Excellent Shower Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Here’s how it goes with maximum women – they learn a certain way of washing their hair when they were children and never make changes to this routine also after growing up. Though there is nothing intrinsically wrong with sticking to a particular hair washing routine, the difficulty begins when it actually starts damaging your hair. You may think that you have split ends or are feeling hair fall because there’s something wrong with the products you are applying and change them out – only to see the problems persist. What you require to do is make a few changes in your hair washing and drying routine to see an improvement in your hair in a few weeks. So, here are the best shower tips that you can support to keep your hair healthy and happy!

Tips For Shampooing

The pores on your scalp are normally clogged with oil and dirt. The best way to cleanse them beyond is by steaming your hair. To do so, soak a towel in hot water and wring out the excess water. Cover this towel around your head and leave it on for 20 minutes before jumping into the shower. After steaming your hair, smoothly massage your scalp with your fingers for a few minutes. This can help loosen up the dirt and buildup and more root out the weak hair strands from your scalp. On the other hand, washing it with cool or lukewarm water can support close the cuticle and lock in the moisture, thus giving you shinier and smoother locks. It can also help overcome frizz.

Tips For Conditioning

A great way to condition and moisturize your hair the natural way is to massage it with a hair oil. Massage any coconut, almond, or olive oil onto your hair and scalp an hour before you wash it. This oil will enter your hair shaft and nourish it from within to give you softer, shinier, and frizz-free hair.

Tips For Drying

You may not be conscious of this, but terrycloth towels soak out the moisture from your hair while excluding excess water, thus leaving it dry. Besides, the texture of these towels can also frizz up your hair and cause breakage. A better choice would be to use either a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt that are softer on your hair and don’t strip all the moisture out of it. The heat from a blow dryer can damage your hair and cause split ends the equal way that other heat styling tools do.

Tips For Detangling

Another excellent way to avoid losing too much hair is to detangle your hair in the shower after you’ve applied conditioner to it. Simply run a wide-toothed comb through the lower half of your hair to eliminate all knots and tangles easily.