I will always refer to him. He is honest, connects fast and is a straight shooter.” … written by Lisa
“He is brilliant, told me what I needed to hear…” … written by loverboy
“Amazing healing. Opening of the third eye. It’s like you can feel the energy flowing into your mind. It’s unbelievable. ” … written by JaclynnD
“this man is incredible. thank you! the real deal!!!” … written by S
“Hope this goes well :)” … written by Dolly1234
“Thank you!” … written by Kat
“Saw into the issue.” … written by Srallen
“Just had my first healing done for communicating with my spirit guides. The energy was very powerful. Graham is the real deal. His healing are amazing. If you need healing for anything Graham is the man to come to. I rate Graham 10 stars. I can’t wait to see results.” … written by Gorgeous33
“brill and the thing he done at the end really good but in a very odd way. thanks sooooooooooo much xx” … written by mizzimoo
“Came in for an update. Graham was very good. Thank you :)” … written by Cowgirl_up
“Amazing healing as always” … written by TRDGame
“just had a healing! i felt dizzy immediately afterwards. but i feel great!!” … written by Shamster
“Was a great help to me, unfortunately my internet cut out towards the end but I will definitely return.” … written by Mshelli
“very comforting person” … written by shanna
“Graham is an exceptional reader and powerful healer. I am really amazed at his healing techniques. He really helps to make great things happen in life” … written by MerkabahMan633
“Great Reading and Healing session and very uplifting tyty” … written by Lynda22
“I’ve had several healings now – and am a firm believer in their effectiveness. I’ve experienced a rapid increase in my own abilities, including being able to identify my spirit guides, and have worked on several other “issues” as well….better than any drug or therapy I could pay for generally….the positive changes are very noticeable….” … written by Amanda
“Great!! ” … written by JaclynnD
“he’s good.” … written by Nelson
“i love this guy i will be back he said so much stuff that brought me to ease it was all the truth. I will follow your advice! Thank you!!!” … written by annnonymous
“Pleasure to talk to, I’ll keep updated =)” … written by LyssaBugg
“Very helpful” … written by Yb4real
“Amazing and wonderful healing as always” … written by TRDGame
“Hopeful!” … written by Sharlene
“another highly effective ability healing – I can now identify my guides by the way their energy feels……..and as for my healing for a specific issue yesterday – that issue left immediately – and I feel much lighter and brighter for the healing. I could not have made this progress, this quickly, without Graham’s help…” … written by Amanda
“Awesome as always and he gave me faith and hope! I felt like I knew and he confirmed many things. I will see what happens, but he is as always RIGHT! :)” … written by Brandi
“Great chat..and knowledgable and got description right on situation . will contact him again soon. ” … written by Bellarose13
“Interesting session. Looking forward to victory. ” … written by Sharlene
“Thank you. Chat soon. XXXXX.” … written by Liz.
“Love talking to this man, accurate and won’t waste your time.” … written by Nbarnes2
“I just had a healing, visual with my twin flame. I sent him messages and my body is sweating and my whole body had tingles. It was very powerful!! I saw the green as he breathed it in. Very spiritual and I loved it! I hope I can continue to do it too! 🙂 Patience and I will let you all know what happens!!” … written by Brandi
“tunes in really quickly!” … written by e
“Cant even count how many healings i’ve had with you but they are each better than the next! This healing was so intense and the tingling in my hands was almost instant as soon as I came in the room. i look forward to the effects of this one!!” … written by Moonshine
“His helpful with healings” … written by Yb4real
“It was amazing how quickly this type of heal worked the first time, I am interested in what will happen next!” … written by Kat
“always helpful in guiding me” … written by JaclynnD
“Patient, kind, accepting, unconditionally supportive. The best.” … written by laura
“Very accurate, highly insightful, and kind.” … written by RCBenson
“great!!” … written by JaclynnD
“Graham is excellent to pick up on the core of the issue and find a way forward. Highly recommended!” … written by mina10
“Just got a healing done! Thanks Graham!!!” … written by Shamster
“Blue eyes did an excellent job for me. He did work on me for confidence and managed to get me to seperate trust issues. I am sure I will have success with this relationship. Thanks!” … written by Sanity53..Cecily
“Thank you so much for everything…your insight is brilliant. 🙂 I will defiantly be back!” … written by stephany8888
“Active, powerful, true.” … written by laura
“His healing work is magical. Super wonderful :)” … written by Ahz
“Graham is the best, his healings are the best! You feel them, and you get messages during the healings that have real meaning based on what you’re going thru.” … written by searching1013
“M. Constantly is there for me in the darkest hours! don’t hesitate with a healing. It’ll change your life. ” … written by JaclynnD
“Thanks yet another great read” … written by afcsher
“Amazing! I just had a healing that was off the charts! I have worked with Graham for a couple years, and his healings have been beneficial. This one though defies explanation. I could hear the voices and my body shook. Everything seems brighter” … written by afcsher
“Awesome, as always” … written by Kate
“Another healing with G. I got sooo much info…I had to type it all down…very very relevant. What always amazes me, is after a healing I can literally see so much clearer, sharper. I was one of my guides and got all the info I need atm to carry on. Thanks g xxxxx” … written by gokelly
“good reading hope everything comes to fruition ” … written by Jessica
“Awesome!!” … written by Kat
“Another wonderful healing” … written by TRDGame
“He is a very excellent reader. Intimate, honest, and to the point.” … written by Joey Allen
“always great. ” … written by Jaclynn
“Graham is a fantastic teacher and healer.” … written by laura
“Very knowledgeable on twin flames. Gave me some guidance. Thank you!” … written by Bella
“Thanks Graham!” … written by JaclynnD
“Just had a healing, felt very hot indeed. Watch Grahams wall for the outcome 🙂 Thank you Graham, wonderful man you are xx” … written by Ben
“I just had a healing done with graham and wow. i heard voices telling me things good thinks, I’m in complete shock, it wasn’t my mind it was my guides, I’m speechless,” … written by milly
“Very sweet man, cheerful, doesn’t need any info – very clairvoyant. Tries to help as much as possible in however less time we can get in pvt.” … written by Shuchi
“Always good for me Graham -I am learning a bit more everyday. You are quite a teacher for me.” … written by Mskim
“Love G. Always helpful. ” … written by Jaclynn
“Love this man. honest and good.” … written by nbarnes2
“graham is a caring man. he connects very well and gives information needed directly from source. a healing experience” … written by s
“amazing feel at easy with him” … written by milly
“Had my 100th session with Graham and let me just tell you, everything he said was true. Every advice he gave me of my next steps lead me to my goals. Woohoo!! Happy Dance! ” … written by JB
“thank you so much for your input. It helps to know what is going on.” … written by bonnie buice
“2nd healing session with Graham… hit the stars with the energy… then there was this purple light streaming down into my hands and the heat, the energy… wow! and the voices too…. will be back for the third session, and many thanks Graham… the first was already awesome… i’ll come back and give you the follow-up on this one… :)” … written by Quisait
“Very good man.” … written by nbarnes2
“Always a great experience with Graham” … written by Katie
“Great!” … written by JB
“Great healing as always. Thanks so much” … written by TRDGame
“such a wonderful healer.” … written by laura
“Simple questions withe exactly answer unexpected.. That’s how he is very good!” … written by Henry
“nice one that graham… i do feel you are tapping into things… nice …. thx dom…. quisait…” … written by quisait
“great reading. def. be back” … written by erini
“!!” … written by jB
“thanks Graeme , great clarity. big hugs..:)” … written by poque
“Another great step forward through a healing with Graham. Even though I’ve come so far, i felt a block, and this next step has not only cleared the block – but the way forward again. The result of this balance, is that life is falling into place beautifully, and i feel great……the mind, body, soul balance is key in my mind.” … written by Amanda
“I did a healing with munummedium and it was very peaceful and I look forward to see how it goes. Thank you so much!” … written by jennifer
“Thank you so much for your input I appreciate your wisdom!” … written by stephany8888
“Had a great healing. It was crazy, It was like I could feel my third eye being expanded beyond my body. A euphoric feeling for sure. ” … written by JB
“Munum is a great reader and always gives fantastic advice and insights into a situation ” … written by chawks009
“Thank you! Great Job! ” … written by Derek Warkenthien
“another big healing i think!!!! 10 stars for graham! i am anticipating what this one will bring! this is truly an amazing type of healing only understood if you do it!!! ” … written by nikki
“confirmed my feelings and now I will let time tell. very insightful” … written by b
“thank you so much for your wisdom. It helps me alot.” … written by bonnie buice
“WOnderful session!” … written by JB
“!!Grreat!!!” … written by jb
“accurate and to the point.” … written by nbarnes2
“Whoa… that was legitimately one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. Graham is not like any of the other people on here, the techniques and work he does are individualized, and perfect for that person. I’m excited to see what unfolds in the next 24 hours” … written by Erica
“this man healed me and brought potential and vision to me.” … written by nbarnes2
“I think he gave a very interesting insight and what I can do to make it better, thank yoU!” … written by Santhanakon
“Wow.. I can’t believe I heard him.. henry henry henry.. saying my name over and over.. the one I fell in love with wanting me really bad…” … written by Henry
“Once again an amazing session….Graham has a way of connecting and he has a wonderful gift….I have had several healings with him and have had amazing results….I always recommend him” … written by Penny
“This man was wonderful, his healing was the best and I felt the power surrounding me and protecting me. He brought out my protection. From my guides.” … written by nbarnes2
“He’s amazing, answered all my questions.” … written by nbarnes2
“Very powerful thank you for your help” … written by Brendan Harrelson
“Put my mind at ease. Wonderful. ” … written by Anna
“Love working with munum!” … written by Kat
“:)” … written by Kat
“Wonderful healing as always” … written by TRDGame
“AMAZING” … written by CRATIVE
“Wonderful healing. I really started to feel the healing immediately. Thank you!!! ” … written by Jack
“Thank you so much Munum! Great advice and straight-forward.” … written by S-hamster
“I’ve had a headache for a week – took Graham 10 minutes to fix it………” … written by Amanda
“He is worth every penny. Healing is legitimate and my vibes have increased.” … written by nbarnes2
“Always head on. Enjoy talking to Graham, as always.” … written by telt1910
“This man is brilliant. he’s always healed me and has always gave me insight.” … written by nbarnes2
“Munumedium is such an amazing healer. This healing i’ve had today is very very deep. I’ve seen so many pictures and images…I can hardly articulate it right now. Very Very Powerful.” … written by laura
“perfect” … written by afcsher
“3rd healing tonite….. impatient to see how it goes….” … written by Quisait
“very quick and a funny guy!” … written by karebear
“Great experience, worked on some energy techniques and had a really unique reading. I hope more people can benefit from this and learn these techniques as well. I enjoy these kinds of readings, its not what I’m used to. He’s great! ” … written by Erica
“As always -right on. Graham does just tell- he teaches me. I am in awe” … written by Mskim1
“Thank you so much for this healing session for Michael and I tonight to help open his chakras, to help with bringing him to come forward to me and to stop his taking steps backward when he starts becoming closer to me. I really appreciate your help tonight. I hope and pray that I will see results in Michael coming forward to me very soon. Thank you so much for your help!! ((((Hugs))))” … written by Lydia
“really interesting and different approach.. i feel more relaxed already.. ” … written by tb
“No opinion yet… I’ll let you know as it goes. Thank you anyway!” … written by Lo
“wow had another healing done graham is good, im shocked” … written by mill
“Thanks Munumedium for always talking me through difficult times! ” … written by jB
“I have been coming to Graham for over a year now. He has helped me immensely through things!” … written by Kat
“Great reading as always” … written by TRDGame
“Excellent advice and read as always” … written by TRDGame
“Graham is helping me find a lost ring… Its incredible the details and direction that they have offered! ” … written by JB
“I’ve had many healings with Graham over the past year and this one was the strongest by far. I could hear spirit speaking to me quite clearly. We’ll see how it goes, feeling very positive” … written by Ben
“Definitely one of the best. He was the single most helpful person with my main issue in life about 15 months ago, and never fails me!” … written by MerkabahMan633
“Oh to my beautiful handsome angelic father Graham, words cannot express how blessed i am to have found you and it’s my privilege to have a wonderful healing session with you. thank you so very much. words cannot express how blessed i am to have this reading thank you!” … written by PrincessRachel8
“Great healing. I felt it throughout my mind and third eye. It’s a great sensation that instantly helps. ” … written by JB
“he is so charming and so easy to understand and I know he is right about what a person ask !!” … written by ras
“Great session. Honest and really worked though my issues with me and answered a ton of questions i didn’t even ask! ” … written by JB
“very good” … written by zionbaby
“Very intuitive and fast answers.. shud see how things go from here” … written by Fun_fundaaz
“Had a healing session with him. Fear was taken away and I heard my guides, guardian angels angels and archangels come to me and talk to reassure of what is in this world and my problems. Purely amazing.” … written by nbarnes2
“Was good” … written by Fun_fundaaz
“Solving more crisis for me! one day at a time!!! ” … written by JB
“Another great reading 5stars from me thank you xo” … written by libsta
“Wonderful healing as always” … written by TRDGame
“amazing” … written by nbarnes2
“This man never disappoints, he always hits it on the head.” … written by nbarnes
“Thank you so much for your insight I feel better just talking to you..ty” … written by stephany8888
“Whewfff what a day. I am so glad Graham was around to help me through! accurate, attentive, sweet and helpful. Everything you need in a confidant. ” … written by JB
“he’s fabulous” … written by laura
“! Great read!!! ” … written by JB
“graham is the best on here when it comes to help and healing, give him a go u will be shocked i promise” … written by milly
“Had a disastrous night with my significant other. Graham guided me to the optimal route when I was lost and confused. Everything he said was accurate and came to fruition. ” … written by JB
“Had a healing and felt all of the energy! ” … written by JB
“Fantastic! Absolutelly the best!” … written by Meera
“Thank u so much.” … written by PurePurplePisces
“Definitely get a healing. It will change your entire outlook. ” … written by JB
“just got a reading done! i was so upset before the reading and now that i am aware of what will happen, i am relieved.” … written by Shamster
“I love graham, great reader and healer, he done a healing for me and I felt something instantly it was the best, highly recommend him. thank you again god bless xo” … written by libsta
“As always, an awesome reading! He did a healing for me and whew! I saw green and white….I heard my loved one reply back in meditation. It was so intense but calming at the same time. I am so grateful for the healing and the reading. Graham is so calming and positive. He always gives me peace when my heart is in an uproar. 100 stars!!!” … written by Lisa
“5 stars! High accuracy, very detailed information, and helpful in solving a problem. I highly recommend him. Very easy to talk to and non-judgmental!” … written by Christine
“Going to add more credit!” … written by Leslie
“Graham sent positive energy and healed me within minutes! Amazing. I still feel the effects. ” … written by JB
“very helpful and quick!” … written by angelc.
“Love talking to him. spiritual maturity at its finest.” … written by nbarnes2
“Thanks for the pvt! I wanted to make sure hes okie” … written by stephany8888
“I love Graham, he is the best reader here” … written by afcsher
“he seems like an honest guy, trying to help..I think he deserves some of your time.” … written by kelly
“graham helps me all the time” … written by milly
“you must experience this for yourself. try it. it will change everything for the better.” … written by laura
“thanks for the insight” … written by stephany8888
“Everything Graham has predicted is coming true again! always spot on. ” … written by JB
“Thanks Graham for always being around and being so helpful!!!” … written by JB
“wonderful read. Thanks for all the advice and help!” … written by jb
“If I can stay awake long enough to get the words down – I’ve been not sleeping for a while now. After doing a healing with you, I am barely keeping my eyes open long enough to give you this review. Thank you!” … written by Holly
“he made me feel more relieved about my situation” … written by christinabell
“Very good!” … written by J
“angelic journeying” … written by laura
“he’s a spiritual truth bringer” … written by laura
“thank you so much for the talk” … written by bonnie buice
“thanks for your advice. I will wait until the next time we talk.” … written by bonnie buice
“best healer ever my hands are on fire form what we just did” … written by milly
“Always amazing and great to speak with!” … written by Becky
“Healing.” … written by c
“Started healing.” … written by c
“Graham raised my vibrations and energy today. It was such a physical experience instantly. It’s like you feel your soul being stretched out and calmed. Like your thoughts are expanding. ” … written by JB
“thanks again for your help.” … written by bonnie buice
“the healings are becoming much stronger………I can barely stay awake during them now……the effects are much faster…” … written by Amanda
“another powerful healing – this one more so than any other I have had to date.” … written by Amanda
“another amazing healing! i can’t wait to see what comes up after this one! 10 stars!!!” … written by nik
“got a healing for my mom she feels amazing” … written by milly
“Had a really good healing session today, and thank you for all the help and guidance. Looking forward to another session really soon! Thanks a lot! ” … written by Crystal
“Great as usual….” … written by Lisa
“Very Interesting and a unique experience ! ” … written by SAPNASHARMA100
“Have to try, great!!!!!!!” … written by lushez26
“Cant wait until the next healing!” … written by JB
“Thanks Graham! great session! ” … written by jB
“my mind is still reeling – just incredible. if i hadn’t experienced it myself I never would have believed it. Thank you SO SO SO much!!!!!!!” … written by Krystal
“I am constantly amazed at the accuracy of Graham’s readings. Even if I doubt at first, events happen that support everything that I have been told. Thank you!” … written by Kat
“I don’t even know what to say – I’m totally blown away. recorded the sounds I hear – it’s simply amazing” … written by brewster
“these healing are very powerful the more i get the better i feel. the voices i hear are clear. you have to have a go.” … written by milly
“Did some work that was just amazing – able to connect in such a strong way. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!!!” … written by Brewster
“I cannot say enough good things about Graham. He has helped me and my situation more than words can express. A truly gifted man. THANK YOU!!!” … written by Heather
“Always the best advice and direction from Graham! He’s really opening up my senses and third eye.” … written by JB
“Graham is really great. He’s quick to read, and gives phenomenal advice. His confidence about the situation rubs off on me, since obviously I came into the reading full of doubt. There’s no way this man can be incorrect. I really enjoy readings with him, and listening to his advice. ” … written by Erica
“thanks so much! you’re awesome!” … written by shamster
“Just caught up with Graham and everything is working out really well. He will help you grow strength in the areas of life that are most important!” … written by JB
“I recommend this guy to everyone 10stars from me he is the best, thank you so much Graham xo” … written by Libsta
“He’s amazing.” … written by nbarnes2
“Love sessions with Graham! ” … written by JB
“just got a healing! i feel kinda dizzy and it feels like a rush of energy is going thru me!” … written by shamster
“Graham’s heals are powerful. I am amazed what I feel, see, and hear while taking part in a heal. I am grateful beyond words!” … written by Kat
“Wonderful reading” … written by afcsher
“Thanks graham” … written by JB
“I am impressed with the healing. i do reiki myself and the energy felt during this healing is a lot stronger 🙂 Thank you Graham :-)” … written by sara
“Awsome reading!Thank you for the help!.” … written by aurelia
” ” … written by
“Graham has always had such wonderful insight! I greatly respect his talent!” … written by Lindsay
“He gave a reality check.. I need to figure out way forward..” … written by Fundaaz
“I continue to be surprised at what happens during (and after) a heal!” … written by Kat
“Thanks graham! Great reading.!!!!” … written by JB
“Had my second weightless healing. I was thinking about asking a few questions after about other situations going on in my life. My questions were answered during the healing. It was amazing. ” … written by JB
“wow” … written by milly
“Munum is a phenomenal reader! ” … written by chawks009
“Amazing what a heal can result in” … written by Kat
“On the ball” … written by sam
“speechless” … written by laura
“My anxiety levels greatly decrease when I talk to Graham:)” … written by Kat
“I am so thankful to have found Graham over a year ago. He has guided me to be a much more patient person and I am thankful for him.” … written by Kat
“Amazing healing with great messages!!!” … written by JB
“He’s awesome….genuine, great person and healer. ” … written by cloud
“Awsome!Very helpful.Amazing healing.” … written by Aurelia
“Great healing. Thanks” … written by cherryblossom10
“Much better reading than the others. this man is the truth.” … written by nbarnes2
“got a healing, great session!” … written by shamster
“Thanks Graham! Great advice to help me in the bigger picture!” … written by JB
“Thanks again. Chat soon.” … written by Liz
“Amazing reading!He is very good.Good advice.Thank you one more time for your patience with me.” … written by aurelia
“He is very fast and quite helpful will definitely come back andamp; recommend him” … written by Oman
“Magical healing. Much needed. VERY powerful. ” … written by JB
“Thanks Graham!! Always know the best path to lead me down!” … written by JB
“I feel so much better every time we chat:)” … written by Kat
“he was great, very positive” … written by Cathriona
“Very good Job! The healing is amazing!Thank you so much” … written by aurelia
“Thanks againxxx” … written by Steph Porter
“Miss talking to this guy, he’s amazing.” … written by nbarnes2
“Love the private readings and feedback on prior conversations.” … written by Telt1910
“Thanks again Graham!” … written by JB
“Thanks Graham for teaching me how to take control ! ” … written by JB
“Amazing reading and incredibly accurate!” … written by S
“Thank you! ” … written by JB
“Graham should be a motivational speaker! In addition to his great talent, and keen ability to read a situation tactfully and accurately, his advice is outstanding. I feel very confident leaving readings with him. He’s amazing.” … written by Erica89
“Always a good day when I’ve had a chance to talk with you, Graham!” … written by Holly
“you’re amazing. you’re like a big brother that I’ve never had! ” … written by Shamster
“Thanks so much u helped me understand everything fully” … written by jody
“thanks kindly for the reading it was very good i will be back again” … written by jody
“Very good reading as always! He is very honest and pick up things very good.” … written by aurelia
“Munum gives great advice andamp; he obviously cares about me a lot! He knew about my situation before even telling him! wow, real deal folks.” … written by shamster
“I am excited to see the results of this heal!” … written by Kat
“Did my 5th healing session and it was amazing….clear words came thru….lights I had not seen before….messages came thru…after every session with Graham my life seems to change in a positive strong direction….my intuitive skills heighten and I become stronger in my decisions and choices and life just seems to fall into place….I strongly recommend a healing session with him you will be grateful that you did.” … written by penny
“Thanks so much for your clarity 🙂 i will come back again for sure ” … written by susana
“Thanks Graham! Always accurate and thorough with explanations ” … written by JB
“i like his readings.” … written by vell
“Awsome !Thank you for the help!” … written by aurelia
“Thank you!! I’m looking forward to actually sleeping for a few hours :)” … written by Holly
“Graham is the best!” … written by afcsher
“He’s the BEST!” … written by laura
“i find it so interesting” … written by pete
” ” … written by nbarnes2
“I love talking to Graham!” … written by Kat
“Thank you so much for the reading. I am so confident in your words. And I trust your judgement. I will update again later. Thank you.” … written by bonnie biuice
“I love you my father, thank you for everything!!! Together we will walk hand and hand..Amen” … written by Princess Rachel
“Im eager to see how the vibrations are going to rise and affect the sales and potential deals, graham is really understand and awesome person to connect with. Will use his services again.” … written by Sooriamurthy
“Excellent. Thank you. 5 Stars” … written by chris riley
“another very effective healing – thank you.” … written by Amanda
“Very quick and accurate” … written by Cheryl
“mood altering, peace bringing, light enhancing…magic” … written by laura
“Had a wonderful healing today and sent a message to someone who needs help. I felt my eyes flutter. It was uncontrollable. A deep flutter, no pain at all. I was mentally drawn out of my situation and relieved. Beautiful. Thanks! ” … written by JB
“Soo, sooo, sooooo glad I decided to get a reading with him. Worth every credit.” … written by Kaydence
“Very good readying as always” … written by aurelia
“Always feels great, inspired and reassured, that things are going in the right way. Energy healing sessions truly lift me up.” … written by Sooriamurthy
“The reading was okay. But the meditative session we did was good, I felt like it was actually doing something. I’ll wait and see how it continues to make me feel. ” … written by ali23m
“Thank you Graham. I am fully prepared to take on the week. Graham helped me a lot with making the most strategic moves for my cause. ” … written by JB
“Thank you so much for the clarification on things! I’ve been worrying about a particular issue and once again, you definitely helped me to understand my problems. People, don’t go to anyone else for readings, go to Grammy!” … written by Shamster
“got a healing to open my third eye and communicate with my spirit guides. i feel dizzy and head is beginning to hurt. it was definitely intense.” … written by shamster
“Graham always knows how to get a grasp on a situation and lead you down the right path. He has the capabilities of exploring all options and choosing the most optimal. Thank you again graham!” … written by JB
“Graham always puts me at ease. Came thru immediately. And finds a way to make you laugh!” … written by Gadget65
“OMG, omg, omg omg, Incredible healing! I got a healing to teach me how to heal like Graham and the felling I got from it, what I was able to feel wow! How is this possible?! Amazing.” … written by shamster
“Thank you Graham! Wonderful reading and recap!” … written by JB
“Graham is so helpful and he is highly intuitive. He knows that I was asking about my twin flame… I had to come to him again and again because he is just so full of information. ” … written by Danny
“A great psychic… glad that I decided to take him to private. He rally could describe the feelings of the other person. ” … written by Danny
“Thank you Graham! So INTERESTING how well everything is playing out in correlation to your predictions. Extremely accurate. ” … written by JB
“Graham has a way of always helping and calming me. I may not react to the heals (during the session) like others do, but the effects are evident rather quickly. :)” … written by Kat
” ” … written by
“Wow! as usual… pics of mom with huge smile, like on her best photograph… she was delighted… i could feel her soft silky hair under my hands, and the heat from my own hands ……;” … written by Quisait
“Thanks Graham – won’t have trouble sleeping tonight” … written by Holly
“Just absolutely amazing.” … written by Kate
“incredibly insightful ” … written by chawks009
“Well fantastic … a healiing session with Graham…purple gel coming down a conduit which i was breathing in… with little specks of silver…..” … written by quisait
“straight to the issue was very quick, i felt comfortable also with this reading ” … written by lisa
“amazing healing sessions…powerful beyond descriptions. sense of peace, liberation and” … written by rosy
“Thank you for helping me feel better!” … written by Kat
“Graham had a healing today. I saw lilac throughout. It wasn’t a forced image at all. I closed my eyes and almost instantly started to feel energy being sent through my body. It started in my head and even had tingling in my fingers. I feel so much more relaxed, calmed and motivated for my up and coming tasks and challenges. Thank you for your wonderful support, Graham! ” … written by Jack
“It was a healing session for a specific problem I have.. Felt smthin during it.. now waitig to see rsults 🙂 ” … written by Fun_fundaaz
“He is accurate and to the point. i do like his readings.” … written by nbarnes2
“thank you papa, you are the greatest!!!!” … written by Princess Rachel
“wow – he really connected quickly and gave me a lot of insight into my relationship and how he thinks and feels.” … written by Melissa
“I love being able to communicate with Graham and receive his advice!” … written by Kat
“He was very nice and very on point with everything he was saying picked up on my situation.” … written by Kayla
“Amazing. Really amazing. Thank you” … written by Liliya
“pretty good” … written by bec
“very powerful healing once again – thank you…” … written by amanda
“He’s good and got straight to the point.” … written by nbarnes2
“Excellent. ” … written by gokelly
“WOW!!! I am very pleased. What a great man. New everything right away. Great healing . Thank you” … written by Liliya
“Great session and great advice.” … written by Shamster
“My second reading and going to buy mor credits right now to get healing. Feel so good after talking to him. GRAHAM I REALLY AMAZING. DONT WAIST YOUR MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE. GRAHAM IS REAL!!!” … written by Liliya
“i feel really good after that will post on wall in a bit!” … written by stars
“Got the second healing of three, to learn how to heal! i felt the energy more this time. very powerful! i can’t wait to fully heal now!!” … written by shamster
“EYE OPENING and everything he said resonated with my entire being. Well done. ” … written by Elle
“The read I had tonight made me smile wider than a mile. Thank you Graham!” … written by Kat
“Very good as always!Thank you” … written by Aurelia
“He was spot on.. within seconds he was able to pick up everything.!!! WOW amaxing!!” … written by Alicia
“concluded” … written by laura
“quick, clever, direct, insightful, tells you how it is.” … written by laura
“excellent as usual ” … written by mina10
“Perfect reading!” … written by afcsher
“Good advice, clear and made sense!!” … written by gokelly
“The reads are always helpful!” … written by Kat
“Graham is so wonderful! He is always right. Very patient and really finds the right words to say to you. He is honest and really wants to help anyone. I cant thank him enough for how he has helped me again and again. Thank you so much graham!” … written by Aerie4
“seriously i want to cry now… graham is such an amazing person, with great gifts. just wonderful. I’m so thankful for coming meeting him on here. from being skeptic to fully believing. i won’t take advice from no one except for graham! thank you ” … written by shamster
“I feel like everything he said will happen 🙂 we will see here shortly.” … written by Catherine
“another great session” … written by shamster
“good” … written by shamster
“I think he is one of the best. His answers have confirmed my intuition. Thanks Graham” … written by nb
“I like him a lot. He is straightforward and makes total sense. Very good coach.” … written by Gretchen
“Amazing!!!” … written by Sierra
“Thank you so much for the pvt!! Your wonderful!” … written by stephany8888
“Insightful and wonderful. Good to know i clarified on things! ” … written by Shamster
“thank you so much Graham for your support.” … written by bonniebuice
“thank you graham you have good advice and make me stronger person. much appreciation for you.” … written by bonnie buice
“thanks graham for the healing and first experience” … written by stephany8888
“I appreciated his reading very much. He described the situation quite accurately. Thank you!” … written by Tamikah
“you are an amazing man. thank you” … written by bonnie buice
“Great but not long enough” … written by CAROL NEILANDS
“Excellent energy work to calm down fears and sadness. I was very bummed yesterday, spoke with Graham and did energy work . It helped. Will see how this week goes and will tune in again. Highly recommended.” … written by gen
“Good.” … written by jean jones
“Just did another healing with graham..he is wonderful and awesome .. after a healing I felt amazing and works immediately…highly recommend to get a session!” … written by stephany8888
“Graham is an amazingly gifted healer I always look forward to having a session with him he is an incredibly giving man. He has helped me grow tremendously over the past 6 months.” … written by penny
“awesome seemed to understand exactly what ive been doing w my ex and it was a load off to be understood i will try a session with him on getting my balance back and ill post on that later” … written by angela
“Received a lot of information and great advice!!!” … written by Shamster
“intresting we will see what effect it has ” … written by angela
“that’s it I’m hooked on graham, excellent readings everytime, hes already told me the answer before I have even stopped typing. One of the best here on Oranum thank you very much for another great reading, God Bless 🙂 10+ stars from me” … written by Libsta
“he was great” … written by candy
“Thanks graham for giving me advice and guiding me through this rough time !” … written by stephany8888
“LOVE LOVE this reading ” … written by summer
“Thank you graham for constantly being a grounding voice in my crazy life!! Can’t wait to see what happens!” … written by JB
“It is what it is sometimes and we can do nothing to change it just be there thank you for your time, this was a hard one for anyone.” … written by bimi5959
“Tunes in really fast. Takes his time to tell you what he sees, highly recommended.” … written by bec
“Graham was awesome. He was right on the money with my situation and approached my situation with care, compassion and honesty. I will definitely be back again. He is a true professional.” … written by Debbie
“always keeps me straight, using him for 3 years and he’s the best” … written by afcafcsher
“Just did a healing and he was able to pick up on things that I know within me to be true. The messages were great. Good things are about to happen in my life and in others’ lives through me and I’m very excited about this. Everything, no matter how crazy it may seem, that is happening in my life at this very moment is all working for the better. I could even see through his eyes how excited he was knowing all the good things that are going to happen because of the healing. Thank you! ” … written by l
“Love this man, good and I needed it.” … written by nbarnes2
“Spot on man – direct, no BS” … written by Londo
“Thanks for the wonderful reading! your awesome has always” … written by stephany8888
“every session with Grammy is informative, helpful, and amazing!” … written by shamster
“This man gave me an incredible reading. I definitely recommend to anyone ” … written by Tyler
“Very nice reader and full of good news and helpful ideas. thank you.” … written by Krista Elliott
“great session as always” … written by shamster
“Everytime i do a private with grammy, its always successful. I have fears but gram helps me deal and accept them every time. very helpful and straightforward. Isn’t afraid to tell u the truth and thats great! ” … written by Shamster
“got a lot of reassurance and advice.” … written by shamster
“The best!” … written by afcsher
“Patience is a virtue that I do not have but Graham is helping me see the areas of like that require patience in order to reach goals and succeed. ” … written by JD
“Thank you so much for the advice I appreciate it!” … written by stephany8888
“Love this man and his readings.” … written by nbarnes2
“I have come to trust Graham’s advice as it is always right!” … written by Kat
“One of the best sessions yet! He told me something that I didn’t even tell him about yet! ….And I used to be a skeptic…. ” … written by Shamster
“The only advice I take…period!” … written by afcsher
“I always enjoy our talks. It gives me strength and courage. Thank you Graham.” … written by Bonniebuice
“I had a really great reading with Graham! He is thorough, kind, and very helpful! ” … written by FenForever
“It is amazing how certain things connect when talking to Graham!” … written by Kat
“Jus had a healing to have energy thru me to someone else. can’t wait to see what happens!” … written by shamster
“Very compassionate and clear. worked very hard to work with me. Thank you!” … written by sandiinc
“Five Stars!!! LOVE HIM!!!!! I really needed to hear what he said…He helped me to think and see some things…A load was lifted off of me and I hope to be talking more with Munummedium!! ” … written by Trinnity1
“very helpful” … written by shamster
“great as usual” … written by nb1973
“wonderful! I’m soooo happy :P” … written by shamsterr
“Accurate, quick and to the point. Thanks :))” … written by gokelly
“Thanks Graham! Always very great at guidance. ” … written by jb
“Thanks Graham!” … written by JB
“Great healing…already feel clearer, lighter and more focused!! Excellent Thanks x” … written by gokelly
“What can I say, another great update thank you Graham :)” … written by Libsta
“Thanks Graham!!” … written by JB
“very good thanks 5 stars” … written by jana
“First reading with Graham – but I felt he immediately picked up on things with NO info. I will go back to him as I think he is truly gifted. Thank you Graham – recommend – excellent ” … written by debbiec0613
“Thanks Graham for the protection healing! i feel great!!” … written by jb
“this man is great” … written by shamster
“this man is good. didn’t think he would know about certain things but he did. ” … written by shamster
“I feel empowered..I had insights into my life…I know it sounds early to say this..but I feel a shift. Thank u for the healing Graham ” … written by Kelly
“I Love munu especially how he predicts and just randomly gets out things that you wouldn’t even expect!” … written by Henry
“Not what I wanted to hear necessarily, but I think he is accurate. ” … written by debbiec0613
“thank u for prvt thanks for the energy hoping for the best on what u said. thanks again xoxo” … written by melissa
“Graham is awesome. Intuitive and quick to connect.” … written by Debbie
“thank for trying something new on me and I’m looking forward to see what happens next” … written by stephany
“thank you” … written by hilly
“Wonderful:)” … written by Kat
“So grateful to have had my healing with you. I needed it more than ever and know that it will do wonderful things. You have always taken care of me. I’ve had countless healings with you and each time is better than before. Thank you for all you do for me.” … written by Moonshine
“I have had many great experiences with Munum. I look forward to effects of my heal!” … written by Kat
“Thanks!” … written by JB
“Always 100 percent accurate. ” … written by jb
“Very Interesting. Knew exactly what I was talking about right away. Went right to a solution. Thank you. ” … written by Robert
“Thanks graham for your help and guidance! ” … written by jb
“Good reading…as always” … written by Kelly
“Amazing . .could talk to him for hours . So amazing . .you must listen to this man . . ;-)” … written by coody4
“thank you so much for the talks. it helps me a lot.” … written by bonnie buice
“I’m working with him and everything he has said so far is correct and willing to help me. I believe him and going to make a go with this. I will post as it continues for everyone to see the magic happen.” … written by ll
“thanks munum. you are very quick and direct.” … written by vivian
“wow this man seems AMAZING!!! I am learning and will learn more and more. This will change my life forever. ” … written by ll
“He was very good. Talking to him, let me know what I should I do in my situation. ” … written by Jennifer
“Wonderful! Tuned in very quickly, picked up on my psychic abilities when I was talking about something completely different (Always the test of a true psychic). Highly recommend!” … written by Angelica
“Thanks so much for the private …I always enjoy our chat :)” … written by francis
“Just done a healing with Graham, came out sweating and drained… well worth it though, and the effects will carry on. looking forward to the outcome, like many feedback ill know things will settle into place, much thnx” … written by Andy
“He is very talented! He answers all questions accurately and fast! He is not like some on this site that take a long time to answer and your credits go to waste! I love him! God bless him!” … written by char
“just got an update from recent sessions, im looking forward to the outcome … im interested in doing other healing sessions like alot of others with great results” … written by Andy
“I’ve just done a healing session, regards to my hair growth problem I’ve been battling for too long now… I’m confident that it will be a passed problem.. i’ll be back to mention on the results ill be getting, thanks a bunch.” … written by Andy
“I really enjoyed his insight into his gifts and he helped advance my own spiritual gifts” … written by Aicile
“Excellent reading as always!” … written by afcsher
“Thanks, Graham! You have been so spot on it’s scary! Definitely learning the hard life lesson of patience. ” … written by jb
“Ive just did a session to awaken my abilities, it was a intense feeling… Ive felt different afterwards that I cannot really put it in words… Ill be back for alot of more learnings ’cause he helps you change your life for the better…” … written by endric
“I kept being led back to him over and over again . I finally took the plunge and did a reading. It was perfect!! It was like he could look straight into my heart and life and knew my exact situation. Can not recommend enough, amazing andnjust what I needed when I needed it !!!” … written by cheryl
“wonderful munum” … written by laura
“WOW..I am speechless..I wonder why I never came to him before..What a great and powerful reading” … written by tasha_j
“Miss talking to this man. Very accurate” … written by nbarnes2
“great reading. picked up my emotion right off the bat, and was satisfied the entire reading. Try him!!” … written by n
“wow, he clarified and validated what my own intuition has been telling me. He’s very on point, accurate. Going to take his advice! I’ll be back to let you know how this ends 🙂 ” … written by l
“Graham helped me in working with energy and sharing energy with someone that I care deeply for. It was an amazing experience. During it I was able to see rings of white light, very impressed. Absolutely amazing, I’d been waiting all week to be able to work with Graham and it was worth the wait. Can’t wait to work with him again and again. ” … written by Jennifer
“Thanks for all the advice I appreciate it graham~” … written by francis
“Thanks Graham. You have been one hundred percent accurate on all the predictions. It’s scary but so helpful!” … written by jb
“Quick, clear messages, well understood, really nice man, enjoyed the reading *****” … written by K
“I had a healing and my cat was sitting on my lap. As soon as graham started, my cat fell asleep snoring. So cute. I guess he was meant for a little healing too!” … written by jb
“Very insightful!” … written by telt
“ive just had a wonderful experience such peace and calm I feel at the moment is unexplainable thanku sooo much x” … written by katha123
“Awesome reads, just make sure you have enough time to listen for the answer!” … written by Kat
“he is amazing. so so helpful! definitely recommend him to everyone who wants help with a relationship. will definitely be back to talk to him more and look forward to seeing the outcome of what he talked about” … written by korrena
“another great reading with Graham, 10+ stars from me xox many blessings” … written by libsta
“I had 2 sessions of healing I have had wonderful feeling of calm…it was unexplainable but I do feel soooo much better thankyou x” … written by katha123
“thank you! great read” … written by unknownjourney
“done a healing/learning session, now ive did a reading.” … written by endric
“Just finished my 1st session out of 3 of learning how to heal.” … written by endric
“Graham is always helpful, to the point. And adds his own advice from experience, to boot.” … written by Telt
“Graham did a healing on me the other night. My cat sat in my lap and instantly fell asleep. It’s been a couple days now and my cat is like… a new cat! He had a lot of physical abuse before I adopted him and was very timid, scared to men… He’s been sitting on my Dad’s lap and patrolling the yard like a proud kitten! ” … written by JB
“Received a healing to help my focus on my studies and the effects are powerful. I feel dizzy and i can still feel the flow of the energy run through my entire body. on top of that, i got really sleepy all of a sudden. Okay enough typing, gotta lay down now lol!” … written by Shamster
“Having a bit hard time typing now, just done my 2/3rd of a session 2 learn to be able to heal, quite different experience again, every time his approach is different and obvious in their effects, just wow …” … written by endric
“awesome reader, top notch” … written by hayden
“Graham does wonders with his healings. Feeling more energized already.” … written by Telt
“Excellent healing session I let him go to work and felt some much needed relaxing soothing energy for a frazzled bod.. I have been extremely busy and stressed and this balancing he did was just wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone…” … written by susan hill
“powerful experience! something you need to do for yourself! great advice and knew it all… didn’t need dob.. was in-tuned right away!!! Wow! I can not wait to follow up! this was truly awesome!!! Nice and honest! Great connection! ” … written by mg32704
“Just done my 3rd session on learning to heal..” … written by endric
“amazing healing session! feeling a lot more positive. recommend him for a healing session! you won’t regret it!” … written by korrena
“Thanks graham for all of your accuracy! ” … written by jb
“Just done a amazing sesion, its kinda addictive knowing someone can enhance your life ever so greatly, it keeps you coming back for more, im already seeing results with prior sessions that ive done,” … written by endric
“Very cool reading method” … written by derrick
“Did a session with Graham, can’t wait to feel and see how it affects us. Will be back for more. ” … written by l
“I felt the energy in my tummy! Looking forward to seeing what happens next! Thank you very much Munummedium! :D” … written by Pri
“awesome.” … written by Anne
“well to the stars and back again, as usual graham… thanks for re energizing me… was exhausted, depressed and without energy, but even by the end of the session feeling very different, and that was only 7 minutes!” … written by quisait
” ” … written by JB
“Ive never experienced anything like this before, Ive only had 3 sessions….words cannot explain the overwhelming feelings….its like nothing ive ever felt…..Ive had many years of being blocked so much negativity…this man is incredible its like ive been given sight for the first time in my life…its just amazing…thankyou so much….he will release you from any blockages in you life complete clarity true guidance…he is living proof that unexplainable phenomenon really does exist! Give him a go you will not be disappointed ” … written by katha123
“Today I had a healing with Graham. It felt like my mind was expanding beyond my body. It’s almost like you feel your consciousness growing. Kind of like if you got a massage and a knot in your muscles released all tension. It’s great. Thank you!” … written by JB
“Graham is amazing. He connects quickly and is always able to help. A true expert. I will continue to go back.” … written by Deb
“Graham has great insights and a good sense of humor. Love just listening to him telling stories, and he will let you know if there is anything he can tell you in private before you enter private chat. If there is no news, he’ll tell you so, so you don’t waste time and money.” … written by Telt
“awesome” … written by laura
“The best money I ever spent..I felt completely at peace” … written by goodnight2345
“very good… excited to see how the energy transfer helps” … written by amber
“Picked up on the situation immediatley. Very helpful, informative. Will be back.” … written by han720518
“Graham always is spot on with his timing and knowledge. ” … written by JB
“so glad i found him had to talk to him tonight and tell him the healing he did last night worked!!! got a unexpected text today! we did another healing or shall i say eye opener tonight….can’t wait to see the results. my regular psychic is on holiday and i was drawn to him and i am so glad i found him. he is helping me so much!! so easy to talk to and really a good soul. funny…and so delightful!! ty so much!! can’t wait for another reading :)))” … written by gina
“so easy to talk to!! great healing session!! he knew what was going on with me before i opened my mouth and said one word to me. hopefully things go as planned and work out!! will def be back for a follow up ty so much!!” … written by gina
“Graham is wonderful as always. A pleasure to work with.” … written by Deb
“Very good reading” … written by Antonio
“more and more interesting news ” … written by shamster
“Crazy progress and changes coming because of graham’s guidance and grasp of the situation” … written by JB
“Graham is always quick to connect and always provides an excellent reading. I will be back.” … written by Deb
“Thanks for the private it was delightful and wonderful has always” … written by stephany
“Great Reader !!! ” … written by mk
“i always come to Graham for healings and vibrational work and it has been an amazing transformation for me in less than a year. I am so grateful for him!!” … written by penny
“wow down to the grain” … written by jose
“Absolutely wonderful!! Great energy, very in tune. will be back!” … written by db
“Excellent, very accurate in assessing the situation and problems. Will be back. :-)” … written by han720518
“Graham’s healings are amazing. I had one for anxiety not too long ago and it centered my mind and soul. I feel like i have a grasp on my anxiety, now. ” … written by Jaclynn
“I just had a session with Graham….I asked him to assist me with writing suddenly my right hand started to feel warm..he later asked “do you write with your right hand” which I do….Ive had 4 sessions with Graham and each time Ive experienced something wonderful…..words simply cant explain what he is capable of doing….All I know is I am feeling better and stronger after each session…. I have had many readings by many different mediums on other sites but i can honestly say Graham has been the one who has given me what I truely need…..this man has an extraordinary gift which the world needs to know about….thankyou sooo much yet again” … written by katha123
“Thanks Graham! freaky accurate!” … written by JB
“Accurate” … written by katrina
“Mindblowing..Everytime something gets fixed..He’s managed to fix what doctors have been unable to do and give me answers. 3rd session and I will not be going to anyone else.” … written by goodnight2345
“we will see…but I think it was good!” … written by mtclark
“Excellent… understood the situation quickly. Gave me great advice and allowed me to see the situation clearly. Thanks again x” … written by gokelly
“good” … written by veronica
“Everything is 99.9% accurate” … written by JB
“As Always – Graham helps me and I more forward.” … written by Mskim
“Twin flame expert!!” … written by Londo
“He is on point every time precise words. Excellent man connects right away. Knows with out you saying. By far one of the BEST ! ” … written by acasidy1
“I love my readings with Graham…. they are very clear and precise.” … written by Randi
“Graham is awesome as usual. I love his readings. Always provides me with clarity and understanding.” … written by Deb
“Hi, I have been seeing graham for a while now and I must say, I don;t know how anyone could have any doubt in his abilities. He will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to know. ” … written by JB
“Very informative” … written by Alex
“Simply amazing…Great reading and quick,clear ..WOW” … written by t
” Thanks Graham!” … written by jb
“Great!” … written by DIana
“Very great reading… thorough and well examined!” … written by Randi
“Good, but no advice indeed.” … written by Hanna
“Thank you for your guidance and help…I value and appreciate all you do for me! ” … written by stephany
“Graham does wonderful healings and projections.” … written by Telt
“Thanks graham for always looking into situations! I always appreciate it! thanks for all you do” … written by stephany8888
“Yesterday Graham told me things and today they happened play by play. Thanks!” … written by JB
“All the reads I have had have helped so much!” … written by Kat
“made me happy hope hes right ” … written by jean jones
“Graham was excellent. Always a wonderful reading.” … written by Deb
“Graham is always wonderful and helpful.” … written by Deb
“Graham is spot on again!!!” … written by JB
“Great session of healing. I felt it and will be back to let you know.” … written by Denise
“lovely reading. very helpful will be back for sure” … written by Brenda
“had a great chat with graham tonight!! his last healing a few weeks ago has really come through! he is so easy to talk to and so funny. his laugh cracks me up!! he is absolutely brilliant! you won’t be disappointed after talking with him!! ” … written by gina
“wow amazing” … written by jose
“Hopeful :)” … written by KAtrina
“Graham is wonderful. So quick to connect and able to calm, soothe and provide excellent predictions.” … written by debbie
“Graham is wonderful. Excellent connection and professional reader.” … written by Deb
“I had a healing tonight and it was insane. I felt it instantly. It feels like your mind is opening and expanding every second! ” … written by jb
“Graham is very good….picks up on situations very accurately and quickly.” … written by Randi
“Thanks for the private your wonderful and awesome has always!” … written by stephany8888
“Thank yo u for the healing graham. i feel way better. its going to be a great day!” … written by Jac
“He is fantastic. I’ve had two readings and a session. He is very straight and a realist. he has a very unique style. It does not take him long to connect with me, and i appreciate his insight and answers. He is also fun to chat around with in the free chat. The man has a terrific sense of humor. ” … written by Ashley
“I have done this before and it seemed to work in the past. I can only hope it works again” … written by Randi
“I enjoy our talks, thANKS SO MUCH FOR THE ADVICE AND THE READING.” … written by bonniebuice
“A really sound and solid guy and reader” … written by Londo
“Graham is awesome. He always helps me to feel reassured and his reading are right on.” … written by Debbie
“thank you, i hope predictions come true about woman calling me at certain time, thank you” … written by nextelledlifee
“Thanks Graham. Always saucy. ” … written by JB
“Asked for one thing, and a lot of other info came up. I’m all caught up, and hope the healing works.” … written by telt
“Graham is wonderful. Understanding and in tune with his guides. He is genuine and a true professional.” … written by Debbie
“love him! ” … written by krissy
“thanks alot” … written by nexteledllife
“thank you” … written by nexteledllife
“Thanks graham!!! ” … written by JB
“Really fast and good!” … written by LyssaBugg
“Great healing feeling!” … written by Telt
“Many thanks Graham.. Graham helped me calm my energy..I cannot thank you enough for being therexx” … written by tasha_j
“Never ceases to amaze me with the healings..Each time I ask for a healing. Something gets fixed or improved.” … written by goodnight2345
“thanks” … written by nextelife
“He is wonderful. I always feel at ease and peaceful when I speak with him. A pleasure to deal with. I will be back.” … written by Deb
“That was a really interesting experience, We’ll see what happens” … written by LyssaBugg
“very good and heal my anxiety , he was fast and very kind and” … written by angel peace
“Thank you for the healing graham. I saw Lilac and it was amazing.” … written by jb
“I am amazed how accurate Graham’s advice is. He is for real!” … written by Kat
“Thanks Graham for helping my dying rabbit… i will keep you posted… but she did actually look up and was already looking a bit less distressed…. hope it ‘ll see her thru…. i’ll keep you posted…. you have done so much for us all, let’s hope she can get better…” … written by Quisait
“Thank you Graham. Always has been 99.9999% accurate!” … written by JB
“thank you for helping me” … written by nextelledlifee
“thank you” … written by nextelife
“Good reader, enjoyed the guidance and knowledge” … written by pinkpather30
“Good advisor” … written by pinkpather30
“Thanks for excited to look to see what comes forth. ” … written by stephany
“Great healing, wait to see how much it helps me.” … written by pinkpather30
“Great reader, very different but picked up in like 1 second with no info” … written by Yanna
“Brilliant!!! Again Brilliant!! Solved all my problems 🙂 Trusted advisor I have been using for over a year now. ” … written by gokelly
“Great Reading cant wait to speak again to him” … written by Maisie
“fantastic. very sound, logical and to the point. will come back again!” … written by kreek123
“Thanks graham for the advice. ” … written by jb
“Graham is amazing. He is always right on point and he is able to heal you and make you feel at peace. I will always come back.” … written by Deb
“Graham is awesome. Always puts me at peace. Amazing.” … written by Debbie
“nice chat!!! not sure what is going to happen!! thanks again graham!!” … written by gina
“wonderfu!!!” … written by deedi
“thank you alot for the energy work, great to work with you!” … written by nextelledlifee
“thank you so much” … written by nextelledlifee
“Thanks Graham! Wonderful healing and accurate readings every time!” … written by JB
“Graham is absolutely fantastic. He is a true expert in his field. He always has put me at each and I have always left feeling much better than I came in. He has helped me so much in the past few months and I am sure he can help anyone. He is compassionate and honest. A real treasure. I will always come back.” … written by Debbie
“He is very good” … written by loveanddlight
“Thanks for the update …truth is what I needed to hear.” … written by stephany
“Ok, time ran out. I have asked the same question from many readers and all say the same, so know i do believe it. Thank you!” … written by m
“You were awesome Graham! I will let you know how tomorrow goes :)” … written by Tie
“thanks for your advice and help along this long path of love.” … written by nextelledlifee
“Graham is the only medium I use period” … written by afcsher
“Graham is always wonderful. Expert at his craft. He is always honest, sincere and genuine. I will be back :)” … written by Deb
“Graham has become almost like a therapist for me. He is that objective third party that gives advice and calms me when need be!” … written by Kat
“Hi Graham, you’ve predicted so many course changers and I appreciate it! Thank you! ” … written by JB
“Another great read. Thank you Graham” … written by TRDGame
“Genuine good” … written by loveanddlight
“Graham is awesome. Always on point. Never fails to be on point. He is the real deal.” … written by Deb
“wonderful! I am so happy I had a chance to read with him! he is awesome.” … written by Believe IN LOVE
“helpful” … written by laus
“thank you for your help” … written by nextelife
“Graham, your amazing and I enjoy talking to you. I so am looking forward to everything.” … written by Tie
“Thanks for everything graham I appreciate it /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“He was amazing, raised my vibes and enhanced vibes. I saw and heard what I needed to hear to give me strength and insight.” … written by Nbarnes2
“Graham has helped me through so much! thank you!!! ” … written by JB
“OMG Mun made me feel so relaxed. I didn’t even have to say anything and he just knew what was going on. AMAZING!!!” … written by m v
“Thanks Graham you can read me anytime. I believe in you and your style I love. Worth every penny.” … written by ll
“Thanks for the update …I appreciate your honesty..aways awesome has always ” … written by stephany8888
“great reading!” … written by Alicja
“OK! I really dont even know where to start! I spoke with Graham the middle of last week. We did a twin flame connection that was only 15 minutes. To help my twim flame move forward and stop running and being fearful. Since we last spoke not only have I seen progress in my twin flame but even in MYSELF! My twin has started to open up and little more, he is also starting to act out in other ways. I have seen a HUGE improvement in just a few days. I am so grateful for Graham and his help. Without him I would be lost and doing this off and on again cycle that I have been in with my twin for years. Blessings to you Graham and for everyone else there that is in a situation similar to mine. Please take my advice and talk to Graham, tell him you read the review about Believe_inLove! He truly cares for everyone he reads with and knows what hes talking about! ” … written by Believe IN LOVE
“Just finished a the read and it was fantastic, as always! ” … written by JB
“Thank you for the intervention. I hope it works.” … written by Telt
“Graham is wonderful. Calming presence. Always a wonderful reading.” … written by Deb
“Graham is fantastic. He is kind and a true professional.” … written by Debbie
“quick chat thanks” … written by M
“great” … written by nicola
“helpful” … written by nicola
“thank you papa oxoxox” … written by Princess Rachel
“Thanks for everything tonight your insight has helped me move forward :)” … written by stephany8888
“Amazing experience. ” … written by MK
“Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. WOW. I know I’ve talked about Graham’s predictions before but WOW. He has been telling me for MONTHS what this person was feeling and thinking about. And the person just word for word broached the subject. The alignment is unparalleled. Thanks Graham. WOW!” … written by JB
“HOLY COW. My life has CHANGED in the direction that I was hoping for. ” … written by JB
“Graham was wonderful as always.” … written by Deb
“Thankyou so much I am really happy with my reading and i want to be back for the healing to assist me in my journey, he saw all he knew all…..WONDERFUL xx” … written by capricorn_dancer
“:)” … written by nicola
“thank you” … written by nicola
“Accurate! Fast! needed no tools! ” … written by Curious Cat
“Thanks so much for the read, Graham!” … written by JB
“A very warm and insightful reading. Thank you very much.” … written by tania
“Best reader here” … written by afcsher
“Thanks graham!” … written by jb
“that was pretty intense… lets see what comes next!” … written by jazzychic
“Thanks for the update I appreciate it 🙂 /hugs ” … written by stephany
“very deep and real…” … written by jazychic7
“very good as usual!” … written by mina10
“The best read as always. Thanks for all the support this evening. ” … written by Jackie
“Graham is absolutely fantastic. I love him!! He is stellar at his craft.” … written by Deb
“great help” … written by Michael
“Fantastic reading with Graham” … written by Benni Andersen
“Thanks for everything I appreciate it /hugs” … written by stephany
“i had one healing session with Graham and wasn’t sure what to expect, as I did experience spiritual hearings before. But seriously day after I started to feel the shift in my life – energy throughout my body, lift, brighter mind. not to mention how people started to be even more drawn to me, like a magnet, pulling the very right strings. wow… this is real.” … written by jazzychic
“I’m VERY impressed! 100 stars!” … written by Bbeen
“Graham gives good perspective of situations.” … written by Telt
“ALWAYS 10 stars to me!!!!! absolutely amazing person!!!!! I can’t wait to see what is next!” … written by nik
“you was awesome sweetie thanks for your help really” … written by lori
“Graham you are amazing has set my mind has ease and happy with results ” … written by stephany
“Really really good. Thank you and i hope you don’t get into trouble!! that was my fault!! Not yours! Bless. Ruth” … written by Ruth
“Graham has helped me so much over the past couple of years. I am so glad to have found him” … written by Kat
“Graham said my brother and his girlfriend were getting engaged. But after a strong armed discussion, I swore he wasn’t going to propose. Turns out right after that discussion he bought a ring. Wow. Spot on.” … written by JB
“thank you for help” … written by nextelife
“Graham is wonderful as always. I enjoy his readings and he is always quick to connect and insightful.” … written by Deb
“I asked on november 27, 2014 regarding time frame about a lover calling me time frame. It was 9pm and he told me by tonight. I waited until 12am and it didnt happen until 1am. Im sure it still counts in my book and timeframe. At least it happened close. Use his services wisely.” … written by nextell
“Had a healing yesterday and saw a tree with strong roots and light green leaves. It was a beautiful image in my mind. The healing made me lay down after a while and I slept for 13 hours but I suppose that was needed. I feel great today. Thanks graham!” … written by JB
“Wayne, thank you for your in sight. I so cant wait.” … written by Tie
“i really feel relaxed after talking to him..great man..god bless” … written by moh111
“Great read, thanks!” … written by JB
“Graham you have helped me more than you know. It is so easy for me to get what you are meaning and our talks bring out all the details of the situation. This helps me to decide what to do or what needs to be considered in all my decisions. I have learned to be patient and be wise from our talks. sometimes I can’t figure out the meanings of things and I can always ask you. you are honest and kind as well as informative. This has been a good thing for me. Thank you so much for your wisdom.” … written by bonnie
“wow just wow. i hadnt talked to graham in a really long time, but was moved to speak to him in private and he told me about my twin flame connection and how he could do an energy reading to help move things forward and it was just amazing. will post on his hall with the results. love this guy and his work” … written by m
“I had a lot of questions for Graham during my read and he was able to answer each question as well as shift topics when I asked him to. I have had wonderful experiences, he is great.” … written by Kat
“I got a healing and it was amazing. I felt the energy in my body as he was doing the healing. Just waiting to see some results. HIGHLY recommended.” … written by The8th_Wonder
“He was great! No names needed he just needed my questions and he was off. We connected and I knew he understood! I am going to take his advice and stride! There will be an update soon!! Thanks again!!” … written by Evestha
“thank you” … written by nextlife
“Graham is always excellent. I enjoy receiving a reading from him everytime.” … written by Deb
“thanks graham you are truly the best” … written by stephany
“thanks for your help” … written by nextellife
“Always great” … written by LyssaBugg
“Thanks Graham I know we can do this together. You are an amazing man!!! Worth every penny and the healing are unbelievable. xoxox” … written by ll
“Thank you so much for the healing today. My anxiety attack was gone within 5 minutes. ” … written by Jaclynn
“Thank you Graham! The next two days are around the corner and will be CRAZY interesting!” … written by Juanita
“First time reading with him and he’s quick! Picked up on a lot. I really appreciate his reading. I totally recommend! ” … written by Vanessa
“very nice and logical reading” … written by noga1981
“Thank you for your guidance” … written by nextelife
“Each time we talk it out I get more clearer on things and how it is supposed to be. Thank you for the confidence and the support. You are an awesome person.” … written by bonnie
“A+++++++++++++++ Ty” … written by pipes
“Energy transfer” … written by fo
“Thank you graham! Can’t believe all these things are falling so accurately into place. Very appreciative! ” … written by JB
“THanks for insight its always helpful..your always been one of my favs! /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“As always 5 billions stars for this amazing man!!!! The journey grows and grows!!!!” … written by nik
“Thank you Graham! So Accurate. Looking forward to digesting these wonderful messages. ” … written by Juanita
“I didn’t get chance to say thank you, so thank you ! ” … written by M
“Thank you graham!! Love your readings!!! ” … written by Juanita
“He’s really amazing. He has quite an interesting healing skill that leaves me amazed. thanks!” … written by benny
“Graham is always wonderful. A pleasure to read with. He’s become a friend and I will return.” … written by Deb
“Just had a session with Graham can’t wait to feel how it works. I will be back to say so. I know they are the real deal, I have had one other one done and felt fantastic. Thanks so much, you will be the first to know. xoxox” … written by ll
“thank you graham. Love all the 100% accurate insights and details!” … written by Jackie
“Wonderful read, always appreciated. Looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Very accurate!” … written by Jackie
“thank you” … written by nextellife
“Great talk needed u badly and you came through with everything I need. Saw he will call and we will have to talk and he is still moving here with me. I WILL BE BACK.” … written by ll
“Going to find out what “Crow” means! Can’t wait for the next few days!” … written by JB
“Lovely, seemed to pick up on my situation instantly and know what he was talking about .. thanks again ” … written by Megan
“did an attraction session will see and ill come back to confirmation of it 🙂 Thanks!” … written by stephany
“thanks” … written by nicola
“Thanks graham your wonderful thanks for letting me know whats going on…your an awesome person!” … written by stephany
“Great, Fantastic, Fast, and Accurate as always. He always has good advice for your situation. I like that he does not give out generic answers, or things like ” find the answer in yourself” lol. He doesn’t ask me questions or to describe the situation ever. He just knows and it is great! ” … written by cookie
“thank you for update I appreciate everything you are doing for me and guiding me through this times ” … written by stephany8888
” ” … written by
“Thank you graham for the wonderful healing. Looking forward to the progress. ” … written by JB
“Did an energy transfer with Graham will wait to see what happens felt very relaxed thankyou Graham xxxxxxxxxxxx” … written by Tammy
“absolutely brilliant!! great sense of humour too and always knows my situations” … written by vikki
“Excellent reading – felt like talking to a wise Uncle!!” … written by Nina Lynn
“Thank you for the most accurate reading!” … written by Julia
“yet again, he knew what I wanted to know before I uttered a word. and what I needed to know. He is consistent (without remembering your reading 🙂 ) opened my mind up to things, things that I have been dealing with, things I am capable of. I’m lost for words with this man I truly am. I feel blessed just to have a conversation with him. I’ve again come out of the prvt feeling confident in who I am, in how I feel and with him.” … written by M
“Ok did a transfer can’t wait to see and feel what comes of it. I will be back to let everyone know how it is going and the changes it brings. Holding my ground Graham thanks to you. So GREAT!!!!” … written by ll
“Thank you so much for advice :)” … written by stephany8888
“No more neck pain. No more illness to eyes. In credible.I felt heat transfer to my head and crown. I am able to move my neck and pain to right eye..Glaucoma is gone. I felt spirit working on my head and neck like you wouldn’t believe. Some heavy stuff.” … written by goodnight2345
“Amazing enery work as usual!! Thank u very much :)” … written by H
“good, fast, accurate, and fun. ” … written by cookie
“I like him.” … written by Lani
“Very quick and to the point…Hope its’ true! 🙂 thank you .” … written by Laniers
“Great reading” … written by NinaLynn
“So I lost my Diamond ring at my boyfriend’s house. Well, I left it there one morning thinking he would give it back later that weekend. He didn’t but I didn’t want to pressure him as if I didn’t trust that it was at his place. It’s been two weeks. I have seen him in the interim, not at his house, but he hasn’t returned it. I asked Graham if he lost it and he did, but he also found it. Found out from Graham WHY he is keeping it. Let’s just say I can’t wait for February and a possible engagement?! ” … written by Julia
“Thanks Graham! Wonderful Healing!! So Dizzy. I can’t believe the changes that I’ve seen with my anxiety!” … written by Jack
“thanks graham you always been my guidance and you don’t know how much you’ve helped me. thanks for everything /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“I swear to you, he answered my question before I even asked it. Incredible. “actions speak louder than words” is something that has been on my mind a lot lately in relation to the situation and he also picked up on that without any indication. Honestly, amazing. And he’s so insightful and considerate alongside his gift. ” … written by M
“Had a weight loss healing tonight. looking forward to sharing the results. ” … written by Jac
“thanks munu” … written by nextellife
“Thanks for not sugar coating it…it was hard to hear but its the truth ..thanks ” … written by stephany8888
“Thanks Graham. Fantastic and always count on him for the truth and right to the point. Even ask spirit questions for me because he knows what I want to know. Little bit longer keeping the patience!!! Awesome man here!!!!!” … written by ll
“great reading as always graham says it how it is worth the credits :)” … written by vikki
“he is good” … written by loveanddlight
“Graham predicted everything that happened last night down to the hour that he would text me to initiate a date. IT was one of the best dates ever! Thanks Graham!” … written by JB
“Graham connected to my situation right away and helped me understand things that were very important for me to know. It is almost impossible to describe what transpired during our time together but I am certain it had a profound effect–I can already feel changes in myself. And the best is yet to come. This was an absolutely extraordinary reading by a truly knowledgeable and compassionate man. He also brings a great sense of humor to the table. I have great confidence in his ability and look forward to future readings. Priceless.” … written by Joseph246
“Great reading!” … written by NinaLynn
“5th session with Graham. I feel it finally came full circle for me.It centered on healing the rest of the body that needed healing from where we left off yesterday. Next healing session will involve fine tuning my abilities a bit and helping me nip those little bad habits with food and poor exercise. A little more motivation for all that.” … written by goodnight2345
“thank you graham. I am in a deep hard place with my mind and its hard, so hard and i will come back to do a healing, because i know i need to do something otherwise i will just black out. ” … written by m
“Graham is always someone I can go to for advice and guidance. I am so grateful for him!” … written by qtpie02
“Thanks for update I appreciate it 🙂 /hugs” … written by stephany
“EXCELLENT; gave clarity right away- Broke things down for me to understand. Very accurate- need NO tools. ” … written by Curious
“Brilliant reading, insightful and accurate! very impressed ” … written by Jamie
“i just had an awesome session with him. He made me think and realize things i needed to. And is helping me to achieve what i need. i can’t wait to see the results!! Keep you posted! :)” … written by cheekylilone
“This man is incredible. I plan on seeing him a lot more. He’s also a great conversation ! ” … written by M
“Always spot on!” … written by NinaLynn
“Thank you Graham!!! You were spot on about everything that happened this weekend.” … written by JB
“always helping me along the way with finances and love, thank you!” … written by nextelife
“Great talk with Graham. He is always accurate and on top of things. Thanks a lot.” … written by Tricialee
“Thanks for the energy transfer. Another great healing.” … written by Tricialee
“Thanks Graham as always. Did a healing and I kept hearing OK, OK, OK voices. Seeing a Pine tree in my visions. It felt great and Graham said it was going thru very strongly. I will be back for a review after I hear from him. xoxxox” … written by ll
“Wow! the Internet chopped out the reading quite a lot but the bits I did get were so accurate, and this helped so much and made things clearer and helped a lot. ” … written by Michelle
“I will have to wait for my future husband a little longer and meet 2 more guys before that but it is ok i like the fact that he was straightforward. ” … written by Daniela
“Great reading. Things are moving forward and I couldn’t be more happier. Thanks Graham” … written by Tricialee
“Brilliant…. always go to him for advice :)” … written by go
“Another fine session for me.” … written by mskim
“Thank you Graham! You called out my twin flame coming forward, yet again! Cant wait for this weekend 🙂 wonderful news!” … written by JB
“If you want to experience a true connection and want an accurate reading I highly recommend him!! Very fast and will tell you things that let you know the real deal. I didn’t give him any names…actually no information from me at all and he was 100% on point with my situation!” … written by A
“I will continue to be a regular to Grahams services. I would like to say, that each time I get a healing from this gentleman, it works for all my 5 bodies. I think that spiritually and emotionally he has helped me out with a lot of stuff including reshaping my thought patterns from negative to positive thereby bringing in some astounding changes. :)” … written by goodnight2345
“Thanks, Graham for helping through this difficult time. Life saving info.” … written by tricialee
“Thanks Graham always can pretty much guarantee what you see and say is whats going to happen. Thank you for always being straight with me. Merry Christmas xoxxo” … written by LL
“Amazing energy work!! thank u” … written by H
“Thanks for another great reading and helping me to move forward.” … written by Tricialee
“he’s great.” … written by Lani
“What a blast this time Graham….. what a trip! feel all relaxed now…. so many thanks….. you’re worth every time Graham… :)” … written by Quisait
“Thank you again Graham. What you had to tell me was so helpful and relieved so much of my anxiety about what was happening. I truly appreciate your manner, your compassion, and the way you are able to bring your life experience to help clarify mine. I feel a true heart to heart connection with you and cannot express how much I appreciate your wisdom and counsel.” … written by Joseph246
“This guy is awesome. He was answering my questions before I even asked them. He is the real deal folks!” … written by Amy
“Graham said my boyfriend would fly up to NYC with me last week. I didn’t believe him for one second. I was up there for work and the tickets were so expensive. Needless to say I had a romantic weekend with him in NYC and it was quite a surprise. It was very last minute but i am so happy it worked out.” … written by JB
“Nice man!” … written by Londo
“Ran out of time, but thanks yet again 🙂 ” … written by M
“thanks for the update :)” … written by stephany8888
“He is magnificent and understanding.” … written by unknown
“He knew exactly what was going on..I’m still having trouble believing how much he knew O.O!” … written by Willem
“Thanks for the insight it was very interesting :)” … written by stephany
“I think the proof is in how much I come back, not just for guidance but for conversation. Speak to him in free chat, about anything. He’ll make you rethink your perspective on at least one thing Im sure 🙂 ” … written by M
“I am very particular with the readers I have been meeting on here. But I have to say that there is one that really I can trust. No one have read and described my situation so well . I have been doing many healings also and I feel fantastic and things in my life are going so well:-) I appreciate every reading and every conversation with this great person . He’s been giving strength when I am lost. Thanks again!” … written by Izamara
“I did a healing session with him, and I really started to feel a change as it was happening. Thank you!” … written by Amy
“Ive had many readings with Graham, he has helped me enormously in every way possible, I work with special needs children I asked him to help a boy I work with, his mother has come back to me with very positive feedback about his progress amazing actually, this man has a beautiful gift which the world needs to know about…..I am trying to create something wonderful which Graham has given me the confidence and the realization that I can do this….he is very honest accurate…..I will only go to him for true guidance In the future thank you. K” … written by katha123
“Awesome Reader .. Very good psychic .. I would recommend him to everyone .. He is honest and he tells you exactly what it’s about .. Very good .. ” … written by Romy Marylou Amber
“Last night, Graham was so spot on. He said I had a date. Didn’t believe him, and the guy I’m seeing was out in a different part of town. Graham said I’d accidentally on purpose go on this date… Sure enough I walked in to the local house and he was sitting there! Had a GREAT evening. Thanks graham!” … written by JB
“Tried something new with this amazing 10 STAR man!! can’t wait to see what happens!!!!” … written by nik
“This psychic is really good I would recommend him to everyone .. He is worth your credits .. He tells you the way it is .. Thank you very much for your help .. ” … written by Romy Marylou Amber
“Great reader. Highly recommended!” … written by Omeros
“excellent!” … written by Cedric Hightower
” I just had an awesome reading with graham. He is amazingly gifted and accurate. He sees and heals things beyond all comprehension. He’s been helping me since March so I can honestly say that what he says and does is the real deal. Readings and healings are completely personal to each individual and you will hear words from your guides which confirm with personal information. Pretty MINDBLOWING. Im so happy I was guided to you. Thank You ” … written by sodalite
“wow…” … written by C
“more trust in what he says than I can explain, never a waste of money. puts my mind at ease, makes things make sense. ” … written by M
“awesome!!! one of the best” … written by stephany
“Very good. ” … written by Lance Lamantia
“Merry Christmas Graham! I had the worst headache this morning and graham did a healing for it… It was gone within 20 minutes of the healing. I feel so much better. Especially without having taken advil. Less poisonous than pills. Thank you Graham” … written by JB
“Nice guy, personable, intuitive. Did a palpable healing…..feeling relaxed and calm.” … written by Larry Lifeblood
“thanks for the update and your so awesome has always :)” … written by stephany8888
“He’s great.” … written by Lani Sarem
“he’s very fast and was spot on with my current situation!” … written by BP
“Very good! Very insightful and very accurate. Recommended!” … written by Tricey
“Thank you Graham for the accurate predictions, always. They are teaching me the hard lesson of patience! ” … written by Juanita
“Thank you graham. The insomnia healing is amazing!” … written by jaclynn
“Very insightful. You won’t be disappointed.” … written by honeylotus
“thanks for the update /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“Awesome” … written by Kat
“very strong energy balancing session, my head is spinning!! Graham helped me before and saw effects of his healing, so thats why Im back, he can truly help.” … written by jazzychic
“great reading as always can always count on him to narrow down wats going on in my life to the very detail. highly recommend as always ..” … written by vikki
“I always feel better after talking to Gram. It hasn’t come to pass yet but I have faith that it will. =)” … written by lyssabugg
“Thanks so much for the words of wisdom. You’ve help straighten out the confusion I had and what it is I need to work towards. Blessings to you and yours ” … written by Cas
“Thanks for the insight and opening my eyes 🙂 /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“Graham is simply the best! I cant wait to see how his latest healing works out” … written by Lori
“Consistent with past readings, told me something that I had actually thought about a lot through out my situation that I hadnt mentioned. Always appreciate a reading from Graham, I trust his insight, his judgement and his experience and very much enjoy talking to him regularly ” … written by M
“wonderful reading!” … written by jb
“Thank you …you just made my year! /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“He was great! Right on Target” … written by LA
“Munum has the awesome ability to clear up confusion and calm my nerves!” … written by Kat
“i really feel grateful I met graham. His hearings indeed to something… 2 days after healing I had a very powerful dream in which I believe receive continous healing energy. He helped me tremendously to define my goals and actually see that I shall focus on path more connected with my calling. thank you very much xxx” … written by jazzychic
“My boyfriend was super stressed and left on an impromptu trip to go skiing and kept saying he was not coming to my NYE party. I asked graham to look into it. He said he would start his drive back around lunch time. Sure enough, I got at text at 11:30 am saying he was heading back to town! ” … written by Juanita
“Thank you Graham! Much appreciated. Scary accurate!” … written by JB
“Graham predict my new years eve would be a huge success. He saw me in a silver dress with sparks bouncing off me. I saw pictures from last night and it was a exactly what he saw. People surrounding me with sparklers and my party was a huge hit!” … written by J
“good reading, very insightful” … written by Ganesh
“Thanks for the update :)” … written by stephany8888
“Graham was very nice and accurate. Picked up on my energy straight away.” … written by jand777
“Had a healing for insomnia and boy, let me tell you. I SLEPT so well last night. I normally hate going to bed because i end up laying there or taking something to induce sleep but last night was the most restful evening. Looking forward to tonight. I’ll count 5 sheep before I’m out like a light! Thanks!” … written by Jack
“Good reading, wish I had more time” … written by Ganesh
“He’s amazing and has healed me on numerous occasions. I will need it this new year.” … written by nbarnes2
“Amazing!!!” … written by Brewster
“Thank you!” … written by Juanita
“Graham is always so scary accurate” … written by JB
“thanks graham for update 🙂 /hugs ” … written by stephany8888
” ” … written by
“Thanks for giving me the answer I needed.” … written by Telt
“This is the second time i have had a reading with him. I have to say i have had some positive results from the first one to! He is very reassuring, and tells it like it is. Not what you want to hear but need to know. This time he did a healing session as well, i feel very positive right now and can’t wait to see what else comes with it. Will definitely be back!” … written by cheekylilone
“Great healing could really feel the energy…” … written by Ganesh
“another powerful session!” … written by jazzychic7
“Thank you for the advice and the guidance. I understand your reasoning well. ” … written by bonnie
“Thank you graham” … written by jb
“Thank you! I had a weight loss healing. Cant wait to see the results! SO far my appetite is small! ” … written by JB
“Graham predicted my brother’s engagement down to the day!!!” … written by Juanita
” Thank you” … written by
“Thanks graham, wonderfully accurate read” … written by JB
“What a thorough healing… I think I will actually sleep! Wow. Thank you! Very complete help! Thanks! ” … written by Ben
“I don’t know what to say, Graham has done wonders. Anything I say right now wouldn’t do him justice. I have been really happy and have gone back to Graham three times now. He’s helped in many ways… even my family members have experienced healing!” … written by Benny
“Thanks so much you are wonderful.” … written by ll
“Great energy healing! i could have slept for 12 hours” … written by JB
“Thanks Graham!” … written by JB
“My feeling is that Graham is a true gem! Have just found him but am feeling more and more certain of this each time we speak. Looking forward to see where it takes us :)” … written by C
“wow just wow. always great for insight and healing energy. def needed that. thx so much!” … written by m
“Back for clarification. Hopefully he is right when it comes to the timeline prediction. Thank you though. I appreciate his speed at which he works. ” … written by V
“Thanks Graham there is always so much more to say and not enough time, right!! We are getting somewhere aren’t we. I did a protection healing for myself and D. and it is working. ” … written by ll
“Had a healing from Graham! It was great” … written by jB
“Munummedium told me something a long time ago that I did not listen to and now I regret. However, I wanted to go back to him and try to learn what I did and how I can fix it or how I can work on resolutions for self. Do use him if you really are a person that does want to hear the real raw truth. If you are just looking for someone who will tell you what you want, then you will not want him. He is 5 star worth it” … written by Laura
“thank you for your help” … written by nextellife
“I will see where it goes and update” … written by warmsun
” ” … written by
“Second time I have done one of these with Graham. Last time was amazing… this time really counts” … written by Randi
” ” … written by
“i Love going to munu because he’s on point!” … written by henry
“Thanks Graham great reading!” … written by JB
“Always a supporter and great person for help and getting back on track with finance and love. Tells you the truth. Positive energy. You won’t regret it. Real review, real person, real everything. Munummedium is the real deal.” … written by nextelife
“Thanks Graham for the answers and for talking me through this. I probably need the support more than anything. Everything still the same outcome just need to be patient. xoxo” … written by ll
” ” … written by
“There’s no-one like Graham. He’ll give you truth, like it or not. An opportunity for growth, to follow true calling. He’s funny and kind. He’s wise and he’s real. He’ll guide you on the only journey, your spiritual journey. My lifes changed a lot since I’ve known him. Its not always easy but it’s authentic and its grounded. Thank you Kind man.” … written by laurabegora
“thank you for your help with love and finance” … written by nextel
“Thanks Graham!” … written by Juanita
“Thank you so much Graham. He predicted that I would meet my favorite musician while I was in LA. He said “No and Yes” and i wasn’t sure what that meant. But I did meet her. SHE WAS SO MEAN. I talked to her and she didn’t talk to me. Haha!” … written by JB
“thanks for your help” … written by nextellife
” good” … written by
” good…” … written by
“Thanks!” … written by JB
” Good….” … written by
“HE’s honest and very sincere nice man.” … written by nbarnes2
“He’s amazing ” … written by nbarnes2
“thank you” … written by nextellife
“thank you” … written by nextellife
“Graham is a wonderful reader!! His healings are NO JOKE!!! Amazing energy work that will have you feeling like a new person!!” … written by Randi
“Me is a honour to be guided by him. A really care and wonderful man that is willing to assist me in every difficult time. I am a very impatience woman but with his help I am becoming what I have to be . He really helps in my love situation. I am struggling to wait for my love to understand our connection but with munummedium healing and his help I am more aware that everything has a reason . Thanks thanks thanks munummedium !Hugs and love ” … written by Izamara
“Had a healing for insomnia but was worried about an earlier morning flight and sleeping through it. I woke up fresh and sharp with the best night sleep in only a few hours! worked through a 15 hour day!” … written by Jack
“Thanks Graham!” … written by JB
“One of the best. I highly recommend him, he has helped me through a lot!” … written by alyssa
“Thanks graham!” … written by Jb
“thanks for the honesty and update” … written by stephany8888
“very fast, great and confident in his reading! very important! makes me want to come back, I feel I can trust this one!” … written by nessa
“graham is the best here ” … written by mily
“his amazing. everything has happened ” … written by milly
“discussed a strategy to facilitate energy transfer which is of interest. lovely man with a unique ability.” … written by fran
“Good….” … written by
“As always -Graham gets me on the right path” … written by Ms Kim
“Thanks!!!” … written by JB
“I wanted to read without letting Graham know the specifics of what had happened to see what he picked up on. He was able to capture the essence of what went on. Very good, as always. ” … written by Alyssa
” ” … written by
” ” … written by
“Muchas Gracias!!” … written by Juanita
“Graham” … written by laura
“Thanks Graham!” … written by Jb
“Once again another great reading and some healing. I feel relaxed and ready to take on the world right now. Thanks Graham! I truly recommend talking with him, he will definitely help you achieve what it is you really need!” … written by cheekylilone
“Had a healing last night for graham to stop an issue i was having and it stopped overnight!” … written by JB
“We just did another energy transfer and i CANNOT wait to see the results from this one! It was very strong this time and I’m still feeling it! Graham is always clear and concise. His messages are strong and real. Never what you want to hear! I will definitely be back again! No regrets here! :)” … written by cheekylilone
“Master at predictions!!” … written by Jack
“Always amazing to speak to. thank you very much!” … written by marie7498
“great reading!” … written by Emily Ransohoff
“Thanks Graham” … written by Juanita
“Wonderful man! Easy to talk to, fast connection, accurate with current situation. I feel good about the predictions that he has made for me. We shall see ~” … written by ***
“I have been having healing sessions with Graham….He is just out of this world!!!! Ive experienced so many wonderful sensations during each session…he has such a sensational connection with the spirit world his gift is so special….I will be continuing with my sessions as I feel he is as good as any therapist or doctor at times even better…..If you are experiencing any form of difficulties in your life may it be physical or mental this is the man who can and will help you…the smell of lavender was sooo overwhelming calming…I felt like I was floating in a field full of beautiful lilac heather….the colour so vibrant, the breeze so refreshing, I felt like I was in ectasy! Ive never experienced anything like it Thanku sooo much Kxx ” … written by Katha123
“Healing session was great and I felt it so I know it is working!” … written by tlsimms2008
“Graham predicted my entire night last night. Looking forward to tonight!” … written by Jack
“Great reading. Well connected did need names or dates of birth.” … written by tlsimms2008
“Good.” … written by
“graham had a great vibration healing. It was an attraction healing. I went out last night and was just constantly swarmed by people. I didn’t do/dress/act any different but people were just attracted to me by the masses!!” … written by JB
“There are no words..I was actually feeling angels holding my hands while I was in a lavender field. Their wings were covering me as I cried during the healing. I’m looking forward to dealing with work on Monday..I even felt the troubled mindset melt away. I actually heard these angels say protected..And Graham was right..Its a bit of a testing period.” … written by goodnight2345
“A wonderful reader. Start here, you won’t be disappointed =)” … written by Alyssa
“thank you” … written by nextelife
” ” … written by
“Great reading! He felt it on the spot, very accurate. Thank you 🙂 ” … written by sunshine147
“Quite incredibly insightful and a really lovely energy. His accuracy and insight was pretty phenomenal, I have to say! I’m really looking forward to having a personal healing session with him soon. He is really so incredibly connected; to tell the truth I’m a little bit blown away and so intrigued, as well as grateful for the advice and confirmation of so many aspects to my issue at hand. Thank you. ” … written by kareniva
“Graham was fantastic he was right on with things about me and my situation. I mean he was right on so it was a very good session and also had some healing done which I felt really good about and I am looking forward to being a better person and live a more balanced life and have a better relationship. Thank you so much am looking forward to filling you in on how things turn out.” … written by Raym
” good.” … written by
“Had a weight loss healing and canont tell you how great it was! Thanks graham. I eat like a bird now, no effort” … written by jb
“Had an insomnia healing and was asleep instantly” … written by Jack
“Always an amazing session with Graham!! I have grown so much with his guidance!!!” … written by penny
“WOW! WOW! WOW! HE IS AMAZING! he know without having to say a word! he is WONDERFUL! SUCH A HONEST PERSON AND SO KIND! THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH. YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!” … written by kat620
“A very good psychic honest and always nice .. I would reccommend him to everyone who visits oranum.. He has helped me alot ..” … written by Romy Marylou Amber
“Fabulous energy work!! They have never failed me before!!” … written by Randi
“He is great to talk to. He truly connects and understands. I am new to him, so we shall see if his predictions come true. I do feel good about the fact that they will. ” … written by L
“This man is fantastic. Super patient and understanding! He def tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear and doesn’t waste your time doing it.” … written by Randi
“It is always wonderful to talk with Munum!!” … written by Kat
“Ive lost 4 lbs with the weight loss healing!” … written by JB
” ” … written by
“Thanks!!!” … written by jb
“Thanks graham” … written by jb
“My first time with graham ands it was a very powerful healing session. thank you so much” … written by c
“Just received a healing from him….wow! Very interesting. I am currently feeling quite calm and at peace. I am feeling much more positive as well. I will return with more detail on the outcome of all of this.” … written by M
“Fantastic guy absolutely love him!” … written by Randi
“Ive become a regular customer of Graham because I see effects of his healings in real life . There are many things that happened after each session and there’s always something unexpected and positive that is being triggered. Thank you!!” … written by jazzychic7
“Great!” … written by NinaLynn
“Thanks graham!” … written by JB
“Very honest, straight forward and right!” … written by tlsimms2008
“I always enjoy our sessions. He is powerful!” … written by tlimms2008
“he is great, quick sharp accurate.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“i highly recommend investing in sessions with graham if you want to see real life improvements. great healer.” … written by jazzychic
“finishing session – so far most powerful. I feel I met Graham on a purpose in my life and he’s become my guide. I really like his spiritual, yet very down to earth approach, almost scientific, that’s also why I keep coming back to him… a true healer of modern times. Great experience.” … written by jazzychic
“Fantastic advice and fab as always xxxx” … written by Steph Porter
“Im going on a family ski trip on saturday. graham said the guy i am seeing will be coming with me. I didn’t believe him because he wasn’t invited? My dad asked him at dinner the other night and slowly the plan started to unfold. Graham said it would happen on Thursday. Sure enough, i got a text from my guy asking me to look into tickets. Graham mentioned he would be following me out there. The guy I’m seeing said he could meet me out there a few days later than when I depart. LOL. thanks again!!!” … written by Jack
“Just had a great update from Graham who once again was reading me before I even got into the private reading. Just amazing. If you haven’t given him a try you will regret it. He is that good and does a wide variety of sessions to help you deal with specific things in your life. If you have been thinking about it push the private button and sit back and enjoy you will be glad you did.” … written by Ray
“Fantastic. Always soo wonderful. Accurate. It’s like he sees a camera and sees what is happening. Fast, A++++++” … written by Quest
“Amazing! Don’t know why i didn’t come to him for a reading before! Please have a reading with him, he’s absolutely spot on!” … written by GratefulOne14
“Lovely Graham. He is the best.” … written by laura
“5 stars ***** On the spot accurate…. Love him…. One of the BEST on this site. Channels in IMMEDIATELY, INSTANTLY, and is so calm. You won’t waste your time or money. Worth it. ” … written by Quest
“Thanks Graham! Great Read!!!” … written by JB
“This man is truly a gift from god. He is the real deal. 100% feeling better after healing session with him. brought up memories of happiness with my heart in knowing I am still one with these feelings” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“My mind has been officially blown! 🙂 He is sooo fast and connected – broke down the situation quickly and super accurately before I could even say a word. It’s like he had known us personally for years. Received an energy transfer and wow, that was amazing- can’t wait to feel the continued results. Very highly recommended!!” … written by Seeker1200
“Thanks G!” … written by Jack
“Munum is the best!” … written by Kat
“He said he would contact me in three days, three days later I got the message I was waiting for. ” … written by Lyssa
“Excellent as always!” … written by mina10
“Thanks graham!!” … written by JB
“Accurate read!” … written by JB
“Amazing healer and advisor.” … written by Stacy
“I feel so different. I could hear my guides too. Incredible experience! Can’t recommend him enough!!!!!! Thank you so much Graham! You’re one of the best if not the best psychic medium on Oranum!” … written by GratefulOne14
“Good reading, encouraging. Thank you Graham” … written by Ganesh
“Awesome.” … written by ness
“Thanks!!” … written by jb
“Thanks” … written by JB
“love my readings with graham he is actually the only one I can trust and don’t complain about wasting my money on… I have totqal faith in him and I believe every word he ever says. I aslo no his predictions come true and im just waiting on the others too fall into place. if I hadn’t of come across graham I don’t know where I would be in my life right now. he has defo made me a very calm person and now I no how to deal with situations without it always getting messy. thanks graham. Essex style. always coming back for readings :)” … written by vikki
“Thanks!!” … written by JB
“Thanks Graham!” … written by JB
“He’s awesome, love this man! ” … written by SN
“Thanks for everything” … written by JB
“What a great healing session. I have had a session done before for myself too. This is for a friend in need. He’s such a great man and feel immediate energy rush after the session. ” … written by MK
“Great counselor! I am hoping his predictions come true.” … written by ***
“Thanks!!!” … written by JB
“Thank you so much Graham. I asked him a question of “when” an action occurred and he said “yesterday.” Sure enough, one of my friends texted me that the same action occurred yesterday and she was an eye witness! Haha! ” … written by JB
“Thanks Graham always love hearing the truth and getting clairity on my up comings. I understand exactly just want him here sooner. xoxox” … written by ll
“amazing, words can’t describe this man’s power to heal” … written by nextellife
“Amazing, we did some energy work for twin flames and as always positive results to come. Don’t think it three times. Just go in private and talk to munummedium. He will help you with your problems.” … written by nextellife
“Had a great energy transfer. I could feel the energy in my hands. It was incredible” … written by Jack
“Thanks” … written by JB
“very good advice ” … written by anwar
“always the best” … written by m
“it is so wonderful to get your advice Graham. You help me in many ways. Thank you.” … written by bonnie
“Thanks for helping me with my struggle of worrying xxx as always xxxx time is coming for me xx” … written by capricorn_dancer
“Thanks!!” … written by JB
“SUPERMAN, very calm and insightful.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“I had a long conversation with Graham….he has completely reassured me as I have endured a lot of complicated heart-breaking cruel situations throughout my life unbearable at times…..from Ive met Graham on oranum he literally has saved my life….he has been able to lift my spirits,Ive gained incredible confidence, I found my identity once more, I finally realise I have the ability to accomplish and fulfil my dreams, It has been baby steps 1st….as .the only way I can describe how I felt before I met Graham…my life was like watching myself in a slow motion car wreck thrown through the window left at the side of the road… I couldnt get up…. didn’t want to get up from the side of the road couldnt see a way out!……Throughout Grahams healing sessions he gently held my hand then through him he made me realise that an angel was holding my hand…I am standing tall now and seeing the world with its glorious beauty so many colours….this feeling is amazing words cannot describe it…..This man is truly gifted better than any doctor or therapist…..Thankyou soo much Godbless and protect you xxx” … written by Katha123
” ” … written by
“very good. he knew without me starting to talk 🙂 ” … written by camibar
“Great!! ” … written by gokelly
“Graham is wonderful. I would never doubt a thing he says… he is very honest, accurate, and matter of fact. ” … written by Randi
“I have just had another healing session with Graham….. I feel completely calm inner peace…..His healing sessions our out of this world….to be honest….. Im just so relaxed now…. I want to lay down and imagine Im on a tropical island without a care in the world…..I finally found someone who cares enough to care about me so I can eventually have no cares!!!!! Im smiling singing its a wonderful life! You really cant get much better! Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for giving me my freedom back Kxx” … written by katha123
“I really like him. Great guy, very straight forward and picked right up on the situation.” … written by Melissa
“This guy has amazing healing abilities. Before I received a healing from him, I was experiencing so much anxiety. My anxiety attacks are gone now! I feel so much more positive. I had a huge brick lifted off my shoulders!! He is a must see!!!” … written by M
“Had only a few credits left and this guy was very very very nice, understanding and helpful. ” … written by S.
“A very reasonable and good reading. Thank you!” … written by Charlie
“tHanks!” … written by JB
“thank you for your relationship help” … written by florida
“Great/accurate read!!!” … written by Jack
” ” … written by
“Great as always =),fast and to the point ” … written by lyssabugg
“Graham is always so spot on” … written by Randi
“Best reads!!” … written by Juanita
“Thank You so much. Words of Wisdom as always.” … written by laura
“Thanks!” … written by JB
“i got a healing just now. it was an amazing feeling . i will tell you how it goes. Thank yu so much Graham! 🙂 ” … written by camibar
“thanks!!!!” … written by jb
“Best reads!” … written by Jack
“Good reading, would like more time, but there you go…” … written by Ganesh
“amazing, left me speechless” … written by nextellife
“thank you” … written by nextellife
“I love getting advice from munum!!!” … written by Kat
“thanks” … written by jb
“:)” … written by nic
“Another great healing session. His sessions always calm me . Great energy to it ” … written by MK
“funny guy… really kind..very knowledgable” … written by donna
“Excellent..always get the right counsel here. I needed last minute clarifications before my move and he was able to answer and put my mind at ease.BTW, I have no doubt whatsoever in what he told me. It will happen. I say that for very few practitioners. I must admit, I’m addicted to all his healing works in CD they pack a punch.” … written by goodnight2345
” ” … written by
“thanks” … written by jb
“thanks” … written by jb
“thanks” … written by jb
” ” … written by
“thanks1” … written by jb
“such a positive reading, love his vibe, will talk again soon” … written by Stella
” good…” … written by
“thank you for your help” … written by nextellife
“thank you for your support” … written by nextellife
“thank to graham he is so accurate ate predictions- it is scary!!” … written by juanita
“thank you for your help” … written by nextellife
“needed a healing from this man! i feel the effects!” … written by shamster
“Confirmation of my telepathic nature. BAM!” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“Once again, Wonderful Graham has helped me to grow. All my inner obstacles rise and show themselves when they are meant to. Tonight, i cleared a deep block. Thank you So Much Graham. You’re truly a divine healer.” … written by laura
“Really good healing session, and I liked how I had feedback on my chakras. It was good for me to know why I have been experiencing what I have been lately.” … written by BN
“Thanks!” … written by jack
“Graham is awesome!! My second reading with him and again he was so accurate and hit on things I was going to ask before I asked! He even accurately identified a specific situation no one knows about and I didn’t even ask about. WOW!! He is very hilarious as well and that just makes the reading even more enjoyable.” … written by Seeker1200
“Graham right on point with everything we had discussed. I once again feel very thankful to be able to talk to you. Thank you!” … written by Sandra
“graham is always 99.99999999 percent accurate! ” … written by jb
“Graham’s messages come through loud and clear when needed most. ” … written by Telt1910
“everytime I have a reading with graham I feel so at ease with my situation he guides me on the right path to where I need to go and what I need to do in order to get my relationship with my twinflame back on track. once again he is the only one I don’t complain about wasting my money and time on because I can truly believe every word he says to me. just waiting for it too all fall into place :)” … written by vikki
” ” … written by
” ” … written by
“thank you for the advice. it is always a pleasure.” … written by bonnie
“thank you for sharing your knowledge” … written by nextellife
” ” … written by
“that healing knocked me off my feet!! I saw so many different vibrant colors!” … written by jb
“quick question quick answerr 🙂 also received some energy healing last evening and already trigerred some positive event… awesome!!” … written by jazzychic7
“Ive been having sessions with Graham for a while and I can witness they give you great boost of energy and positivity, especially when extra nudge is needed… he does not only brings clarity, but helps you to move things in good direction – he’s truly special, no one else is like him….!!!” … written by jazzychic
“just had a amazing healing with graham I feel so much better after the healing he is so good at wot he does I recommend him 5 stars actually more then 5 stars” … written by vikki
” ” … written by
“you have helped me to reason out a lot of things. Thank you for you knowledge and help.” … written by bonnie
“thanks graham!!!” … written by jb
“his readings, advice and insight never fail to help me. Its like the little piece of info I need every now and then to keep me going and stop me breaking in the situation. And he always .. ALWAYS picks up on what I need to know before I say anything. I like coming to him because I’m rubbish at knowing what I want to know. He knows what I want to know, if that makes sense … which I tend not to :D” … written by M
“thanks” … written by nicola
“Thank you again Graham. A wonderful guy, wonderful healings” … written by randi
” Good” … written by
“great man, super clear about words, choices, detail of information, etc.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“had a great energy healing blast! thank you!” … written by JB
” Nice” … written by
“I always come in with a lot on my mind and Graham is always able to help calm and help me:)” … written by Kat
“thank you for your help” … written by nextellife
“thank you for all your advice” … written by nextellife
“thank you for your advice in relationship status” … written by nextellife
“hey is such a clear guide.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“just had a nice energy transfer by the end I felt great and my face was glowing …. thanks graham :)” … written by vikki
“Graham is A very loving and kind soul. he is kind of funny too.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“thank you” … written by nextellife
“love his readings 100 percent honest always can count on graham” … written by vikki
“Thanks!!!!” … written by JB
“Had an insomnia healing and practically fell asleep in it! best healing!!!” … written by jb
“super consistent reader. very clear and genuine personality. ” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“thank you” … written by nextellife
” ” … written by
“Look, I got to say this guy is hands down amazing. crystal clear and great sense of humor. ” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“very good but crashing ” … written by john
“Good reading, helpful” … written by Ganesh
“thanks, best relationship helper on oranum!!!” … written by neextellife
“thanks for your help!” … written by nextellife
“thanks for your help” … written by nextellfie
“Can’t write anything elaborate at the moment but I do love this man…straight, real and caring…recommends, recommends, recommends!!! xxx” … written by lady in red
“thank you” … written by nnextellife
“thanks” … written by nnextellife
“thank you” … written by nextellife
“thanks for your help!” … written by nextellife
“thanks for your help” … written by nextellife
“SOLID” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“He understood me exactly and could feel what I was feeling. I felt the energy he transferred to me in my hands and it was wonderful. There was an automatic feeling of peace. He also understood the connection I have been feeling with my twin flam and helped me understand why I have been feeling this way. It felt good to be understood and validated in what I am feeling. ” … written by Nicole
“thank you.. I will definitely update you tom” … written by beccarcl
“crystalline advice, quick clear, decisive informing action” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“Had some technical problems but they fixed it. I could not be anymore happy. Thank you so very much!” … written by John
“special man.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“All out good guy!” … written by ***
“thank you lovely wiseman” … written by laura
“love graham a lot. he keeps saying go light!” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“always a great reading from graham tells it how it is…. always coming back…” … written by vikki
“Graham has helped me tremendously over last 2 months, he’s a wonderful healer, spiritual guide, experienced in real life that his energy trasnsfers do work. I keep coming back to him cause I built a strong bond of trust and he can help with issues where other psychics are limited. Graham is one of a kind. I feel my guardian Angels and led me to him to help me out x” … written by jazzychic
“He’s amazing. and gave a great read..” … written by nbarnes2
“had a glowing healing and let me tell you.. people are noticeably approaching me!!!” … written by jb
“Always a bummer when my time is up! I love the energy transfers, they have help tremendously. I keep you updated on this last one as well as the future predictions. Thank you munummedium… are a true blessing!” … written by 888
“brilliant insight. thank you always graham.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“Thank you Graham for your consistency. I appreciate your clarity and knowledge, precision in working with me. ” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“just had my twin flame energy healing and it was amazing not to mention me glowing again at the end of it my face just lights up and it feels amazing….. love my healings and energy transfers with graham.. will keep you updated as always ” … written by vikki
“Thanks Graham seeing all good things and progressing. Needed the talk. Keep positive and time will show the great ending. xoxox” … written by ll
“He is a must see! He has done some wonderful things for me and I’m starting to see positive changes occur in my life. ” … written by M
“says it how it is” … written by laura
“Graham has been my guide for 3 years and I cant express how grateful I am!” … written by LB
“His energy transfers are amazing! And his first future prediction with me just came true. I’m eager to see the rest of his predictions unfold.” … written by M
“Graham gives the BEST readings.” … written by JB
“thank you for your advice in love and economics” … written by nextellife
“highly vibratory consistent being. truthful and playful.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“At this moment there is real heart felt gratitude for you Graham, you’ve a special gift, you’re blessed you know that, thank you for being there for, for all the chats and jokes, you’re a special friend. What can I say, bless you and yours, may life be as magical for you as can be :)” … written by Glow
“He is amazing. and a great comforter.” … written by nbarnes2
“Ohh.. this man is amazing here! Im so grateful that I have his advice and he is always so friendly. So so grateful!!!” … written by M
“so prediction passed!!! so thankful and greatfulwith thanks to my twin healing I had the other day it worked amazing stuff!!” … written by vikki
“thanks graham!!!” … written by jb
“great reading as always ” … written by vikki
“immeasurably amazing” … written by laura
” ” … written by
“love grahams readings” … written by jb
“just had a healing with graham after experiencing pain with my breasts and under my armpits. I can say by the end of the process the pain was instantly gone. I feel light and much better. I trust him 100 percent this is my second healing and I can guarantee I will be back for more. im one of grahams regulars aswell as other people … you will not be disappointed he is amazing at what he does.” … written by vikki
“When I am out of faith and patience I always can rely on Graham. It’s comforting talking to him. He understand I believe everyone so well. I am listen and I put in practice his guidance on my situation. Many thanks . I wish I could keep him” … written by Izamara
“thank you for your advice” … written by nextellife
“He’s truly one nice guy…” … written by S.
“another super intense energy healing with Graham… wow I feel like my spirit is running on super high frequencies!! He’s a wonderful spiritual guide… keeps me on track and helps me with my TF experience.. thank you” … written by jazzychic
“graham is so very lovely. he has been a good clear consistent guide in my life.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“excellent reader!” … written by mina10
“Thank you for your guidance with finance. Come to munummedium for anything with finance and love. He is the man!” … written by nextelliife
“thanks for the reading. it was my first and i hope it comes to pass. ” … written by luxxicon
“wonderful energy. captured the full essence of my situation without me saying a word. from one intuitive to the next, a must read with.. genuine, authentic, and gets right down to the core issues! Lovely reading” … written by hk
“wow i just had another session with Graham and this was the strongest one yet….Reassuring and very calm. keep you posted :)” … written by cheekylilone
“went fora healing tonight and it was amazing feeling. I will keep track of the progress.” … written by nbarnes2
“Graham has some powerful healing energy and a warm way of relating. He channels some good widom n guidance. i appreciate his style.” … written by Giupseppe Granfaloon
“god help me shine the light on the rest of the world.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“So while ago I had a reading with Graham about this guy I’m seeing and where things are going with him. He said that there will be some sort of proposal engagement but we couldn’t exactly figure out what it was. He said it would happen on my Birthday. During my birthday dinner, in front of everyone, he asked to inspect my diamond ring that my dad gave me a few years ago as a gift. I handed it to him and next thing I knew, he was slipping it on my ring finger. While everyone watched. Insane.” … written by JB
“Thanks for the update I appreciate it” … written by stephany8888
“thank you for the update I always appreciate your advice and wisdom/hugs your the best!” … written by stephany8888
“thank you graham, best reads ever” … written by jb
“loves graham- so very much right now.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
” ” … written by
“Very quick to assimilate to my situation without any information.” … written by diginity
“This man is a gift to me. A real gem. I hope I can one day repay him for his consistent guidance and intuitive help.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“thank you for your help.” … written by nnextellife
“Ummm…. very thought provoking… ” … written by gokelly
“thanks for the update and everything your awesome! /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“thank you for your help” … written by nextellife
“One of my all-time favorites!!! Maybe tied to my favorite! As I told him today, he is BEST for me with pure readings. He is maybe the most psychic person I have met. Definitely wayyyyy up there. Love speaking with him. Glad for him and his happiness and success. Highest recommendation always!” … written by MerkabahMan633
” ” … written by jb
“Brilliant, thanks Graham will be back for more soon. x” … written by suejoanne
“His healings are amzing, pls give it a try ” … written by SN
“This gentleman was sent to me from the heavens I believe. I have never met a more caring individual in all my life. I am a very good judge of character and let me say that he tops the charts! He was given this gift for a reason! He doesnt just help he genuinely cares about people and helping to resolve their issues. He is spot on with whatever he has told me He knew things that I have never spoken a word to anyone about and is working with me to help resolve the anxiety i have surrounding the events that took place in my childhood I highly recommend if you truly have a problem that needs serious attention whether it be a healing or otherwise that you use him I had a healing which leaves me very relaxed which I never am. I will be working with him for any matter that I have he is just THE REAL DEAL. munummedium I know you say I don’t have to thank you but I HAVE TO THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR SPECIAL GIFT WITH ME AND OTHERS WHO NEED IT!! ” … written by karen
“Graham is a really lovely reader and genuine caring guide. good soul with very great spirit. ” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“Thank you for update your awesome!” … written by stephany8888
“Awesome:)” … written by Kat
“Graham had a healing to remove negativity from my mind. During the healing, I saw a dark mass and it sort of floated off into the distance but got stuck. A white mass came and enveloped it. Poof they both were gone.” … written by jb
“really great reader,,,, he oicked up on my feelings right away” … written by amarielove
“Truly outstanding and accurate…” … written by Lightstar
“Great” … written by Ricardo
“Thank you for your advice on love.” … written by nextellife
“Awesome reader!!!!! he blew me away” … written by amarielove
“I met Graham beginning of November last year. And since then I did never stop to come for a guidance or sometimes just to talk about life. I feel comfortable and happy and he gave a relief to all my anxiety. I choose light instead of darkness . Is the only one I can truly trust to get help from . I had some healings and so far my anxiety/ insomnia has gone. I believe immensely that also my last healing I had my result at the moment he was doing it. Graham” … written by Izamara
“thanks graham your the best you make me open my eyes to things I don’t see in myself” … written by stephany88
“Graham, you are such a dear and lovely person to me. I really appreciate you in my life and think fondly of your guidance and assistance. ” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“Graham is a healer beyond comprehension…don’t think how it works just believe is what I’ve learnt. His healings are amazing I keep coming back even though I sometimes don’t know what it is for I just let Graham decide. He has an amazing gift, highly recommended.” … written by Newlife
“special man with enlightened gifts.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“Spot on ” … written by Eve
“Always love my readings with Munum. Thank you for everything you do for me. ” … written by Moonshine
“Just had an energy transfer from him for a long standing problem of mine. Will keep you posted on results! 🙂 thanx graham” … written by Fundaaz
“graham is always so accurate!!” … written by jb
“thank you for everything I appreciate you :)” … written by stephany
“I have had healing sessions with Graham over the last 9 mths and it is just remarkable how good I feel, I lost my mother on June 4th 2015 after watching her suffer for a full year…this has as well as many other issues in my life were extremely tough to endure…..Thanks to Graham I feel like a new woman….my confidence is building, my mindset is so much more positive….the bad comfort habits with food and alcohol have slowly stopped and most importantly the gut fear anxiety I was experiencing has suddenly gone….I cant explain it but certainly felt it….but the beauty of his healing sessions are there are no side effects no withdrawal PLUS given at an affordable rate….just pure simple spiritual healing….I’m starting to feel I can and will accomplish my life’s baby step at a time ….This is the first time in my life that i’ve met someone who cares enough to care about me on a spiritual level….I now look at myself in the mirror and for the 1st time in my life I love what I see!!!! I cant thankyou enough Graham for helping me….I finally feel a sense a freedom and the smile has started to come back on my face again…..Kathleen x” … written by Katha123
” ” … written by
“Ive just had a healing session with Graham…I feel so relaxed calm…..Ive been having healing sessions with Graham for 9mths now….I can honestly say in that time my body has slowly changed for the better….I suffered from severe migranes for many years..when I would have these attacks I couldn’t function had to take medication leaving me very sleepy not able to work….now my migranes are slowly disappearing less and less…..he is now helping me with my weight loss and under active thyroid….if you are experiencing pain either emotionally or physically Graham can and will help you…..this man is truly gifted beyond belief…I am living proof of that….I will be returning to Graham for healing sessions regularly each month… watch this space…..thankyou Graham from the bottom of my heart….Kathleen xx” … written by katha123
“i had a special healing where Graham removes the negative energy….i am so much calmer now. More relaxed. I laugh so much more. For the first time in forever…i feel free again. Thank you Graham! it’s like i have my life back :)” … written by cheekylilone
“thanks graham” … written by jb
“Helping me through finance and business, energy work really works and helps you!” … written by nextelllife
“thanks for the update and insight ” … written by stephany8888
“This guy has been such a big help for me! And his readings are very accurate” … written by *****
“Munummedium was fast and very clear with what he saw when I asked the questions. No sugar coating. Saw a positive outlook on my love life. Will seek his advice in the near future.” … written by Kelly
“I just like this man,,,,,,,he is great at what he does” … written by Julie
“Healed my heart. AAA Fantastic and ON SPOT!!!! Knew just as I walked in the door. He is amazing. Thank you Graham!” … written by Questgoat
“The only person who helps me push foward” … written by nextellife
“WHOA JUST WHOA” … written by S
“thanks for your help!” … written by nextellife
“Very healing” … written by nb
“good person to talk too and is legit!” … written by nextellfie
“Had a weight loss healing – can’t wait to see the results” … written by jb
“Graham is one of the kind, Im his regular client and trust him.” … written by jazzychic
“Simply the best!” … written by sartoris
“A true friend. A great guru. The best on Oranum.” … written by Sartoris
“best reads!!” … written by jb
“wonderful glow by graham. everyone was flocking to me.” … written by jb
“absolutely lovely person. real, sincere and astute energy.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“thank you for your help!” … written by nextellife
” ” … written by
“very insightful told me what I needed to hear” … written by Krysten
“thank you graham for being so highly supportive and spot on in all of my queries.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“Went to him for a healing on my tooth I needed it nd will follow up.” … written by nbarnes2
“thank you graham” … written by jb
“thank you” … written by nicola
“Really excellent reading, he really understood my situation and helped me clear and heal. He had insight into my situation, without me saying anything. I really enjoyed it.” … written by BN
“Incredible. He gave me so much advise. He was nurturing and caring. I can’t be more happy to have chosen him for a reading. ” … written by Tiana
“Wow Graham made me feel so much better. Thank You. You are awesome.” … written by mc
“thank you for your help!” … written by nextellife
“excellent read!” … written by jb
“Graham helps me to figure out how to solve my problems. I will see him until I get through this difficult period.” … written by Katheryn
“He’s amazing. he tapped into what I was looking for” … written by nbarnes2
“Thank you for the weightless healing. I literally felt my stomach contract!!!” … written by j
“Graham is amazing! his healings and energy transfers always work and bring positive outcomes. Regular client :)” … written by jazzychic
“such a great gentleman, super super.” … written by LIG
“he was very accurate with my situation…he made a prediction for me…i will def return if it comes to pass…he seemed very accurate and professional ” … written by nami
“verygood advice.” … written by sunc.
“thanks graham for the clear guidance and insight. greatly appreciated.” … written by truth5
“I had a healing done now for anxiety and I feel not only relief but overall just better. It’s truly amazing what he just did! I will be back again for sure :)” … written by .
“what a lovely and beautiful human being. so very supportive of me and my intention with work. kindred soul.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“It is always interesting to get information from Graham. It’s cool how things play out and how accurate he is!” … written by Kat
“:) he is super, no words needed” … written by mu
“thank you for the update /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“But I’ve known Graham a long time now, and know what he can do… so without waiting for confirmation results, I came straight in…” … written by Windwhispers
“great reading as always ” … written by vikki
“he is such great person and know exactly what you need and help you I just did his healing now I feel his energy is going to help me for sure and I feel positive things around me. thanks munum” … written by insurance
“Amazing ” … written by Eve
“Always helping me, alot of things have improved with love and finance since I received his help months ago. Things take time to improve and willpower. Thank you.” … written by nextelliffe
“THANk you!!!” … written by Jay
“Graham has helped with through a tough relationship and is now guiding me through a more successful one!” … written by Kat
“Had an excellent reading today with Graham and it was flawless. thanks g! He accurately predicted down to the day what would happen with my house hunt, job promotion and the reactions i would get!” … written by Juanita
“thanks for the update I appreciate it ” … written by stephany8888
“he is a wonderful man ! great advise. always come to him he is so honest about everything! I will follow his advice!! thank you for everything!!!” … written by kathleen
” ” … written by
“Had a healing with graham and it was incredible,” … written by jb
“Did a energy transfer and it felt amazing. So hard to explain but only him and I truly know.. What an amazing man! Strongly recommend!” … written by Tiana
“I had a very lovely healing session with Graham and it was one of a kind. He was highly recommended to me, so I am looking forward to the effects of the healing. I felt very light and relaxed during the session. Have never experienced this before but will recommend for others to try it.” … written by LG
“Had an intuition healing with graham and saw the color lilac. I felt pressure in my forehead, not painful or irritable. Just like a hand resting on my mind. Interesting!” … written by Juanita
“5 stars” … written by stacey
“:)” … written by Kat
“graham is an absolute outstanding man and always helps me with my worries. hes taught me to stand my ground. and that patience is the key. he is my one and only to come to on this site the things he does are incrediable!” … written by vikki
“Wow, I just did a healing with Graham for me and my twin flame. The energy I felt was so powerful. I can’t wait to see how I feel in the morning and the events to transpire from it. I’ve had ALOT of readings on oranumn…. he is hands down the best reader on here. He truly cares about helping others. He knew before I went private exactly what was on my mind. I didn’t have to say anything. 5 Stars. ” … written by stacey
“Graham was the one that told me about my situation when I had no clue as to what was going on with me. He has been shedding light on it for a while. He always manages to keep me calm about it. He is so wonderful with his advice.Thanks Graham for all you do for me!!!” … written by mc
“was only able to cover the first part of the reading. will come visit him again for the healing” … written by Melissa
“He is boss” … written by Eve
“Graham knows eerie details about things I have never mentioned to him before!” … written by Kat
“Great reader and so spot on about everything. Picks up on your situation and just runs with it. Will definitely be back for more readings! Thank you!” … written by Brianne
” ” … written by
“very helpful and detailed reader.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“great read as always ” … written by jb
“Always a good read” … written by ****
“I love this man- he reminds me of a gentleman that helped me foster my life, my grandpa. but, instead he is my eccentric grandpa.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
“Awesome!! He needed no information and got EVERYTHING correct the moment we started private. Before I even typed anything he gave me a message that totally and specifically addressed a thought I had just less than an hour before on my drive home. Completely understood my situation without me saying anything and really helped me see the truth in it. He is fantastic!!” … written by Seeker1200
” ” … written by
” ” … written by
” ” … written by
“always good to talk to” … written by nextellife
” ” … written by
“great” … written by B
“thank you graham love ya!!” … written by stephany8888
“my favorite u got to just love him” … written by bobby
“Insightful, helpful… really good!” … written by gokelly
“thank u 5 million stars ” … written by angel
“Spot on ” … written by Eve
“cool” … written by mary
“Graham is my go to guide, every issue I have, he’s straight to the point, extremely quick. his energy healings are always working. seriously best!!” … written by jazzychic
“fantastic healing session! wonderful man, gives great guidance and healing, didnt even have to explain the situation, once i went into private, he knew everything! thank u!” … written by Happy
“munum did a strong healing today. it was amazing. i feel lighter. and look forward to the new opportunities available. Munum is an inspiring wise soul and always happy to guide your with good humour during all interactions. I recommend him for a try if you are in need of insights or healing. Thanks – love and light xo” … written by truth5
“thank you for the update” … written by stephany8888
“Thank you Graham…. things have come together as he has said before” … written by Randi
“I have been working with Graham for a while now. Tonight i experienced another healing. I went in with both emotional pain and physical. I left with a much lighter free emotional feeling and my physical pain has already begun to subside. I cannot wait to see what each day brings. Thank you so much Graham. I do not know what i would do without you!! ” … written by cheekylilone
“had my first healing session and it was really good. I felt a weird tingling in my head but overall it was good. ” … written by melissa
” ” … written by
“great reading as always ” … written by vikki
“excellent reader.” … written by LIGHTIGNITE
” ” … written by
“reallu understands what i am going through…” … written by itty
“Cant wait for my predictions from the best, graham, to come true!” … written by juanita
“Thanks Graham for your advice! Great insight!” … written by Charlie
“Good person, helps you see the light and helps you through the rocky roads of learning and does fantastic energy work.” … written by nexttlifee
“Incredible reading, would have loved to have gone for more but ran out of time! Will definitely be back!” … written by Brianne
” Good” … written by
“Wow, that’s all I can say. Sometime when you’ve really been helped, you’re speechless. I’ve finally received help. Thank you Graham!” … written by Benny
“Some wonderful advice and a wonderful healing. Graham was so patient with me as I was going through a moment.. I can’t be more grateful for Graham and the energy healing worked like a charm. Thank you Graham” … written by Tiana
“Good, explained a lot!!!” … written by gokelly
” ” … written by
“The beginning of this year Graham worked with me on an issue that he was insistent was a twin flame situation. I may have doubted him but by following his advice, things have progressed exactly has Graham has said. He came back, he confessed, and we are both learning from each other as we go…. Graham is wonderful.” … written by Randi
” ” … written by
“Great and honest reading!” … written by Alicia
“:)” … written by Kat
“Thank you for your help!” … written by nexttlifee
“I love working with Graham. He is amazing!” … written by Kat
“It was wonderful to have a reading and healing with Graham…” … written by KB
“I took his advice and it worked. My situation turned around drastically. Thank you Graham. I should’ve done this a long time ago. ” … written by Tiana
” Good.” … written by
“super quick, super accurate, predictions come true and always guides me into best decisions – thank you :))” … written by jazzychic
“Well another awesome experience with Graham! I am never disappointed and always leave the sessions with a smile. He’s honest and so down to earth. Definitely recommend him anytime! I will be back to keep you posted with the upcoming results!” … written by cheekylilone
“Thank you for your help with raising vibration around myself so that everything flows through.” … written by nexxtellifee
“nice reading thanks” … written by C
“Love Munum!” … written by Kat
“Thank you for your advice and knowledge on things. Great psychologist.” … written by nexxtellifee
” ” … written by
“thanks again! ” … written by M
“Wow opened up my mind again. Everytime I see you you teach me something wonderful. Thank you so much.” … written by ll
“thank you. no words to the help i get ” … written by M
“Thank you for your positive energy vibration work” … written by nexxtellifee
“Thanks for your help with energy vibration!” … written by nexxtellifee
“Graham’s healings are wonderful. If you don’t believe so, you’ll at least get a good night’s sleep out of it. ” … written by Telt
“Gram has been with me since the beginning, months ago. When I should’ve long given up hope of him coming back. Even in my moments when I doubted, he never did. He finally began to make some appearances and is finally growing into my life again more and more. ” … written by Alyssa
“great healing… looking forward to the results now” … written by truth5
“so spot on ” … written by milly
“Thanks for your help! Great raising vibration energy work.” … written by nexxtellifee
“Great insight!” … written by K
“good:)” … written by Kat
“Thanks graham. Great help with a lot of negativity and turning it into positivity! ” … written by Jb
” ” … written by
” ” … written by
“Thanks Graham!! ” … written by juanita
“Thank you for your help with passing messages from my guardian angel.” … written by nexxtellifee
“Thank you Graham. Came back to give Graham an update of how well things are looking up in my relationship thanks to his advice. Very happy and at peace. ” … written by Tiana
“Thanks for your help” … written by nextelliiffe
“Graham is always great with his healing and get to the root of the issue and removes all negativity with the light. He is genuine and straight forward. Great to get a healing always. THanks Graham” … written by truth5
“great! had some energy work done will be back to check in! thanks Graham I needed this” … written by kw
“Thank you for all your energy work. Thanks.” … written by nextelliiffe
“thanks graham!” … written by jb
“Munum is great, best advice!” … written by Kat
“Thank you for your help.” … written by nextelliiffe
“Munum makes my heart just soar with his readings!” … written by Kat
“Thank you for your help.” … written by nextelliiffe
“thanks graham for your wisdom and healing. Really makes the biggest difference in my journey to remove all negativity and have it purified with the light. Greatly appreciate your work and who you are. Love and light” … written by truth5
“Excellent-always provides me with the direction I need” … written by Mskim1
“Munum is amazing.” … written by Kat
“the best!” … written by jb
“great reading as always to the point” … written by vikki
“wonderful and amazing…..” … written by Abigail Rudner
“I have been having sessions with Graham….. words cannot explain how he has made me feel….my life has completely transformed from negative to positive….All I can honestly say is the gift this man has is very real and true…..when I think back to my 1st session with Graham lost angry confused no direction sad full of fear anxiety … im focused looking forward strong inwardly and outwardly physically emotionally spiritually….my work finances skills have increased my health has improved…I keep pinching myself on my hand asking is this actually happening….ive never felt so alive…ive finally got my identity back….he has enabled me to turn complexity into simplicity in every aspect of my life…..I finally realise what its all about…..this is so amazing…..this MAN IS A MIRACLE MAN…..Thanku so much Graham I will ALWAYS be grateful from the bottom of my heart Kxx ” … written by Katha123
“Graham is the miracle man!!!!!” … written by Katha123
“great healing once again. Thanks Graham..” … written by truth5
“He is so wonderful! everything he says happens! such a sweet person very kind! amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gives great advice!!” … written by kat620
“love and light xx” … written by meg471rs
“thank you it was interesting! Thank you for your help! :)” … written by ..
“Fabulous!” … written by maria
“Love!” … written by Kat
“thanks for the great healing.. i feel like an onion at the moment… much appreciated.” … written by truth
“Graham, how I wish you were my neighbour and that I had something to share with you that was as valuable as you are to me! Thank you!!” … written by C
“Great help ” … written by Merlin
“5 staars” … written by maria
“Thanks Graham haven’t done one of those in a while and the last time it worked!!! I can’t wait until that message gets to him. Wonderul!!” … written by Me
“always best advice, super helpful, never led me wrong… excellent!!!!” … written by jazzychic7
“AWESOME~~ Fantastic. Connected immediately and was genuine and kind and accurate!!!!” … written by tiffany
“did some fantastic work with him. I think it has worked. I don’t doubt his abilities at all! amazing gifts he has. Thank you for sharing it with others! Many blessings!” … written by Tiffany
“always wonderful” … written by LyssaBugg
“loved every bit of it,,,will see about the healing…” … written by lovehouston
“I have a good reading with him” … written by francis
“very intense healing today – triggering deep issues and pain from past that I realised needed to be released. Graham is one of the kind, very wise, gifted man – I trust him completely!” … written by jazzychic
“I think this man is one of the best ever!” … written by Abigail Rudner
“Very Interesting man. I feel good about it. I will return.” … written by Angela
“great man” … written by yasha
“Thanks!!” … written by jb
“I cannot wait to keep Graham updated with what happens next!!!” … written by Kat
“okay… he’s seriously the best.. like i dont even know where to begin with this guy! hes just the best!!! he’s scary fast! the fastest reader/healer i came across lol. and sooo very accurate. best advice i’ve ever gotten. i truly see him as like. a teacher. a life teacher. he really gets in touch with the soul.. thats how you know his guy is doing it right. thanks munummedium! ” … written by ale
“sometimes putting things in its deeper persepctive is all it takes to help coming to what we often need the most and that is acceptance just like you said. thank you dear for giving me that frame of mind and heart! xx c” … written by c
“Excellent Teacher for me” … written by Mskim1
“Very powerful healer and reader. Highly recommend.” … written by Jen
” wonderful” … written by m
“Magical man~ He is so incredible! It’s amazing! Connects sooo fast and genuine and kind! Great advice! I could listen to him all day! Thank you for sharing your fantastic gifts! Many blessings to you Graham! Hope to have some good news for you soon! ” … written by tiffany
“100% accurate, real abilities. Graham is gifted beyond what I’ve found here on this site and I’m so glad I decided to take the time to get to know him a bit before reading.” … written by .
“graham is the best by far hes totally amzing and he is an honest reader he is defo number one on oranum he wont sugarcoat anything he tells it as it is ” … written by vikki
” ” … written by
“Interesting reading” … written by Julia
“thank you as always” … written by jb
“great. very evolved” … written by debbie
“I am blessed to have found you.” … written by Abigail Rudner
“just had a healing with g to help me sleep better lets just say im gone im so sleepy cant keep my eyes open any lonerg thanks g ” … written by vikki
“good person to talk too” … written by nextellife
“Thanks graham, he tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear!” … written by nextellie
“I feel I’m in very good hands with Graham. His readings and healings are beginning to open up my mind and heart in ways that are very helpful and something I’ve needed for a long time. He’s a true psychic and healer.” … written by .
“Thank you graham, it was really wonderful meeting you and speaking to you. Very warm and quick. I will be back 🙂 ” … written by v
“I was very impressed. He picked up on my situation right away. I’m going to be easy and cool and I’ll definitely be back. Thank you sooooooooo much!!!” … written by Angeliceyes
“thanks graham” … written by jbn
“thanks!” … written by m
“Thank you for your advice and help with relationships.” … written by Nextellife
“Fantastic update!!! Graham always, always connects fast and extremely accurate! Look forward to next update in a week or so! ” … written by Tiffany
“Everything he always says is completely accurate! He knows my questions, he picks up on everything so quickly and he is soo sweet and gives great advice. A fantastic soul. He is so genuine ” … written by Tiffany
“thank you so much for everything you do for me..your awesome person” … written by stephany
“myyyyy gooodness… this guy is seriously the best. he has to be the fastest on this site. he’s straight to the point, he has humor, he’s empathetic, and kind and everything. and he’s soooooooooooooooooo accurate. i love his advice to much. he doesnt just point out what’s going on, but he really gives good advice on how to tackle things. thanks graham! you rock :D” … written by ale
“since last major healing my life started to shift tremendously. I’m so happy I could receive it and so many good things happened since, thank you. Just had another one :)” … written by jazzychic7
“Thanks for your support – ! Couldn’t do it without you!!!” … written by Abigail Rudner
“thanks for the update its always enlightening and helpful” … written by stephany8888
“one word: AMAZING. i love his readings. honestly one of the best readers, i really have to say. hes so incredibly fast. imo he’s the fastest on here lol. what i love about him is he also has a sense of humor. hes also just so honest. he never fails to give me clarity. you rock graham!!” … written by ale
“great healing session and will wait to see how it all works out with my ailment.” … written by dc8
“Lovely update with Graham. He always connects quickly and accurately and genuine soul and spirit! ” … written by Tffany
“graham is the best here, everything has happened because of him” … written by milly
“Thank you! Gonna work on myself while he is away” … written by m
“Graham’s healings are very powerful and his insight into spiritual and psychological matters is just so on point.” … written by .
“Love Munum’s heals…it’s amazing the results that occur!” … written by kat
“thanks as always” … written by Abigail Rudner
“Awesome reader, great at what he does.” … written by .
“So nice and sweet thank you” … written by sangeeta
“he is the man.” … written by Abigail Rudner
“Graham is amazing. I cant thank enough the universe for letting me find him. Even though I have been struggling a lot, he has helped me even if I acted differently as Graham suggested. He is amazing. ” … written by M
“Wonderful healing…. :)” … written by Kelly
“he’s great!” … written by jand
“One word….Excellent” … written by Kelly
“he is there always when needed. ” … written by m
“No other like him accurate truthful” … written by T
“fantastic i recommended” … written by tenchi
“Thank you for your motivational words in clarifying life.” … written by Life
“thank you very much for pvt your so awesome has always :)” … written by stephany8888
“Needs very little info. knows what he is talking about” … written by Tiffany
“always an amazing reading!!!! i have come to Graham for almost 2 years now and he has helped me tremendously!!!!” … written by penny
“Excellent!” … written by Mskim1
“He’s awesome and fast!” … written by Curious
“awesome” … written by Lyssa
“I cannot express how much Munum has helped me out these past few years!” … written by Kat
“I love going to Munum!” … written by Kat
“thank you for your healing and guidance” … written by stephany
“Thanks for your help!” … written by Nextel
“graham is the best what more can I say ” … written by milly
“thanks for the clarity…. as always~ ” … written by Abigail Rudner
“great update as alway!” … written by Tiffany
“always the best” … written by jb
“Loved this man! What a warm, kindhearted, fantastic reader! I had to buy more credits twice because I didn’t want my reading to end!” … written by CBee925
“Thank you.” … written by NextelLife
“Thanks for guiding me financially.” … written by NextelLife
“just had an amazing healing with graham as always. ” … written by vikki
“thanks graham your always the best and continue to be my guidance and wisdom coach” … written by stephany8888
“:) the change has come :)” … written by m
“thanks graham. great read as always ” … written by vikki
“thank you for your wisdom and time..i always come back cause your the best! Love graham!” … written by stephany
“WOWOWOOWOW!!!!” … written by tiffany
“amazing healing I just had… I was experiencing strong pains due to my menstrual cycle… the worst pains ive ever experienced. graham was able to fix it and take the darkness away that had been causing this… although I had got hot and flustered during the healing the pain and throbbing instantly went away… this man can do anything… he is so powerful and I put all my faith and trust into him… thank you graham :)” … written by vikki
“Great update!!!” … written by Tiffany
“:) and again, a good reading and he is a good friend in this path i am going” … written by m
“excellent healing for me that was way overdue. sparks of energy and angels in the air.” … written by LIGHT
“great reading as always enjoy my updates thanks graham ” … written by vikki
“deep healing” … written by laura
“great reading ” … written by vikki
“his amazing the best no sugar coating will tell it as it is, so far everything has happened” … written by milly
“Excellent as always :)” … written by gokelly
“love graham has helped me a lot with life” … written by milly
“:) always after the reading I smile because he is so good at guiding 🙂 ” … written by m
” Good.” … written by
“wow I had a healing to open my 3rd eye and holy cow did it work try him. I feel things here u cant explain” … written by milly
“just had healing with him and it felt incredible. feeling more positive and calmer! looking forward to seeing the results of the healing in the coming days” … written by bluejay371
“thank yu graham. great healing!” … written by jb
“I had a ton of questions for munum and he was able to address and answer each one quickly and to the point!” … written by Kat
“absolutelly brilliant” … written by tenchi
“well what can i say, He is amazing. if you like real answers from someone who is fast and to the point plus healing and real up in your energy talk to Graham. ” … written by tenchi
“Very Good! We only had limited time but it was great. Thank you” … written by LightUser
“great reading as always” … written by vikki
“He is amazing hi has really some healing in him ” … written by Rockriver
“Thanks.” … written by Mr.Next
“so great, thanks for the guidance!” … written by Abigail Rudner
“good read, caught on fast, will update =)” … written by LyssaBugg
“wish i had longer” … written by Alison
“good session, luved it. thnk you” … written by goldn
“this man is a miracle worker 100% he not only can heal you…he can spiritually heal you….words cannot express what this wonderful man has done for me Kxx” … written by Katha123
“good insight, thank you, read relationship spot on from the root. ” … written by goldn
“Thank goodness for Munum!” … written by Kat
“As always :-)” … written by Marco
“What an experience!!!!! Long needed answers and guidance. I will be back!!” … written by B
“So wonderful to catch up with Graham! Amazingly accurate with the person in question and what he immediately picked up on brought me chills! Thank you so much!!” … written by Marcia
“good insight, positve ” … written by golden
“Amazing…. brought tears to my eyes” … written by Randi
“Thank you for your help.” … written by Life
“Feelin tooamazinq to even focus! Munum is effective beyond words. Like I said, Im feelinq too stunninqly well to even write any more words. 1000s of stars!” … written by loverofcamellia
“Great updates and healing and channeling. Looking forward to good things to come!” … written by Tifany
“It was a great reading…he was just the right person I needed to meet!!!!” … written by Sonia
“good postiive insight. thank you” … written by goldenaur
“So much advice, you won’t regret it!” … written by Life
“My hands stayed warm from the heal, I will be very interested to see what happens next!” … written by kat
“thank you for the update I appreciate it /hugs” … written by stephany88
“Great Reading and Great advice. Thank you!!” … written by Understanding
“thank you SOOOO much graham. i always have clarity after talking to you. ” … written by ale
“Awesome! I keep coming back because he is so understanding, patient and friendly. He says it like it is and calls you out on your mistakes but that’s what all of us want here right? the truth? so why not talk to him and see what he has in store of you. ” … written by lilly
“Great advice, thank you! Finances doing energy work to make ambitions come to me.” … written by Life
“THANKS AGAIN FOR THE ADVICE : ) !!!! AND HELP !!!” … written by B
“Thank you for your help.” … written by Life
“Graham was wonderful! He’s so quick with his answers. Very sharp and very thorough. Also, what I love about him is that he’s super specific and gives you exact details that make you wonder how he knows, but he just does. With my situation, he’s been right on point with everything. That’s why I keep coming back :)” … written by Marcia
“if it were possible, I would talk upon hours with munum for his advice!” … written by kat
“I just had my first healing…will post the result on his wall..but I can say so far: it felt great” … written by Sonia
“Thanks for the wonderful advice and healing …it was due time ” … written by stephany8888
“Wonderful as always!” … written by Marcia
“Graham is always amazing and always awesome…. todays reading was completely amazing and it was wonderful to talk about the process of life and how it unfolds in the most direct and magical way that it manifests. I look forward to the next part of the journey. Thanks Graham xox” … written by freedm
“Munummedium is incredible. He can change your life around when things are not going right. Nobody like him. He is unique and an amazing person. You won’t regret receiving his help for your cause.” … written by Life
“thank you. ” … written by M
“Wonderful as always. He’s been right all along and I can’t wait for what the future holds. Please give him a try. He’s such a genuine and powerful human being. You won’t regret it :)” … written by Marcia
“thanks I appreciate it” … written by stephany
“He has such great insight and helps you to think of things in a different way. helps you to think more positive.” … written by korrena
“Very deep. Very powerful. No words can describe te session. 1000 stars.” … written by bravo
“Thanks for all your advice.” … written by Life
“The most incredible, inspiring, gifted person I’ve probably met in my whole life!” … written by WeeFreeWoman
“Mumnum seems quite incredible. Very pleased with my reading:)” … written by Omeros
“Stunninq assistance, I was made aware of a more serious problem, munum assisted me in a way for me to avioid it altoqeter! Munum deserves all stars in te sky!” … written by Ben
“Another excellent healing with Graham. Thanks G x” … written by gokelly
“Wow. I had a healing done with Graham and the vibrations I felt that were channeling my body were like nothing I ever experienced before. The weight in my lower back was lifted and I had tingling sensations in the backs of my lower legs. I really felt the energy come through. We also did a healing to channel into someone else and I felt as though my hands were floating, almost as if I were in space. You’d think your hands would get tired being held up in a certain position for quite some time and that blood circulation would trigger some sort of feeling in your arms, but with this, I felt the energy come through and my hands began to just float. No feeling. Just featherlike. It was amazing and I would definitely recommend getting one. I’ll keep posted on the changes that are happening as well. Thanks, Graham!” … written by Marcia
“I just love this man!!!” … written by Sonia
“he’s awesome, nobody like him” … written by jazzychic
“thank you for everything /hugs” … written by stephany
“My friend and confidant…. thanks Graham…” … written by Abigail Rudner
“Wonderful to speak with. Can’t wait to have this all come to fruition.” … written by Marcia
“With only the names of the parties involved he started in….Knew what was going on and now…” … written by B
“this is my favourite psychic, although graham is so much more than that – he’s a healer and helped me tremendously and has amazing wisdom. i received healings before and they are truly something amazing.” … written by jazzychic
“Lovely, wise, Graham” … written by laura
“Great update and healing! ” … written by Tiffany
“Thank you” … written by Life
“Awesome session with Graham. Gave definite answers and will keep you updated on the time frame :)” … written by Marcia
“GREAT!!! So understanding. He gave great peace in my heart and great advice. Thanks so much” … written by Agls
“Thank you thank you thank you!!! Wonderful as always!!” … written by Marcia
“What a great person he is andamp; very accurate without telling him anything. I am looking forward to the healing :)” … written by Havy
“thanks for the healing …im sure itll will help me through these days” … written by stephany
“thanks for the wonderful advice has always” … written by stephany8888
“Had my 2nd healing…will update on his wall…but i can tell right now, that you feel it- the energy!” … written by Sonia
“Thank you for all your help.” … written by Life
“Thanks for your help along the way. Good person to talk to and humble.” … written by Life
“Recommended person for everything in life. You won’t regret it, he will change your life.” … written by Life
“Absolutely amazing! He said that my boyfriend would call and he called me after doing a Healing and he had not called in 3 months” … written by Angles
“Thank you like always!” … written by sonia
“He is so in tune to my situation and he knows and feels everything! I will forever be a client of Graham’s because he has never steered me wrong yet!” … written by Marcia
“wonderful” … written by maria
“wonderful” … written by maria
“So amazing what this man can do. I am floored by what the healing are doing. Please give them a try. You won’t be disappointed!!” … written by Marcia
“Just had the most amazing healing sessions… words cannot explain!” … written by Havy
“thanks for the update” … written by stephany8888
“Love his energy! Such a calming energy! Also got right down to it and didn’t bother with the stuff I already knew. Thank you!” … written by Tatiana
“Thank you :)” … written by Marcia
“update on his wall” … written by Sonia
“He is been helping me through a lot these days and has been very understanding. I have gotten his healing and it has helped me as well. I will come back to him in future for sure. Thanks Graham” … written by lillysweet2109
“simply Amazing :)” … written by pink
“The messages I received today were so dead on! Just jaw-dropping, like “how did they know that?” Wonderful as always, graham!!” … written by MD
“great healing session lets see what happens” … written by Lisa
“Amazing ” … written by Eve
“Let me say that without Graham, I would be really insane. I wouldnt understand what is and was going on with me and why. So I am so lucky to have met this wonderful man and he has been a good guide for me. I would be alone in all of this, going in circles and maybe even crying because I would think that I have lost my common sense. So, I need to thank the Universe that I have support from him because no one in my family and friends wouldnt understand. I am alone in all of this and I need to be, but without Graham I am pretty sure my struggle would have been more harder. I have no words to say how thankful I am. ” … written by M
“Well we just tried some new healings. I have to say, i went in to see Graham feeling down, defeated and discouraged about my twin. During the healing i even felt relief from pain that i am used to having all the time! At the end of the first one i was smiling! No reason just felt like smiling. This healing should be called made just for you. It is, whatever you need……The second one i felt very peaceful at the end. This is just the beginning Graham! I can’t wait to see the rest of the changes! It was amazing to say the least…..i will be back Thank you Graham!!” … written by cheekylilone
“Ive been coming to Graham for well over a year and a half and his healings have changed me in so many positive ways…he has helped me grow and get thru some tough situations in my life and has helped me raise my energy levels tremendously…..He has become my guidance counselor in a way….I can’t thank him enough….” … written by penelope
“Just had a complete new healing with Graham…it´s so -no words for it! My hands were very warm on my belly and my nose had the sensation of being completely opened – could breath real good…Go and check this out!!! Its great!!!” … written by Sonia
“very clear and precise” … written by laura
“I really can’t say enough, as to how amazing Graham is. I am so looking forward to what this healing will bring forth. I have known him for three years on this site, and will never go to an other. He is not just on here to read. He is on here to change your life. ” … written by nikki
“ALWAYS A PLEASURE!!!” … written by nikki
“graham is always insightful and has the perfect potion and great ideas that go with it… always a delight to chat with you and amplify xoxo” … written by freedm
“Thanks for the quick update. Good to know that I’m doing the right thing!” … written by MD
“I just did a personal healing, one he has not done on me yet. I am so excited to see what comes up!!! Don’t spend another day without one of his healings” … written by nikki
“Thanks for your help.” … written by Life
“Thanks for your help.” … written by Life
“Thank you Graham!” … written by Marcia
“Thanks for the confirmation and relieving some stress :)” … written by Marcia
“He is great! He gives great advise and support. His healings are the best!” … written by Angeles
“Incredible person for help.” … written by Life
“Wonderful. Thanks for the messages!!” … written by Marcia
“Thanks Graham I know all your work shows its greatness at some point. Maybe not right away but it does happen. I hope this on is even better. I cant wait to see a difference. Awesome!!!!” … written by LL
“Graham AGAIN on another issue that I’ve been blocked about for over a year…..just gave me the perfect solution. Unbelievable!!! Appreciate his gift so much!” … written by B
“fast, accurate, non-judgmental, witty, and fun is how I’d describe my reading with munummedium. ” … written by Manda
“Munum is like my therapist, love him to pieces” … written by kat
“Always an amazing man!!!” … written by penelope
“Graham is wonderful with his healing. Great session. I will give a follow up on the outcome.” … written by Bellina
“Great!!” … written by gokelly
“A continue to do healings with Munummedium because I see the positive effects it has on my life. Thank u g x” … written by gokelly
“Thanks for all.” … written by Life
“Thank you for all your love advice.” … written by Life
“Thank you for your advice.” … written by Life
“Thank you.” … written by Life
“Graham is awesome. Enough said:)” … written by Kat
“like always, he is the best” … written by M
“thank you so much for the update again your so awesome! ” … written by stephany8888
“thank you so much for the update /hugs” … written by stephany
“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me /hugs” … written by stephany
“thanks for the reading g !!! spot on as always ” … written by vikki
“excellent and highly specific” … written by LIGHT
“thanks for the healing I needed it done /hugs” … written by stephany
“Perfect!” … written by mskim
“Ok Graham wonderful healing cant wait for it all to happen. I believe in you. ” … written by ll
“I LOVE HIM! He always gives a lot of peace!!! Love his healings” … written by Angeles
“thank you for the update /hugs ” … written by stephany8888
“thank you so much! /hugs” … written by stephany
“thank you I feel better just talking to you /hugs” … written by stephany
“Excellent as always!!!” … written by Kelly
“he is the best, like always. ” … written by m
“thank you I appreciate it /hugs” … written by stephany
“Wow… I finally did the 11.11 healing… I was sooo apprehensive before I did it. But powerful. If the 5 healing brought me such impressive results, I am looking forward to the 11.11!!!” … written by Kelly
“Great!!!!!” … written by Kelly
“thanks for the update /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“wonderful vibrational session!!! always feel 100 times better after these!!! xx” … written by penelope
“Thank you Graham for looking into my situation!!” … written by Marcia
“good thank you 5 stars” … written by jana
“ALWAYS and amazing session…it has been a beautiful journey with this amazing healer !! Words really can’t get to what it is Graham can and does for a person in their life. I will never be the same, and I am so grateful for all he does for me, and the world !! ” … written by nik
“very friendly reader! such a nice sincere energy, very accurate and truthful” … written by starrose
“the read deal. during an energy session i could feel the energies very strongly (wish I had been better at concentrating, but that was on me!) – very intense, very positive and empowering session. he’s not hocus pocus but the real deal. ” … written by starrose
“Great” … written by Angela
“love this reader! very accurate, strong energy and patient ” … written by starrose
“Thank you for everything.” … written by Life
“thanks so much for the update” … written by stephany
“love Graham!!!!!!!! One of the best on here!!!!! 100% accurate andamp; predictions always always come to pass!!!!!!!! May God bless you always!!!!!” … written by dolefuldoll
“Always an interesting read! Goes right to the point” … written by 8****
“Good work” … written by Mark Nielsen
“he is amazing as always” … written by m
“Graham is a first rate psychic. He connects very strongly and in depth, fast, quick, detailed and highly accurate readings without any information. Also a very empathetic and caring reader. Genuine and the real deal. ” … written by starrose
“Graham was super busy tonight but he kept me updated as to when he was online and the reading was worth the wait!” … written by Kat
“thanks graham.. always the best and perfect resolve to any dilemma… you are the best xoxo” … written by freedm
“Graham is amazing simply the best Kxx” … written by Kath123
“5 stars! ” … written by starrose
“brilliant , brilliant,brilliant. Knew my question before I even asked. I would highly recommend.” … written by debra
“brilliant way to short/” … written by debra
“His healing session are always very powerful. You can feel the energy flowing through you and feel the difference. Today he helped me channel through to my loved one to give them messages and help improve my relationship. Go to Graham for anything and he will be able to help you. The 11:11 is amazing and I felt the difference the next morning. ” … written by shasha
“WOW,,,, MIND BLOWING…there’s no one like him. Worth every minute of my time, thank you so much munum :)” … written by dragon
“Thank you so much for all your help, I feel a lot better to what I did when I arrived on the site, Thanks again 🙂 Highly Recommended +++++” … written by Samantha
“thank you for the update it was very useful /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“Very enjoyable relaxation, many moments of insiqte nadn quite entrancinq. I must come back. Extra stars for munum!” … written by aznative
“Great motivator.” … written by LIFE
“Thank you.” … written by LIFE
“Thanks for everything. Genuine person to talk too, you won’t be dissapointed.” … written by NextLife
“Genuine person to work with. You won’t be dissapointed.” … written by LIFE
“Okay.. Graham! You convinced me!!! You nailed it. Thank you for the insight. I will definitely be back. :)” … written by Nancy
“interesting reading, thank you!” … written by adf
“thanks graham… always a breath of fresh air to talk to you xox” … written by freedm
“Thank you for all.” … written by Life.
“thanks for the update /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“Wonderful, skilled reader!” … written by sweetcurls
“great, wonderful healing… thank you. believe in it and in myself.” … written by Edward
“wow, the BEST reader on Oranum. has helped me so much, and wonderful accuracy. knew things without me saying, and was like a spirit guide almost in advice given on how to go about the situation.” … written by Edward
“Excellent, excellent, excellent… no more words :)” … written by Kelly
“excellent!!!!” … written by Kelly
“thank you so much” … written by stephany8888
“I love talking to Munum, I just wish there was more time for the credit amount!” … written by Kat
“excellent as usual” … written by mina10
“The keyboard was not coming up to type a message so inhad to stop ” … written by Julius
“Thank you for all your advice.” … written by LIFE
“AAA++” … written by AY
“It is amazing how much insight I am able to receive from munum. Thank you again for calming me!” … written by Kat
“great. helped me a lot with confidence. will see how it goes and keep positive.” … written by Edward
“Great!” … written by Kat
“amazing !! loved his reading” … written by anna
“Thank you for all your work.” … written by LIFE
“Graham is the most amazing person in this site. He has the capacity and capability to really reach out to you and have an answer or a healing for all kinds of situations and circumstances. He has the most scientific understanding and approach for the most undefined and magical events. I am so happy that I can come to Graham with all my circumstances and get insight that is best suitable for my understanding and healing. He always makes me feel that i am the one doing the work, and gives me the tools and support for dealing with the challenges that i fail to understand on my own. Thank you Graham – you are totally amazing.. xoxoxo and you have a way of finding humor in all situations, which is the next best thing to love xoxox” … written by freedm
“ive been working with Graham for well over a year and a half and the work he has done with me have helped made major changes in myself and my life….i can’t thank him enough” … written by Penelope
“he gave me a solution i will go further and c” … written by husein
“This is one of the first times I made a decision against what Munum had advised. The readings are definitely showing that it wasn’t the best for me!” … written by Kat
“Graham has changed my way of looking at things with his coaching and encouragement and frequency meditations. It has made some VERY difficult things so much easier for me to deal with : )” … written by B
“wowsers. this guy is good. he hit everything on the head. ” … written by susan
“thank you /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“great reading, honest, truthful” … written by great reader
“Good honest truth, grahams the best” … written by good reader
“this person is amazing and I thank the universe. he is amazing, i cannot say it enough” … written by m
“great reading. honest, compassionate. ” … written by AMAZING READING
“Our energy healing session was intense and fascinating, a form of active meditation. I experienced many different feelings and sensations, but came out of it feeling calm, happy and positive about the future. Looking forward to the next one! Thank you Graham :)” … written by greenfairy121
“he’s a great reader, good insight. 5 star” … written by great reading
“Great person to change your negatives into positives.” … written by life
“Graham has built my confidence to a point so high now I feel I can achieve all my dreams……I now realise Dreams really can and do come true…..Kxx” … written by Katha123
“very good and very quick” … written by jana
“thank you so much for the update :)” … written by stephany
“Awesome!” … written by Kat
“gram is like family to me… Been seeing him for years for my guidance and readings. Awesome kind gentle man with honest readings…” … written by ally
“Thanks for your help with everything. Good person to talk too.” … written by NextelLife
“Real medium 2015. Won’t dissapoint.” … written by NextelLife
“Give him a chance to change your life for better.” … written by NextelLife
“WOW! He knew the situation perfectly. I needed to hear his guidance and new from how I felt and how my conflict was, he was the real deal. He confirmed to me what I have been going crzy over for awhile now and let me know the steps I needed to take to make things for the better. ” … written by Von
“Wonderful and thought provoking!” … written by Kat
“Thank you.” … written by Nextellife
“excited for a new me!” … written by Ava
“very good!” … written by diamond
“Graham is the absolute best mentor and guide for the current process of my life’s journey. It is a real blessing that he is available to talk to about any matter and find clarity and answers for situations that are hard to decipher – let alone resolve. Thank you Graham – you are the best and you know i love you loads xoxox” … written by freedm
“Excellent reading. He knows what he is talking about. And he has helped me to begin to move forward” … written by ashantiwa
“very good thanks” … written by jana
“omg its funny. ive been talking to graham for about 2.5-3 yrs now and he’s done work on me before, but what he did today and how he knew exactly what was going on—you cant make this up. im very grateful for graham and his amazing work. love and light” … written by m
“Awesome ” … written by Kat
“It was good. We had a very intersting reading” … written by m
“That was fantastic!!! WOW, powerful healing. Highly recommend. ” … written by Jon
“and as always, good talk! he is super” … written by m
“Graham is great I love his advice” … written by Angeles
“a good support” … written by m
“very good thank you” … written by jana
“thanks” … written by unknown
“I love going to Graham, he is the best” … written by Kat
“is there a 6 start rating? I wish. this man is beyond 5 stars. im just so blown away, I hardly know what to write. the gifts he has. the talent…. utterly amazing.” … written by nocassandra
“Wow..that is all i can say today! I went in for an update and came out with a whole new set of unexpected answers! I am smiling and confident and that is right after the 11:11 and wait it will only get better yet as time passes! Thanks Graham, i now have a brand new outlook and feel like i can do this 100% ” … written by cheekylilone
“always a great message and healing. thanks graham.. insightful and progressive as always. thanks” … written by freedm
“Wow. Completely amazing work. Cannot explain how great he is.” … written by sweetgagirl19822
“I went in to get a healing session for a stomach ailment tonight. I can honestly say i have never felt the energy so strong and concentrated as i did tonight. All the while i was feeling peaceful and calm throughout…..I already feel a difference in my stomach! Thanks again Graham! A new way of healing and once again a success! :)” … written by cheekylilone
“Great reading” … written by BM
“I always love Graham. Spot on!!” … written by Kelly
“amazzzzzinggggggg reader and healer” … written by Cristina
“That was an amazing session. I am not so sure what he was doing to me, but I now feel so much better both physically and psychologically. Thank you very much. I will talk to you soon … ” … written by yujiparis
“I have had healing sessions twice. It has been an amazing experience. I am feeling great. Thank you for your help!!! Talk to you soon. Bless you. ” … written by yujiparis
“best psychic on oranum. period.” … written by nocassandra
“That was another amazing session with you. Thank you very much. Bless you!” … written by yujiparis
“the reading was spot on the style you have read is so different but very accurate THANK YOU so much” … written by mark furney
“There is never enough time to talk to Munum!!!” … written by Kat
“i have no words” … written by m
“good as always” … written by m
“Love his way to see things – he never let me down! His insights are fantastic!!!” … written by Sonia
“He is very truthful ” … written by sharon
“Graham is my guru! my all trusting man!!! ” … written by penelope
“Graham is a true gift!!!” … written by penny
“Well i had a healing for my stomach problems a week ago, improvement? That’s an understatement….but there was still some strong pain in my side so i came back for another. By the time my session ended the pain had begun to subside! :)” … written by cheekylilone
“Well, he has been my guide for a long time now and I am so happy about it. The place I am in now, he helped me to achieve that also. He is a gift!” … written by m
“amazing reader always ” … written by Cristina
“very good excellent spot on” … written by jana
“aS USUAL-ALWAYS INSIGHTFUL” … written by mskim
“First time here and I liked him a lot! I will be back for more!” … written by Jennifer
“My absolute FAVORITE! He is amazing! GO WITH THIS GUY…HE IS RIGHT!!!” … written by sweetgagirl
“this guys a great healer, really shifted things for me. :)” … written by g money
“Thoughtful of his customers” … written by swmatthew
“thank you for everything” … written by stephany
“good as always” … written by m
“top notch” … written by brewster
“thank you so much I appreciate it ” … written by stephany
“Graham has been an amazing mentor this year. The last healing was very powerful, i have been dealing with some anxiety and fears and graham shed some light into the shadows. Thanks graham – words cannot describe my gratitude and appreciation and love and respect i have for you. It was all topped up with a simple and powerful lesson of positivity and determination in believing in myself. Thank you plentiful xxx” … written by freedm
“Had law of attraction healing with him. I was smiling many times in there and then said he put it there! It was on there so strongly, I felt so happy in there, full of joy. Lets see what will come. ” … written by m
“thanks graham.. it is always insightful and sets me off in the right direction. xox” … written by freedm
“Love this man. All I can say is amazing. Truly special.” … written by jacquelynn_34
“:) 🙂 ” … written by c
“Love him…as always :-)” … written by Gina
“Awesome as ever!” … written by Kat
“Munu is a genuine nice guy, and his healing s are pretty amazing , ive had a few they really shift stuff around, appreciate him so much, and he comes up w some good guidance too. ” … written by Coolio Von Hoolio
“amazing healing omg I feel great” … written by gina
“great healer and reader/medium” … written by milton berle
“very good spot on” … written by jana
“sussed out my situation without me saying much bar that i like someone….. carried out a healing process (which ill admit i never believed in but i do feel a lot more chilled and relaxed and hope to feel the benefits in the morning as he said) I will return for an update and to find guidance when i feel weak. Thankyou! i have faith in pyschics again :)” … written by Katie
“Thank you for healing session” … written by Debbie
“Very kind soul, knowledgeable and intuitive man. He was able to connect and tell me things that I was currently doing to prepare for the future. Spot on with what he picked up and am indeed excited for what’s to come. Thanks a lot!” … written by A
“thank you, got good advice. being too still is not the best choice. again, got some good thinking ideas lol” … written by m
“Thank you!! :)” … written by laurie
“this guys was very helpful knew what he was talking about and right on about everything” … written by dimauro
“Wonderful as always” … written by TRDGame
“Thank you graham.” … written by Nextellife
“it was a really nice reading, very intuitive and he did not need any info to really pick up on my situation. highly reccomend. ” … written by Mary
“very good spot on” … written by jana
“great reader” … written by f
“Excellent energy work. I feel so much better!” … written by Zeigen
“Thank you so much for the personal healing! I will followup with whats next :)” … written by b
“very good thank you” … written by jana
“Graham always helps me get through my long and difficult situation – I get some peace back so I can continue to work on things in the right frame of mind. I have definitely seen results.” … written by B
“Great reading! I’ll just be patient :)” … written by Zeigen
“thank you so much for the talk. ” … written by bonnie
“I got a healing with graham and all I can say is wow im in shock. I cant explain please try yourself ” … written by milly
“Excellent as always” … written by Kat
“Thank you for everything.” … written by Nextellife
“Excellent….. as always!!!!” … written by Kelly
“Thank you. :-)” … written by Marco
“Amazing psychic he is. Five star reader. Highly recommend him” … written by P
“Has helped me develop emotionally beyond anybody else has.” … written by Nextellife
“Extremely powerful healing session. Feeling positive around me” … written by P
” Graham is a wonderful unexplainable phenomenon………….every time I have a healing session with Graham it just gets better and better……………thankyou soooo much Kxx ” … written by Katha123
“very good spot on” … written by janna kadri
“great once again.. thanks graham” … written by freedm
“:) like always, the best advice ” … written by m
“thank you graham your awesome and love ya!” … written by stephany8888
“thank you so much for the guidance …I appreciate all you do :)” … written by stephany8888
“Thankyou so much for your reading very accurate and sensitive to my situation.” … written by Felicia
“hes a great reader.” … written by Cristina
“I love the meditation and healing …it was awesome has always ” … written by stephany8888
“Thankyou so much for the healing I can already feel it has taken affect I must of been in bad condition. This healing was so powerful I never felt anything like it before and the fact that you are true to what you do I will be back…thanks” … written by Felicia
“Munummedium healings go way beyond” … written by Sooriamurthy
“Very good reading! Felt Graham tuned in very well to the situation and picked up on a lot of details. Can’t wait to see if the time frame comes true and I hope it does. He was very right about everything he told me. Thank you! ” … written by Summer
“he is so fast, he is very good ” … written by julie
“We worked on 11:11 today. I came to Graham to focus on the law of attraction. He guided me to believe in the things I wanted and to heal and attract them. I felt as ease after and look forward for whats to come. Thank you.” … written by BrianaAF2
“Very accurate reading, went straight to the heart of the matter. Very good 🙂 Would definitely have another reading!!” … written by FriendlySpirit88
“He is quick, accurate and honest. He would be the best recommended one to talk to.” … written by fmale101
“Thank you again. He’s accurate and the real deal. I would recommend him” … written by Prettything5
“First healing with him… oh my I literally felt electric shocks on my fingertips. AMAZING. I pray this healing works and I will update you.” … written by Jennifer
“Amazing!” … written by BB
“Excellent 11.11 session. Now will wait for the effect. Positive about this ” … written by N
“He is excellent” … written by D
“Words of Wisdom Once Again” … written by laura
“He is amazing . he connects so quickly” … written by D
“Awesome…as always” … written by Gina
“Thank you just was curious about my job and future” … written by stephany888
“as always, the best” … written by M
“Very informative…and for once I seemed to speak to someone who understood my journery from the heart. The compassion alone was worth the reading. Thank you soooo much!” … written by KBJ
“I did 11:11 and the sensations i felt throughout my body were very strong, and also something else I can’t explain at the moment:)! I think it is something that all should try if you would like to become more aware and connected to Source. I will follow up with updates. ” … written by KBJ
“I did the 11:11 and I can tell you that I am happy to report that straight away I came to feel peace and less anxiety…I will be back to report the changes as they progress..thanks to this wonderful man for his amazing help!” … written by Geri
“I am continually amazed by Graham’s readings!” … written by Kat
“He is very intend and very connected , it was great to have a reading with him….” … written by geri
“very good excellent” … written by janna
“Thank you so much for the private…looking forward to letting you know the outcome :)” … written by stephany
“thank you so much your the best has always!! ” … written by stephany8888
“great healer helps you in all situation if you feel stuck seek help ” … written by ak
“His healings are the best! He always connects so good with the situation. I love him. ” … written by Agle
“Very nice and honest. Finally FINALLY told me something i Have known and no other psychic would address it. Danced around it. I’m intuitive as well but don’t always clearly see my own situations. This helped a TON. I’ll be back. Thank you!” … written by kkbinid
“yes he is the best :))” … written by m
“Amazing healing… it was very quick and to the point and relaxing I smelled a candlewood or firewood smell half way through, very faint but distinct. Amazing and relaxing” … written by reese
“Great reading. Straight to the point. Connects really well and sincere. He is the best.” … written by Sunshine
“Amazing.. gave me goosebumps.” … written by Jordin
“Wow straight to the point! Thanks so much.” … written by gipsygirl
“I thought he was superb. He totally understood everything I am going through. ” … written by Maria
“awesome” … written by kat
“Another amazing healing!! So powerful ” … written by Kelly
“My got to guy. He understands and has the answers. You can’t get any better” … written by sweetgagirl
“I am sometimes a real rock and he knocks some sense into me. what a wonderful man!” … written by m
“I am amazed what Graham picks up without me even mentioning things!” … written by Kat
“Funny and a beautiful, sincere presence! I said very little and he talked about exactly where I was at ” … written by Kyla
“the guidance from him is the best” … written by mm
“Munum always makes me feel better!!” … written by Kat
“great reading, thanks” … written by Boston
“He was very good!!! and spot on. couldn’t have gotten a better reading.” … written by Jellbean9189
“Very helpful with my situation and gave me a time line…which is helpful. ” … written by Nora
“Great reading, honest and accurate on the person and situation” … written by jcal
“thank u for the healing. ” … written by m
“thanks for your advice once again – feeling a little more sane…” … written by freedm
“I had healing last night (10th) for my health and fears. and oh my god, after the healing my body just went into deep process, my feaver was so high that i wanted to call ambulance because it was just so bad, but now, i am ok and good.” … written by m
“very very spot on he was amazing thank u sooo much can not believe it x” … written by kirsty
“haha i am probably a weird client for him, i sometimes come in and just babble and he is like “what?” but in the end its all figured out and more” … written by m
“Amazing” … written by Emily
“Thank you so much for helpful in letting me know what is going on. I appreciate you way of getting it across. ” … written by Nona
“Helpful with my situation and will definetly be back. ” … written by Nora
“thank you. ” … written by m
“He is fantastic. Very accurate. I’ve been seeing him for over a year and he’s never changed his predictions and it is coming to pass. simply amazing. ” … written by LyssaBugg
“It’s good” … written by Tamara100
“YOUR SO REAL!” … written by Azeena
“thank you again graham” … written by m
“exceptional” … written by ami
“Graham is a wonderful reader and healer, I ve had a lot of good healings and insights thru his work.” … written by Eldridge Elgridge
“Wonderful as always. I wait to speak to him. He is so helpful and understands what needs to be done.” … written by sweetgagirl
“Great guy! He picked up on my energy straight away. he caught onto my fears and stubborn nature and was adament I should change certain aspects of myself to help my situation get better. He was straight to the point throughout and made complete sense of everything. Will definitely have an update reading with him in the near future.” … written by naygirl911
“First time with munummedium, very impressed!!!” … written by f
“this guy is amazing! I did a short reading with him and told him , I am short on cash and he covered everything I need to know in less than 5 minutes. He said stuff he couldn’t have possibly known ! WOW blown away… I will be back yet again and again!! true medium !!” … written by rose
“great!!!!!!” … written by amrain
“thanks graham for the support and insight..” … written by freedm
“Again, I had fears I didn’t even realize and Graham helped them to be identified and go away” … written by Kat
“Wow. I am always so impressed with Graham’s insight!” … written by Kat
“Always a great person to talk to!!” … written by kat
“Types fast, lots of information. will follow-up. Thank you.” … written by Eva
“Very helpful…gives good insight!” … written by Nora
“Excellent. ” … written by Kelly
“Great healer, the best on this site, his sessions are always enriching and wonderful. Highly recommended.” … written by Sooriamurthy
“That was one of the best, most accurate readings I’ve had! I had an open reading with message by Graham and he was totally accurate! He’s awesome!!” … written by Michelle
“thanks for everything” … written by stephany8888
“Waiting for prediction.” … written by Eva
“Excellent reading, very in tune with my situation. Thank you Graham, you’re one of the best!” … written by Amy
“thank you for this incredible reading, great uplifting energy, i’m so distressed about my situation but i found myself laughing about it almost the whole time because he was so spot on. i will definitely be back for more!” … written by Amy
“Very accurate genuine kind” … written by peacefulight
“thanks for your advice…your always looking out for me” … written by stephany8888
“Spot on as usual” … written by mskim
“Very fascinating… again, I never encounter his way to do stuff. ” … written by Lastsearch1
“I never had a reading like his way…very fascinating! He and his girlfriend are synchronizing and connecting as one. ” … written by Lastsearch1
“this years last reading 🙂 it was a lonely and hard year for me but Graham offered much guidance to me all year long. Its been a year since I met him here and I am so glad I met him. I wonder where I would be if I didnt have this guidance. I so appreciate Graham, I am blessed to met this person. ” … written by m
“I am always happy with results from munnum!” … written by Kat
“As always -helps me work thru” … written by MSKIM1
“amazing reading, loved his connection” … written by nicole
“Thanks ” … written by Farnaz
“thank you so much for the healing, Ive never had a reading like that haha. I will be back to update you, you truel are amazing :)” … written by jskdljf
“excellent thakn you” … written by jana
“thank you graham your awesome /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“Awesome” … written by Kat
“thank u” … written by jana
“Highly intuitive. It`s a very different experience getting a reading with mumummedium. He can read you to the core. Highly recommend. ” … written by Moongirl17
“Goodness, picks up really quickly. Great reading. will be back” … written by Moongirl17
“Thank You so Very much for your help! Very accurate! Blessings.” … written by Mary
“he is my little helper :)” … written by m
“Really amazing, I went back for 3 readings as I felt so comfortable and wanted to connect more. Highly recommend. Thank you 🙂 Eva” … written by Eva
“Thank you for the great healing session and guidance. I`ll be back” … written by moon
“Just had a channeling session. Really powerful, felt a lot of energy. Hoping some of that energy reaches the one I’m trying to sync up with. thanks graham!” … written by Amy
“Graham is one of the best or the best here at Oranum. He picks up my situation very fast. Thanks for the healing session. I`ll be back. ” … written by Moongirl17
“Amazing man! Speechless.” … written by Melanie
“Great, clear intuitive and precise” … written by suzanne
“Fantastic as always!! ” … written by Michelle
“cannot recommend highly enough. told me so much about my situation without me saying a word. very intuitive person.” … written by sometimes4321
“that was a good reading! wowow. you go in without questions and just listen what messages you get. this was a strong reading” … written by m
“interesting and awesome accurate read.ty” … written by coffee
“Another reading which is very enlightning. Thank you very much.” … written by Moongirl17
“Highly accurate” … written by do
“The only way I can describe what has taken place over this last year with the sessions Ive had with Graham are???????? … trying to find a word……. there are no words that can explain this beautiful experience…..ALL I CAN SAY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART IS ENJOY THE JOURNEY AS MY DESTINY HAS JUST BEGUN….yet again this man has saved my life as I have and always will thankyou soooo much TO THE MIRACLE MAN…..Kxx” … written by Katha123
“excellent” … written by jana
“hi graham – thanks for the awesome insight… and I am patiently waiting for things to unfold successfully xo” … written by freedm
“Thank you for the reading.” … written by m
“Thanks Graham another awesome session” … written by cheekylilone
“I love doing reads with Graham. It is so nice to get his advice and insight!” … written by Kat
“As always…..he gives me the answers I need to gain direction again : ) Gives me peace and I sooo appreciate it. Thanks Graham” … written by B
“he is fantastic wowowow all the way” … written by loverboy
“Thank you, finally got the reading I was really looking forward. Sounds interesting and some info was scary. Good!” … written by m
“lovely as always xxx” … written by rainforlove
“Wonderful!” … written by Kat
“always a pleasure and a 5 star experience…..better than the ritz carlton! i have grown mountains from my work with Graham, and everyone should do the same! ” … written by nikki
“Amazing as always! :)” … written by cheekylilone
“It is always a pleasure to speak with you. Very kind and accurately informative. This is probably one of the best readings that I have had. Thankyou ” … written by Felicia
“thank you for a lovely reading” … written by m
“Wow, no words for it! That week of september, it change my whole life! I’ll be back” … written by Daisy
“very good” … written by jana
“very good thank you” … written by jana
“thank you!!” … written by m
“excellent” … written by jana
“thanks xox you are always the beszt” … written by freedm
“graham thanks for your good insights always xo” … written by freedm
“Thank you so much for everything !” … written by stephany88
“very satisfied. i feel at ease. thanks! :)” … written by tinkerbell
“thanks graham – what an interesting channelling.. lets see what unfolds now xox” … written by freedm
“amazing !!! fantastic !! no tools just pure gifted vibes” … written by tamjones
“sweet read” … written by G
“thanks” … written by freedm
“There is never enough time!!” … written by Kat
“Great session with Graham. Very consistent with everything. Awesome reading. Thank You.” … written by Bellina
“He is amazing every time!!” … written by Redd
“very on point. knew situation. gave great advice. i will do it. hope the outcome is good. thank you” … written by christine
“Recommended to talk to about anything.” … written by Next
“Graham understands right away what’s going on…Thanks Graham!!” … written by Boris212
“I love him! He’s amazing!! If your going to spend $$$ Why not spend it with someone you will get your moneys worth. ” … written by Redd
“I always enjoy his readings!!! Hes by far the best on here! And I have been a member since 2011!” … written by Redd
“wonderful” … written by maria
“Excellent reading as usual. Graham really understands whats going on, gifted and connected reader.” … written by Jen
“Graham is super good! Is like talking to your best friend. He connects to the situation and gives you great advice. ” … written by A
“great…but i ran out of time…(grin)” … written by bodhijono
“Well, in Valentines Day its sure thing i come in! lol. and i got amaaazing messages! all try just “give me messages” and you will have much more.. ” … written by m
“This man is damn him” … written by Gina
“On point as always” … written by MSKIM1
“oh getting these messages w o w ” … written by M
“i simply can’t thank you enough for your help! it took a couple days, then i had the most amazing experience! initially, i had a self rage attack which kind of frightened me…and then…instead of continued self talk…i was filled with a sense of love that i have only experienced once before while in an exercise at the monroe institute. an incredible feeling of love. i honestly can’t put it to words. it was HUGE!” … written by bodhijono
“Graham is amazing. I love some of the other readers on this site, but he is consistently amazing with his readings and always leaves me completely open and ready for progress. Healing and readings alike, he’s good.” … written by Jen
“very helpful” … written by secret
“He is a REAL psychic who KNOWS what is going on and WHY it is going on. I highly recommend him…definitely worth taking a read.” … written by Melissa
“Thank you! Graham is the best, his healings and his readings are very powerful whether they happen within a day or a week they WILL happen. He is God gifted and i trust him with my situations in life.” … written by .,.,
“lovely” … written by reena
“confirmed what I knew..he was spot on.” … written by cittylove
“he is a very sweet man and spot on..good advice too!” … written by cittylove
“spot on!” … written by cittylove
“always wonderful to talk and get more clarity… you are the best xox” … written by freedm
“thank youuuu!!!!” … written by m
“have seen graham a few times and he’s always been accurate and honest. highly recommended” … written by becs
“The progress over the last 1.5 year is amazing. I am glad I have Graham here and guide me. At first I was stubborn but now I have learned and he helps me, he doesnt judge and is a good person overall! Thank you!” … written by m
“Thank you so much for your reading. You’re exactly right on everything you mentioned. Hopefully h opens his eyes soon. ” … written by elena
“very good , understood the situation very well and gave me a lot of help” … written by katie
“he was very helpful and kind to me. I value his opinion. ” … written by Irena
“Awesome as always” … written by Kat
“Always amazing!” … written by Alyssa
“One of the best psychics. Would definitely suggest him for others to take and see..” … written by aries722
“well… a nice message, which will change me. wow” … written by m
“Thank you I enjoy the reading different to ones i have had before” … written by 123
“thank you so much /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“Very helpful! I really enjoyed his energy! ” … written by SameAsToday
“thank you” … written by bb
“I just tried the 11:11 and i must say i am feeling way more relaxed then when I came into his room. So much of my anxiety and emotions were sabotaging me and I needed some clarity. Graham helped me get intuned with myself and i am grateful he gave me a chance to look at things from a different persepctive. I will be back to update what happens.” … written by briana
“Wow, he was really wonderful!!!” … written by m
“Amazing reading! I have been on Oranum for a long time, and I am very picky when it comes to who I trust. He’s the real deal! Very gifted psychic, no tools, spot on, down to the finest detail. Very accurate time frames too and also kind and honest. Thank you x” … written by Cindy
“thank you very much cant wait to see results” … written by stephany8888
“Thank you ” … written by D
“Very good reading” … written by Webster
“Even in impossible situations Grahm always helps me feel better. Always sticks to his guns, and is very fast. ” … written by Alyssa
“Thanks for the energy work. I will report back” … written by D
“Thank you Graham” … written by Brent
“thanks allot for everything !! your the best” … written by stephany8888
“Thank you for obliging me :)” … written by frag
“Graham is fantastic! Very genuine, very accurate and is so helpful. Highly recommend! ” … written by Michelle
“An amazing individual – good advice- knows what he talking about” … written by Duane
“Awesome reading again! Very lovely man and so easy to talk to. Always provides the answers and guidance I need. Highly recommend him. ” … written by miachloe120
“thank you for the update” … written by DD
“thank you so much for everything /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“Wonderful reading ” … written by Simon
“HE knows” … written by laura
“very good thank you” … written by jana
“thankyou for the reassurance Kxx” … written by Katha123
“he is one of the best ” … written by julie
“Words cannot express what this man can do…….I will always call him the miracle man…he has saved my life! Kxx” … written by Katha123
“He’s amazing!” … written by Redd
“awesome” … written by autumne
“awesome!!!!!!” … written by autumne
“Wonderful man need to post this he was spot on even with things i never brought up ” … written by Rach41
“Thank you for the update” … written by DD
“Great” … written by Arno
“I love having readings with this man – on target ” … written by Onslow_Cracker
“Always so nice to communicate, but the time is never long enough!” … written by Kat
“wow – many relevant aha moments about the last 6 months.. turning the chapter now…” … written by freedm
“thanks” … written by freedm
“Wonderful!! really made sense of my situation!” … written by Jnaujo00
“Thank you for your help.” … written by nextellife
“thanks Graham – was refreshing to talk to you after so long. I look forward to the next time. I will try out the heart searching as suggested. : )” … written by freedm
“Is very good at finding the problem and helping, no info needed , highly recommend.” … written by katie
“always a great reading!!! love Graham” … written by penny
“Good pointers ” … written by LadyLight1
“he picked up on things good!” … written by Christin
“thanks” … written by freedm
“My god my eyes fluttered like crazy during that session..It calmed me the hell down. Felt peace” … written by LadyLight1
“The insight that Graham has is amazing. He can pick up on a situation with very minimal information and give you the insight you need to guide you towards your goals. His 11:11 healing is wonderful and my session with him today provided me with so much clarity that I am absolutely overjoyed. Try him out, you wont regret it. ” … written by shasha
“thanks” … written by freedm
“Perfect as always – I learn so much everytime” … written by mskim
“fantastic connection. thank you so much for all the insight and healing” … written by nick
“Thanks for the reading ! Good as always” … written by m
“Awesome” … written by Kat
“I just want to say Thank You to him. It really helped 🙂 All love in the universe!” … written by CSCook
“Even when I think things look bleak, Graham always gives me advice to understand and calm me!” … written by Kat
“Great reader” … written by new—
“thanks” … written by D
“Thanks, Graham for an update and guidance. Will be back” … written by Moon
“Great reading! and great advice ” … written by Ven
“what an interesting read, haha 😀 really good.. thanks :)” … written by m
“seemed to be able to pick up well into my situation. will see if prediction comes to pass. no tools. ” … written by GK
“He is very fast, very on point always has been, I enjoy his readings so much I have spent 300.00 this month lol he is very hard ot stay away form. thank you for everything you do my friend.” … written by Nicole
“Thank you for your patience” … written by D
“thank u , always here when needed” … written by m
“AMAZING!! helped me see what i already knew was there!! He has such great energy and so easy to talk to!! Thanks so much Graham for the chat!! Will definitely be back and keep you posted!!! Never a disappointment talking to you! xoxo” … written by gina
“Awesome” … written by afcsher
“thank you! ” … written by m
“so happy with the private. first reading with him and am glad” … written by isa
“did energy work. definitely do feel different. don’t feel any negativity. Looking forward to how my day is tomorrow. ” … written by GK
“guy seems to say whatever he sees good guy. ” … written by GK
“wel.. good one, in the middle of the night for me” … written by m
“Graham–so wonderful to have found my way to you. You are brilliant in your incredible insights and the light you have shed on my life. deeply grateful–I will talk to you again. many blessings, Pearl” … written by pearl
“thank you for you guidance hope your right” … written by 123
“Just what I needed” … written by mskim1
“WOW…he gave me alot of information and good news to start this month…hope it all happens but he is definitely very interesting and i had a long reading with him.” … written by A
“looking forward to the next part of this story” … written by freedm
“Nasty night and Graham helped me through it!” … written by MSKIM1
“Graham, you´re simply amazing! Your healing session was so great, and connecting with you is always tremendous help, it makes everything so clear, even the things I cannot (yet) comprehend. You gave me immense peace of mind even though I know there will be tough more times ahead. Thank you for being open, honest and quick.” … written by nic
“thank you so much /hugs I appreciate your insight everytime” … written by stephany8888
“This was the most incredible experience of my life. Graham worked with me to help me clear my blocks and all the things that have been holding me back. I have never been able to see images on my mind and during this healing session I had the most vivid pictures of all the things I needed to let go of, I was filled with love and compassion and I feel a sense of beginning, renewal and light. Thank you so much for your guidance. You are truly amazing. After searching for so long I am certain I have found the healing that I needed in you. ” … written by nic
“amazing Graham, thank you for everything” … written by nic
“oh oh good!!! :)” … written by m
“interesting things are happening…cant wait to see it unfold :)” … written by stephany8888
“Always a calm to the storm:)” … written by Kat
“thank you again” … written by m
“highly recommended. ” … written by becs
“that’s was awesome.. thanks” … written by freedm
“Such a great reading…feel so much more empowered and refreshed!” … written by Larry
“thanks graham …for everything ” … written by stephany8888
“awesome as always!! :)” … written by cheekylilone
“You are wonderful and accurate. ” … written by Hj
“thank you again for listening” … written by D
“I´ve been talking to Graham for a couple of weeks, he has been such a centering influence in my life, helping me move forward and heal. Thank you so much” … written by nick
“on point !! awesome read…enjoyed it” … written by Karla
“Thanku Graham ….Ive waited 7yrs for this fairytale to come true …..Ill try to be a little be more patient Kxx” … written by Katha123
“thank you” … written by 🙂
“I really appreciate and respect Graham. He is very accurate, genuine and has a beautiful gift of connecting to spirit. Highly recommend him!” … written by Michelle
“Thank you for the energy shift” … written by D
“Just had my first reading with him and he was great. Picked up on my situation very well and quickly gave great advice and everything resonated. Thanks” … written by Soulguy_4
“Awesome reader and I have no idea how he has the patience to deal with me lolol On point! ” … written by loli
“always on point highly recommend him” … written by katie
“thank you” … written by jane
“…WoW a big WOWWWWWW ! very helpful info. No time wasted and extremely experienced psychic !! ” … written by sap
“thank you so much for everything /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“I am looking forward to experiencing the results of my heal!” … written by Kat
“In just a couple weeks, Graham has helped me make so much progress in my life and finding my balance. I can´t explain how much has changed for the better in me which in turn has completely changed everything that is going on around me. The healing and getting your life back in balance really does start from within and I am so impressed with how fast and solid this lessons were, all thanks to you dear Graham” … written by nick
“EXCLLENT; Really good” … written by AR
“well that was the most extraordinary experience ” … written by qp
“thanks for the tests… haha” … written by freedm
“Thank you for the update and support” … written by 123
“thank you so much for the updates :)” … written by stephany8888
“thank you sooo much /hugs” … written by stephany
“thanks” … written by freedm
“Thank goodness for Graham!!!” … written by Kat
“Thank you for the update” … written by D
“thank you so much graham..your sooo awesome..thank you for being there for me” … written by stephany8888
“You’re right Graham, this was a big moment!” … written by shelle97
“thank you again, really good and helpful, my little guidance :)” … written by m
“Graham is a really fantastic guide. His healing sessions are simply fantastic. I have come to Graham a couple weeks ago, a complete mess. My emotions were in total disarray and I wasnt able to focus my thoughts in a positive manner, after a few sessions with him, everything changed 180º and in just 2 weeks, I am calmer, happier and more confident about myself and the path I have chosen. ” … written by nick
“thank you graham your so awesome :)” … written by stephany8888
“Great as always :)” … written by Kelly
“Fantastic!” … written by kelly
“Wonderful” … written by Kat
“This man is AMAZING! No tools, just himself and the universe! $3.99 is well worth it for a private reading. It’s packed with information in such a short time span of 7 min. Very accurate, I highly highly HIGHLY recommend! Much love to him! 😀 ” … written by Girly521
“i am free… haha” … written by freedm
“Graham is my go to guy for energy alignment and clarity. Never fails and is consistent.” … written by Eyeris6
“Excellent” … written by AR
“very good thanks” … written by jana
“thank Graham” … written by shelle97
“thank you for the update 🙂 /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“thanks graham” … written by freedm
“Always insightful. He’s such a terrific teacher,” … written by MSKIM1
“It may take some time, but Graham is always spot on” … written by kat
“always fantastic how Graham´s healings work so fast and how effective they are. the whole entire situation simply becomes clear and whatever was a huge stress on my mind is completely reduced to it´s real essence.” … written by nick
“did some energy work lets see if this helps” … written by D
“Great and accurate- Highly recommend” … written by AR
“Graham is strictly the only psychic I work with! He’s amazing” … written by ninja
“Correct Readings and helpful” … written by Test
“Correct readings” … written by Test
“Thank you” … written by 1
“I had limited credit but Graham answered all my questions with confidence within that time frame. Thank you for guiding me throughout the journey.” … written by M
“So accurate and really visionary. I highly recommend” … written by Ar
“He is really fantastic” … written by AR
“new beginnings…. yay” … written by freedm
“thank u graham for your guidance and assistance ]in channeling all the energy that is now surrounding me and my travels.” … written by qp
“Thank you for the update” … written by 123
“thank you for the update /hugs” … written by stephany8888
“he is best straight no shuffle of cards” … written by skq
“thank you!! /hugs” … written by stephany88
“seemed to be able to pick up” … written by gk
“He was so intuitive and easy to talk to. Very blessed to have had the opportunity to speak with him. He picked up on things that I did not tell him, even though I was constantly rambling on (sorry) (: I am grateful. I will be back again!” … written by Sam603
“thank you has always /hugs” … written by stephany88
“he is great. he knew things without me saying it. I will be back for more updates. it felt so nice to talk to him” … written by Z
“Awesome” … written by Kat
“I come to Graham for guidance on a frequent basis because I know I can trust his intuition and genuine messages. will be back. ” … written by Moon
“Excellent!” … written by MSKIM1
“thank you /hugs has always!!!” … written by stephany88
“Every time I have a healing session plus reading with this wonderful man ….. words cannot express what I feel during and days afterwards …. I will be forever grateful to Graham ….. as I will forever call him my miracle man…..simple gestures from the heart ever lasting to the mind Kxx” … written by Katha123
“Graham was spot on in a reading a few weeks ago, and is spot on now!!” … written by shelle97
“Thank you for the healing feel lighter” … written by 111
“Thank you for the update reading ” … written by dd
“holy wow. he was accurate beyond anything i could have ever imagined. i am blown away and excited for the future. ” … written by sarah
“Excellent as usual” … written by AR
“He is the best reading I have ever had so far!!! he is the best…highly recommend him!!!” … written by nami001
“Excellent!” … written by MSKIM1
“I cant even give him enough stars here….he is amazing def def…do give him ashot…u wont be disappointed…i highly recommend him….i will def return back” … written by nami001
“thank you /hugs” … written by stephany88
“ALways the best!” … written by MSKIM1
“Excellent as usual” … written by AR
“thank you for the update” … written by stephany88
“I was blown away. ‘nuf said. ” … written by Miss jk21
“Correct readings” … written by Lwp
“Accurate and correct readings and very helpful” … written by Lwp
“Thank you! ” … written by m
“Thank you for the update and positive vibes” … written by 123
“thank you for the update :)” … written by stephany8888
“Graham is AMAZING.. ” … written by Zae
“thank you for update” … written by stephany8888
“great as usual. very clear and precise. Ty” … written by cof
“Thanks for the update” … written by 123
“Excellent” … written by AR
“Thank you Graham for the support and advice!” … written by Kat
“very helpful healing. felt it in my third eye” … written by katie
“Graham thank you. Your healings are just there when one is in need :)” … written by nn
“enjoyed the reading, my first time. thank you graham. i will return.” … written by ropa
“Great” … written by AR
“seemed concise, not really what I wanted to hear, but I’d rather the truth to help w my weaknesses. I’ll get to work and come back and see what happens” … written by daren7
“I call this man “THE MIRACLE MAN” he has saved my life! I feel sppp much LOVE Kxx” … written by Katha123
“This was an important healing for me. I feel well right now just after-later I will feel fabulous.” … written by MSKIM1
“Thank you for the update” … written by 123
“Excellent” … written by Arno
“very good got a lot of things of my energy awesome I liked him alot will be back for update thanks medium” … written by t
“Very fast connection and very in tune what I have been going through. I will follow his advice” … written by RasheedaW
“Amazing reading ….. thanks a lot :))))” … written by Alexandra2410
“As always…he’s a healer.” … written by Alexis
“thank you graham you so awesome has always !” … written by stephany88
“Thank you for the update” … written by 1
“incredibly fast” … written by yana
“Always insightful. It’s a pleasure for me to have this man read for me.” … written by MSKIM1
“Great” … written by AR
“Thank yoy for all your readings, they help me very much and I wouldnt be where I am without these readings. ” … written by m
“always one of my favorites i highly recommend him” … written by katie
“Always helpful, has been really accurate” … written by Alyssa
“I am always at ease when I talk with Graham, but the time is always too short!” … written by Kat
“yet again as I call this man “THE MIRACLE MAN” WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR ME….. Im a completely different person …. this man has helped me survive unbearable feelings cruelty beyond belief….. MY GOD ive survived….. this man saved my life in more ways than I can explain….. I can say without any doubt this man can will does have the ability to solve… give you reasons why …. most importantly make you see who you really are I have my identity back….. I came to this man with horrendous issues 2 years ago….. yet again all I can say im a completely different person now…. the love I feel is soooo real … I can totally see the light …. every session ive had with this wonderful gifted man ive cried ive laughed ive released ive healed ive accepted ive asked why ive argued with him ive doubted ….. 2 years on ive no doubt ….. its like something out of a dream ….. when this man connects he truly connects in the most beautiful loving way ever….. complexity into simplicity …. ask and you shall receive …. im trying to explain what has happened to me in words and I simply cant ….. all I can say is ALWAYS like the film Kxx ” … written by Katha123
“As Graham predicted, I finally met my TF and we are only just starting the stages of the relationship. It is great to have Graham as guidance as this partnership evolves. Thank you for the encouragement. I will be back.” … written by Moon
“he is the best” … written by julie
“lovely man and so kind” … written by cs
“Wow I learned a lot from this session and it will be put to good use. Having him explain what was going on took me a little to figure out where he was going but when I did it really made a lot of sense. Thank you” … written by Ray
“Really good reading! thank you!” … written by Moomoo
“It’s been a while since I visited, but I got some real good vibes for the healing, along with some nice updates. We also touched on the talks we had in the past that came true.” … written by telt1910
“I enjoyed the reading. I plan to work with him and see if things improve. ” … written by Amy
“this man is my hero in every way he can be ….. he saved my life soooo many times Kxx ” … written by katha123
“I love talking to him.” … written by a
“Thanks – superb as usual :)” … written by frag
“wow! he was spot on as soon as i came in! thanks so much!!! ” … written by g
“Thank you so much /hugs” … written by stephany88
“good” … written by sk
“I could always use more time with Graham!” … written by Kat
“Wow is all i can really say. just had my first reading with munummediun and he absolutely blew me away. He picked up right away on how i was feeling about a particular person and described this persons feelings toward me and was completely spot on. He was fast and got into the reading right away. I will definitely be back for another great reading!” … written by Linds
“Thanks for the update :(” … written by D
“love him ” … written by Gina
“great reading” … written by Theresa46
“Wonderful” … written by Kat
“great charka cleansing ” … written by ana
“great reading” … written by ana
“As always -Graham-you are there for me.” … written by MSKIM1
“feel relax” … written by ana
“Graham is the best, I always feel so much better after a reading with him. I´ve been getting readings from graham for a few months and following his advice, my life has completely changed for the better as he always said it would, Graham was always positive and saw positive motion forward which I was able to see very quickly, not only in obvious ways but also in my perspective, which is a great thing he teaches you. Thanks for all the guidance and help” … written by nick
“Great reading picked up on a lot thanks!” … written by soulguy4
“yes yes yes…love this guy” … written by Gina
“This psychic is my man!” … written by Gina
“Explains so much in just 5 Mins !! Great had to take him again !!! Thank you so much !!” … written by Me
“thank you graham your the best /hugs” … written by stephany88
“Awesome!” … written by Kat
“Lovely man, great energy, really caring and helpful, insightful!” … written by Laura
“Correct readings” … written by Lwp
“Correct readings” … written by Lwp
“he is the best” … written by julie
“thanks” … written by gk
“Had a second view on a topic, and he is great. thanks” … written by fresiaflower
“will take whatever he said and listen to it !! hoping that all of this is correct and everything will happen in time (:” … written by Melissa
“The most interesting reads are when Graham receives messages and we are both blown away by the information!” … written by Kat
“Very interesting reading. Thanks man.” … written by Kev
“What a fantastic reading, and a great guy! How much fun..connected so quickly and in tune with everything. very accurate and truthful. I would recommend!” … written by lornalulu
“So awesome” … written by Andy
“This man is really really a Gods gift to the world, a miracle!” … written by Michelle
“Graham told me things I had heard before, but he told me more about my part. My steps. What I had to learn. I have an engineer’s mind and that is what I needed to hear. My part. He is so kind. I’m a 33 year old man. A hard working man, a tough man, but he had me in tears. Thank you Graham.” … written by Andy
“My man :-)” … written by Gina
“Thanks for the update” … written by Debbie
“Always great to get your guidance and getting confirmation about working through each step of the journey. I will be back xo” … written by freedm
“great as usuall” … written by Gina
“always uncanny in his connection with me.” … written by qp
“thank you..your wonderful has always /hugs” … written by stephany88
“he is the best” … written by julie
“Really brought me back to reality” … written by Andy
“Fantastic reading, kind, honest — worth a try!” … written by lornalulu
“OMG! What a treat, quick and straight to the point!” … written by bluetippi2
“Free from fear… this was really amazing and timely healing… and I am looking forward to being fully free from all illusions of fear, as this healing settles and integrates within myself. Thanks heaps Graham. oxoxo” … written by freedm
“my little wing hair companionship, lol” … written by yes
“Graham is my man!” … written by Gina
“thank you….your truthfulness and guidance is always is appeciated” … written by stephany88
“Thank you! Amazing as usual” … written by m
“he is the best” … written by julie
“My best reading ever-I still have more lessons -am eager to keep going” … written by MSKIM1
“Thanks, Graham for your lovely advice and affirmation.” … written by moon
“Graham is very awesome! I have had several readings with him and every time he is spot on and the information coming through is so worth the session! :)” … written by Michelle
“Always wonderful to chat with” … written by Kat
“Wow amazing reading; was so lovely and easy talking to him; so accurate about everything so wonderful feel like a whole load is off my shoulder! thank you so much ” … written by Sher
“Amazing update really mind blown with the information I got; really spiritual stuff that makes sense. Really recommended psychic! Thank You! ” … written by Sher
“very wise and always helped me through my difficult situation” … written by kaatie
“Grewta ” … written by Nicole
“Thanks, Graham. You channel amazingly to say what need to be heard. ” … written by gal
“Love it!” … written by Kat
“He is the most amazing excentric human being I have ever met…he has a big heart, he si fast and accurate…” … written by Nicole
“Super champ again! Makes so much sense to me highly recommend” … written by bluetippi
“the story continues” … written by freedm
“thanks” … written by freedm
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